Okay so maybe this is a few hour late bbut here it is! Oh and thuis is just a filler chapter next one will be the dinner at her parents and the first night there!

"shit" I said as the cops pulled me and brittany over for going 85 in a 70 mph zone.

"u better stay quite carlie!" Brittany said from the passager seat. I pulled to the side lane and the cop stopped behind me. He got out and slowly made his way to the driverside window.

"miss do you kno how fast you were going?"

"yes sir but i do have a very good reason."

"oh really then why dont you enlighten me"


"sir can you just punish us so we can get goin?" rittany said putting her hand over my mouth before i could say why we were speeding.

"Brittany i think this kind sir has a right to know why us fellow citizens are breaking his laws dont you?"

"No i dont think he needs to know." she said crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at me.

"Miss are you goin to tell me or not?"

"Okay well see here is the thing. We are supposed to be a my girlffriend Brittany here parents house for the weekend and be there in time for dinner" i said glancing to her, " but when i came home from work she jumped me and i just cant recist her so we ended up fucking so tht made us run late and so we have to get there in time for dinner or theyll make us sleep out in our car like last time. and boy let me tell you something sleeping in this car is not as awesome as you'd think it would be."

The cop stood there for a second then shook his head and walk away.

"See Brit i just saved us from getting a ticket." i told her reaching over to jrab her hand. See just look over at me and shook her head as i pulled bac out into the road and made our way to her parents house 45 mins away.

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