Science Room A

"You rang?" I asked, stepping into the crowded classroom.

"Yes. It seems we have another case on our hands." said the Chief.

As I walked closer to the crowd of people, I noticed they were standing around some broken glass and a piece of paper.

But as I got closer to the things on the floor, I noticed that the broken glass wasn't just any broken glass. In fact, it had come from Mrs Harrison's glass trophy for Teacher of the Year. And the piece of paper wasn't just any random blank piece of paper either. This piece of paper had the words:




written repeatedly on it.

I couldn't say anything, as I was extremely shocked. Everyone at school seemed to love Mrs Harrison.

"Do you have any leads on who could've done this?" I asked Chief.

"Not yet. But I want you to clean up here and put all evidence in the appropriate bags, and bring it all back to Head Quarters. And once you've done that, I want to see you in my office."

"Okay, Chief." I said, as I knelt down and began cleaning up the broken glass.

"Oh and Macy, Be careful, will you? No one wants to see another detective off the squad." Chief said as he left the room. All the other kids soon left as well until it was just me and the mess.

My old partner, Joel, had left at the end of last year, because his dad got a job in New Zealand. So now it was just me. I was dreading the day I got a new partner. No one could replace Joel. When he left, I wasn't just losing a partner, I was also losing a friend.

"Hi. I was looking for Pelican Heights High School Crime Squad Headquarters. Wow that's a long name. Any way, would you happen to know how to get there?" said a voice from behind me. I could tell it was either a guy or a very manly girl. I quickly spun around to see who it was.

He was like no boy I had ever laid my eyes on before. He was gorgeous! His hair was a sort of a chocolate-y brown colour and it was short and sweet. Just like his eyes. He had the most wonderful blue eyes. It felt like he was staring into my soul. Oh my god. Did I really just say that?

"So do you know where it is?" he asked again.

"S-s-ure. From here you go past the rest of the science rooms, then up to the music block and you should be able to see the library from there. It's next to the library. You can't miss it." I said when I was able to stop staring at him.

"Thanks!" and with that, he walked away.


PPHS Crime Squad HQ

I walked into HQ and went over to my desk. I placed the two bags, one with the broken glass and the other with the piece of paper, on my desk and walked over to the Chief's office. I knocked on the door, heard a faint "Come in." and entered the office. Chief was sitting on his big black chair, as usual, and he ushered me to sit down. There was another person sitting next to me.

Who is that? I asked myself.

"Macy. This is Alex. Your new partner." said Chief.

New partner?!

The person on the other chair turned towards me and tried to shake my hand.

It was the hot guy! I shaked his hand and turned my head back to face the Chief.

"We've met, sir." I said.

"Really? Oh yeah! You're the girl I asked for directions in the Science Room."

"Excellent. Now, I want both of you to work together and find out who caused that scene in the Science Room. Alex, you can have Joel's old desk. Well go on then! Don't just sit around. Get to it!"

Alex and I jumped up out of our seats and quickly exited the Chief's office.

"This is Joel's desk." I said, as I lead Alex over to his new desk. "But now it's yours, I guess."

"Thanks." He said. "Hey, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course! Anything!" I said, eager to hear his question.

"Will you marry me?" My heart nearly leapt out of my chest.

"Of course!" I shouted and I jumped into his arms.

Whoops. I let my imagination get the best of me then. Anyway, back to the story.

"Macy? Macy?"

"Yes! I'm here, I'm here." I said, recovering from my fantasy.

"Can I ask you a question?" Oh my god! My fantasy is becoming real!


"You don't mind that I've replaced Joel, do you? Because I'm sorry if this little arrangement is uncomfortable."

"Oh. No, not really. People move on. Oh well." I said, a little disappointed and angry at myself for thinking he would ask me to marry him.

"Okay, well, if things get uncomfortable, just let me know and I'll try to be more like Joel. Okay?"

"Okay." I giggled. He laughed back.

I know we should've been focusing on the case, but I couldn't stop thinking about how great he was.

But he was my partner. And we had a case to solve and a culprit to catch. I always vowed that my crime-fighting life wouldn't interfere with my personal life.

But he's sooooo great!

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