[ Just to be clear, Tempfortson isn't a real place. I mean I'm not sure if it is a real place, but I just made it up for the story. I am open to names for the female lead. I didn't know what to call her so I just named her after myself.. So! I'm very welcomed to new names! Thank you! ]

I flipped up my phone to realise that I have received a text from my best friend, Jason.

"Clayton, I owe my friend a favour, and I need your help. Will explain more when we meet. Did I mention that I'll be coming over to visit?"

Moving my fingers across the keypad, I texted back.

"Sure. When's the flight?"

Maybe Jason is bringing is girlfriend over, I thought.


Wendy was at my house when her brother, Jason, knocked on my front door. We were watching a movie. I opened the door, "Jason! What brings you here?"

He took out a flight ticket as he grinned at me. I looked at him with my widened eyes. "No way!" I jumped on him, hugging him, thanking him profusely at the ticket.

I returned from my trip to Tempfortson, almost a month ago. I could not forget the place, the bustling city life, the fresh air, the beautiful mountain views and sea views. Pestering my parents to go back there, they finally agreed, to the condition that I was to go everywhere with Jason and Wendy. Also, I could not be alone if I wanted to go out. Hastily I agreed, but my parents were not satisfied. They had to call Jason, and arrange the trip with him. Jason met them to discuss what I would be doing there. I was not included in this meeting as my parents had forbade me to be present. After that meeting, I rarely saw Jason. I thought my parents would take back their word. When Jason handed me the ticket, I could not believe it.


I stood waiting at the arrival gate. Glancing at my watch, I noted that they should be at least collecting their luggage now. From what Jason told me, he was bringing his sister, Wendy, and his friend, Jamie. I started to get impatient, tapping my foot as I searched the crowd for Jason. He must have been stuck somewhere with his sister, and his friend. Searching the crowd yet again, Jason was nowhere to be found. Maybe he changed his mind, maybe he forgot to text me about it. Feeling slightly irritated at the thought that I could do nothing but wait, I sat down on a chair nearby.

Jason fumbled his way through the crowd with a big luggage and his sister. I raised an eyebrow at him as I strode towards him, as if to ask, "And your friend?" He grinned in that annoyingly happy way he always did, as he motioned towards the crowd. At the same time, a young girl emerged from the crowd, struggling with her big luggage. Jason nodded towards her and I moved to relief her of her difficulty. She started to protest as she glared at me, as though I was about to pick pocket her large load. My friend stepped in quickly to say, "Jamie, this is my friend, Clayton. He is living here and would be our host. Play nice."

Her cheeks were flushed, she smiled at me sheepishly and said, "Hi, I'm Jamie." I wanted to say something back to her. I opened my mouth, then closed it. I nodded curtly to acknowledge her introduction. Her eyes flared slightly at my nod. Turning around, I allowed myself a small smile as I went to help Jason.


The cheek of him! How could he just ignore me! I was already feeling horrible from the flight, and I thought he was going to steal my bag. Walking next to Wendy, I leaned against her shoulder but I found she was a tad too short. I watched through my sleepy eyes that he helped Jason with one of the two luggage that he was carrying. The rest of the night was a blur. I fell asleep leaning on the door, with the noise of the luggage hitting the back of the car. I remember Jason pulling me out of the car, and me stumbling across some steps and into a lift, and finally into a soft bed.

I woke up the next morning, in a dream-like trance. I could not believe I was in Tempfortson. Jumping out of my bed, I surveyed my surroundings. The lavish embroidery that furbished the room. I looked at the bed I was in, how huge it was. It could fit five of me in there! The blanket was so silky, as I brushed the covers. I was looking in awe of the room. After washing up, I changed into my shorts and a T-shirt. I was about to open to door when Wendy burst in. "Jamie! I thought you were still sleeping. It's terribly late now and we have to go soon! Chop chop!" She pushed me out of the door and into the lift. Half dragging me, she brought me into this room, with a round table and Jason was sitting at the table. I walked in further and I saw him. Arrogant bastard.

Jason gave me a smile, "Good morning!" I grinned at him, "Good morning!" Wendy pushed me into my seat. Turning to Jason, I asked, "And who might this be?"

Jason raised his eyebrow at me, as he said, "Our tour guide? Oh, yes. I wouldn't be going with you guys for a while. I have some things to settle. Clayton would be helping out, right?"

I looked over at Clayton. He gave Jason a wry smile, and nodded. I wondered if he were always like that. I would have to ask Jason or Wendy.


She seems to have something against me. Ha, it must have been that night when I did not say anything back. I wish I could. Jason told me what I needed to do, and he said that Wendy would know roughly the plan. I'll just need to keep time and be their driver. I picked at my food, when it was served. I sighed inwardly as I played around with the food on my plate. The food was too rich for breakfast. How I wished for simpler food. Just toast and coffee probably. Instant coffee would be better. I watched as her eyes widen at the sight of the food. I never thought that she could eat as much as that. Suppressing my smile, I watched as Jason and Wendy both, ate as she did. I looked at my watch, we still had some time. I excused myself from the table with a nod, and walked into the kitchen to instructed them with actions to give my guests more food if they required it.

I ascended the stairs to my study room, I sat down in my chair and started to work.


I watched as he walked out of the door, once I thought he was out of hearing range. I whispered to Jason, "Is he always like that?"

Jason looked at me, puzzled, "Always like what?"

"Always ignoring others? "

His smile, this time, was tinged with sadness, "You'll know soon enough, if he decides to let you know. Well, you need to go and get ready now. Wear something comfortable."

I looked at him for a while, then I shrugged and proceeded to the lift, to return to my room. Wendy and Jason were still talking when I left. As I neared the lift, I remembered that I had no idea which level I was on. So I decided to take the stairs, which was just nearby. When I reached the third floor, I saw a door that looked like my room's door. Smiling at my good idea, I burst through the door, expecting to see my big bed and my luggage. I only saw shelves and shelves of books, and when I looked closer. He looked up from his papers, with a shocked expression on his face. I gasped, "Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were here. I thought this was my room. You see, I had no idea which floor I was on when Wendy pushed me down the lift, but I thought I was on the fourth floor, but I wasn't sure. So I decided to check it out and when I saw this door, I thought it was my room's door and I didn't know you were here, and I.. " I coughed, and gave him a smile.

He blinked. There was an awkward pause. "Uhmm. Could you possibly bring me to my room?" I asked, afraid he would say no. He looked at me, for the longest time I thought he would ignore me again. He nodded. Standing up to his full height, I was quite shocked. I didn't think he was that tall last night. We walked out of his room in silence. Trying to ease the awkward silence, I said, "So, you like books huh?"

His eyes flickered down at mine, and looked up. "Are you always so cold to guests?" I asked, "Or is it just me? " I looked at him. Sighing, I decided to try one more time. "I still have no idea where I am, are we at your house?"

I saw him raise his eyebrow as if to ask, "So you're asking only now?" He gave me a brief smile, to agree with my statement. "Ohh. I've never seen anything this huge. It's absolutely beautiful."

This time, he gave me a full smile. I could not help but grin back at him. He stopped abruptly at a door, gesturing to the door, he gave a nod and started to walk away. "Wait!" I shouted after him. He stopped walking, and turned around slowly. He tilted his head slightly to the side, as if to say, "What do you want?" I did not know what to say at that point. I opened my mouth, "I... I.. Uhm. Thank you." Smiling broadly at him, I went into my room and closed the door quickly.


Settling back into my chair in the library, I smiled. The way she burst into the room gave me a shock a while. Then, I took note of her eyes, the way it sparkled with life. I almost laughed when she stumbled with her words the minute she realised I was inside the room. Was she afraid of me? She thought I was ignoring her, I realised as her words replayed in my mind. I gave an audible sigh, how would she react if she knew? I wish I could tell her how much I wanted to have a conversation with her. Did she like books as well? Does she really think my house, my pride and joy, was beautiful? Would she like me to show her the most beautiful parts of my house that no one has, yet, seen?