For anybody who has ever been hurt by someone who is hurting.

Crumple the tear-stained
letters and notes
that litter the room you
just can't bear to leave;
promise you won't try to
read what she wrote-
burn them, return them, then
let yourself grieve.

Turn down the volume,
switch off the song,
don't hear the words of that
sad lovesick verse.
Don't be reminded, and
don't sing along;
One day, I promise, she'll
see what you're worth.

The darkness will pass soon,
I promise, I know;
time will fade wounds
into scars, or an ache.
Even if now you are
certain it won't,
I promise your heart will
get over this break.

And maybe you've noticed
but someone here cares,
ready and waiting to
take all your pain;
I know you don't love me,
but still, I'll be there.
You just need to learn
how to dance in this rain.