Rabbit, Run!

To Reaper

Her talons dig into my left arm
and your claws puncture the right,
play tug-of-war with me as a rope.
My wings flutter as I try to lift up,
and rise above.

You both pull me down
to see my inner tiger
eat away at me-
watch me twitch to bite down,
to swallow the yowl that burns my throat.

I narrow my eyes- a brooding cat
and plea for my release,
to run like dirty secrets
aired for the world to see.

Her hackneyed sobs reach
critical mass as her talons pierce deeper:

(Sparrow, you know I played wife too?
She'll never love you.
She says the same things to us all
she's a charming little fox, isn't she?
She collects our hearts like precious silver
you must think I'm a sadistic
home-wrecking bitch, don't you?)

Your claws tighten their hold
as you growl like a territorial fox:

Rabbit, I haven't done a goddamn thing wrong.
I fucking love you.
Don't you trust me?
Don't you believe me?
Don't you curse at me.

Fuck off you wretches!
I howl- tear myself
out of her grasp and your hold,
blood gushes out in torrents

I scamper off, a rabbit
through the thicket.
Blood coats the path
oh, clever foxes will hound me.