Poor Yuki all he wanted was to be cared for and feel the thing so called love. He was half demon because his father who left him and his mother all alone was demon but his mother was human. When his mother died he was hunted for and wanted.

His mother protected him with all that she had but that was not enough. He blames himself for her death but also he would blame his father. Yuki also carried a sin of killing an innocent little girl for helping him.

Yuki had a hard time trusting and has been alone ever since he was 3 which is when his mother died. He is now 14 and is very skinny and timid. He hides in a small space between two buildings.

Damn why do I have to be demon if I were just human my mom would be here with me and I wouldn't have to hide.

Yuki heard footsteps and panicked because they sounded like they were coming towards him. Yuki pushed back until his back hit a wall and then he saw a shadow. The footsteps became louder and all Yuki could do was close his eyes and wish for this to be a dream.

"Hey kid what are you doing here?"


Yuki opened his eyes to see a tall handsome man standing in front of him with a confused look in his eyes. Yuki admired his looks. The man had shiny black hair and was combed in the back neatly and his bangs were loose and flowing in the wind so elegantly. His eyes were a silvery color and had a lonely look in them. His skin was slightly tan. Yuki then looked at his reflection in the guy's eyes he saw a boy with long blonde hair and big purple eyes. His face was filthy and he looked very lonesome.

"Hey kid cat got your tongue?"

"Oh…Um…Please don't hurt me!!!"

"And why would I do that?"

"Well isn't everyone against me?"

"Well I'm not like everyone else I don't dislike anyone until they give me a reason to."

"Oh…Well don't tell anyone I'm here…ok."

"I won't because you are not going to be here."


The man then picked up Yuki and started to walk. He covered Yuki with his jacket so no one would notice. Yuki never felt the warmth of another body before and so it made him drift off into a deep sleep.

Yuki dreamt about being with his mother running around. He saw her beautiful long blonde curls bouncing with each step and her small pink lips curled into a smile while laughing. Also her blue eyes focusing on only Yuki. But then from out of the blue an earthquake splits them apart and she fell in between and burned in the lava. The last words he heard were "I'll always love you my son."

Yuki had tears rolling down his face in his sleep because that dream really touched him and he started to feel the hatred for himself and his father.

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