Yuki was already living in the house for a week now. He never really seen the man around considering the guy is always in his office or out on business trips. Yuki is not starting school for a while and so he is alone with the servants when Seiji goes to school.

Yuki feels alone because all the servants get afraid when he comes near. Once a maid even screamed just because Yuki coughed. While Seiji is at school Yuki has found this nearby garden that he loves to go to.

When Yuki was there he started to cry because he remembered how his mother loved to garden. While he was crying someone came up from behind him. Yuki saw the shadow and jumped up to turn.

There he was the man right in front of him. The man's silver eyes looking in to Yuki's purple ones.

"What are you doing here?! What if someone were to find you?"

"I-I'm sorry but being in that house when people are scared is too much for me. I just want to be normal and I guess I'm asking for too much but….."

Yuki was cut off by the man's glare. It was so cold Yuki felt like running away but something was stopping him. Without knowing Yuki started to cry and the man looked in shock.

"Uhh…. Why are you crying?"

"I don't know I can't stop either."

The man picked up Yuki and carried him back to the house. Again the man's warmth calmed down Yuki and it made him stop crying.

"Um…. What's your name?"

"Hatori and you are Yuki am I right?"


When they arrived at the house Seiji was already there looking at them with a raised eyebrow. Hatori laughed and placed Yuki down. Before Yuki can speak a couple of teens that are about Yuki's age came and examined Yuki.

A few comments kind of hurt Yuki. "Is he really a demon?" or "Can he do anything cool?" or "He looks too innocent to be a demon."

Yuki looked down angry and really didn't want to lose his mind. He clutched his fists and Seiji saw this and was worried. Then Yuki couldn't hold it in when a kid made a smart comment about that Yuki is probably a disgrace to demons all around.

"Shut up!!!!"

Yuki punched the blonde kid so hard that he flew back until he crashed into a tree. Then when Yuki walked up to him he picked the blonde by the neck and opened his mouth to release the purple vines.

Yuki was planning on eating the kid but was stopped by two voices. Seiji's and his own mother's. Yuki blinked in shock and was pulled back by Hatori. Hatori dragged him inside the house and Seiji looked back at the kid before following.

"That's what you get for messing with a demon."

Ok so as you now the man's name is Hatori. Also that Yuki has a bad side to him deep inside all that kindness and shyness. But did he just ruin his cover….Is that blonde kid going to hold this grudge. Tell me what you want to happen because I'm running out of ideas. That's why I took so long. PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!