miss brightest-star

Hey there
miss brightest-star,
are you listening?
I know we're pretty far away
but like they say,
distance is just relative.

You know about me, don't you?

I guess that's fine,

I was only hoping.
Pleading, maybe, but it's nothing.

how've you been at home? Out here? What's new?
yeah... Nothing much on my end too.

I still don't think you're listening,
miss brightest-star.
I've got some important things
you need to say.

Let's try again, take two.
I've heard about this thing,
called conversation, it's brand new,
why don't we try it one of these days,
I'd like to get to know me better,
wouldn't you?

See, I met you such a long time ago,
but it was in a couple dreams.
We've had the longest, deepest talks
that you just don't remember yet.
Do you remember yet?




Come on,
miss brightest-star...

Then, all you do is glance and turn around
and I?
I look straight down.
How typical of me.

I coulda-shoulda-woulda, I guess.
Well, how about you?

Wait. I forgot. You can't hear me. Or am I even talking?

I guess I'm not
much more important than any other thing
that floats across your sky each day,
'cause every single one of them
sees you in this exact same way

I'm different though,
miss brightest-star.
Can't you tell?

I need you,
miss brightest-star.
There you go, I said it.

Wait. You still can't hear me.

Don't do this to me,
miss brightest-star.

I'm already broke and desperate.
Do I have to look it, too?

I guess I do,
and so I will,
for this shooting star-crossed, pipe-dreamed hope
called you.

(For me, it's worth it,
miss brightest-star)