It had always been the two of them.

Carolyn was the product of an accident between two people in their early twenties. After two weeks, they found out about the horrible truth and the father immediately said they should abort – but the mother had always believed in life and was against abortion of any kind.

So, after nine months, the mother gave birth to a girl. Unfortunately, the mother and the father were in more and more fights over the baby and what they should do with it, until the father angrily said he was going to leave.

He did.

He never came back.

After that, it had always been Carolyn and her mother, who had a very good bond. Her mother had helped her very often whenever she had personal problems and was always willing to help her out. Carolyn's best friend was her mother, no doubt. She never remarried after Carolyn's father left, saying that she had everything she needed – why should she ever want a man?

That same mother, called Maria, was lying in bed, lots and lots of machinery attached to her, making moving hard from her. Next to her bed, Carolyn was sitting.

When Maria looked at her daughter, a feeling of pride came over her. She had become a very proud young woman, nice to others and probably the most handsome girl in the world. At least according to Maria herself. She was proud to be her mother.
She was a tall girl with gold-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She had a face that would blossom up every time she smiled – as her previous boyfriend had stated 'I would kill just to see that smile.' He never did, fortunately, but when the boyfriend started to abuse Carolyn, she broke up with him and Carolyn and her mother were back to the two of them. The way it had always been.

That face, that would blossom up at every smile, was now red, and full of tears. She raised her hands to hide her face, to hide her tears from the world, as she cried her eyes out.

Her mother had just said the three words that she feared the most of all. She didn't need any efforts to bring up the tears, they just came immediately. A dam had broken deep within her.

Maria knew better than to interrupt her and let the grief come over her. She herself didn't cry. She had cried back on the operation table, but now she had let go of all the tears.

She wanted to stand up, to hug her, to tell her it was all going to be okay. But she couldn't do either. The former was impossible due to all the wires in her body, the latter was impossible because it wasn't all going to be okay, no matter how she wanted to believe otherwise.

So she just waited, out of respect for her own daughter. When she was finally done crying, she asked just one word.


Maria swallowed before she could answer. This was proving to be tough.

She said the words that had been troubling her, that had been repeated in her mind for the past hours. She felt her own body tremble when she said these horrible words. She was going to die. The words she said was the name of her disease.

She was only forty.

Carolyn just shook her head.

"But... but... why? What have you done wrong? Why are you... dying?" It came out as a shout. Carolyn hadn't meant it this way, she just shouted out her sadness. Not that it worked.

"Carolyn!" Maria called her daughter to calm her, like she usually did.

"Come here. Share a hug with me." Still tears running down her face, she walked to her mum and hugged her while Maria was still in the hospital bed. The wires made it hard.

It had always been the two of them.

But not any longer.

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