Part 3 – Aftermath

I rolled onto my back and looked up at him, sobs wrenching their way out of my aching lungs.
"Watch closely, Tammy." He said softly, his voice cold, chilling, and nothing like his own. "You made me do this."
"Jacob..." I gasped.
He clicked open the revolver, and slipped a single bullet into the chamber.
"Jacob, no..."
He cocked the gun and sighed as it set, clicking into place.
"Jacob...Jacob please..."
He closed his eyes.
He raised the gun to his temple, finger set firmly on the trigger.
He breathed deeply, letting it out slowly.
"Jacob, please God don't!"
I could no longer hear the screams, the policemen shouting at Jacob to drop the gun, the dogs barking, waiting to be let off their chains.
"Jacob! Jacob!"
He looked at me, sadly.
He closed his eyes.
He pulled the trigger.
The gun popped, followed by a sickening splatter.
He fell, the left side of his head completely shattered.
I struggled over to him, lifting him onto my lap on his right side so I couldn't see the remaining left side of his shattered, ruined face.
Blood soaked into my skirt but I ignored it, hugging him close to me and howling, regretting all I had done that had driven him to this.

I walked up the steps and stood at the door of the psychiatrist's office, my once beautiful copper hair hanging limply in my face, shielding it from view.
Although the day was warm, I wore a sweater so that no one could see the scars that the knife had left on my arms over the past few months.
"What brings you here, Tammy?" Dr Wiseman asked.
"I've been having trouble sleeping." I told him, avoiding eye contact. "I've been having nightmares."
"Do you have any thoughts about what might be causing these nightmares?"
"Yes." I said. "I had a traumatic experience in my final year of high school last year."
"Can you tell me about it?"
"It all started when I broke up with my boyfriend Jacob..."