Out of Time

The darkness has becoming blinding
And now I have to turn away
Because slowly I've been finding
That I simply cannot stay.

I turn away as quick as I can
Before the rain in my eyes you see
I know you probably don't understand
Why it is I have to set you free.

Before you get the chance to call
Before you beg me not to leave
Before I realize I've lost it all
Before I feel the pain I'll receive...

The streams begin to run down my face
As I leave you for this last time forever
I sob loudly so your voice is displaced
I close my eyes so I can't see us together.

I'll cry an ocean, this I know for sure
My eyes will bleed a thousand bloodshot tears
The pain of heartbreak I'll have to endure
My mind will replay memories of all the years.

From the first day our paths were crossed
From every night together that we shared
Up until the day we were forever lost
And to memories that will never be there.

As time wore on, my love grew stronger
But at the same time the distance grew
Between you and I, growing ever longer
And unfortunately you never knew

That one day the distance would cause a snap
That one day it would come to this
That one day I would spring on you this trap
And misery would replace your bliss.

Please don't hate me for what I do
But if you must, on you I'll accuse no blame
Because in the end I had to hurt you...
I'm sorry that you ever heard my name.

But I know that you'll be happier that
You can live your life to its prime
And hopefully soon you'll forget this spat
And simply know I ran out of time.