Making a Mockery

You say Love is
A rambling, idiotic, bloated poem with no rhyme
From fools with no heart.
You make a mockery of love,
Willing for the world to fall apart.

One time you confessed.
"It runs in the family," you say,
"Nobody really stays in love."
"They all get divorces anyway."

So you make a mockery of love.
With knees buckling, cheeks flushed…
You insist completely that nothing
Will make your red heart rush.

You simply sit and you write-
And at night, you go to sleep
Alone in your bed with your
Head planted above your feet.

You make a mockery of love.
Writing your Once Upon a Times…
Every time in your fiction
Your idiotic characters kiss,
You start to wish

You weren't making a mockery of love.

You were only denying
The fear you keep holding.
You are hiding.
We are in love.