Fantasy Cafe

/* This is my first story here, so be nice. Please?*/

I just whipped this out of my mind.

Chapter one

It was cool outside. The air had a bite of real cold coming soon. I had found a parking spot a quarter mile away from the shops I was hading for at a hikers pace and now I spotting a coffee shop. I instantly turned toward it for a nice hot latte. When I walked past the large window I saw someone I thought I knew. He was sitting with his back to the window so the only way to be sure would be to go inside. I walked past the window and the door to the corner. The wind was really whipping around the building. It is going to rain soon on top of everything else. But my mind could not stay focused.

What if the guy in the coffee shop was him? By him, I mean, the best friend of the guy I have a fatal crush on. Well, that's what it feels like. I'm in mortal heartbreak. I thought we were getting so close and then I said the absolutely wrong thing and then he backtracked. Ugh. I ruin everything. If there was once a King Midas then I was Queen Sludge. OK, I can stew over this all I want, but I am getting cold now. Go for coffee. Go in and if it is his friend then say hi, terrible weather we are having. Got to dash before the rain. I'm set , go

I head into the coffee shop and I walk past the guy. His head is tilted slightly forward. He is reading a magazine. There is another table close to his and a woman is checking him out. The kind of woman that sets her cross hairs on some poor guy and then gets him. Even if he turns her down, she will turn it around and call him every name in the book and make herself, her ego adjust to it. She will have the last word. I order my coffee and look over to see their eyes connect. Then she looks into her purse. Busy looking for something, witch? I hope he doesn't fall for her tricks.

I pay for my drink and then it is handed to me. I walk toward him/them. They have not spoken yet. I feel relaxed, even cool. I can do this because he isn't a stranger and I love that I can make this Amazon woman stand in my shadow. I'm here now. I have to say something. She is looking at me as if she is thinking about some far away land while trying not to glare at me. OK, here goes.

"Hey, What's a hottie like you doing sitting here all alone? May I join you?" I blurt out. He looks up. Thank god he recognizes me and acknowledges that he knows me.

"Hey, hey there Clara, how are you? Heh, you called me hottie, thanks. You think so?" said the friend.

By now , AW , that is for Amazon Woman, is openly glaring. I feel it and turn toward her.

"No one is using that, right?" say I as I swipe the cafe chair and twist it to turn to the friends table. Never giving her another look. She gets up, puts on her jacket, and leaves. He watches her, but doesn't say anything.

"Oh, did I interrupt ?" I ask.

"No, no, not at all. I don't know her." he said.

He smiles at me. I love his smile, it is contagious. He is so nice. I am attracted to him. But he would have never noticed me if I wasn't a friend of a friend. But still he is so sweet when we talk. I can still see the sadness in his eyes over his girlfriend having left him. He ended up with the dog. Custody I guess. We never met without our mutual friend. It felt good just sitting here for all of four seconds. Lets go for a record.

"Of all the gin joints, of all the towns, in all the world..." I said.

"Casablanca" he answered.

"Yep." I said back. I took a sip of my drink and he did too.

"So, what brings you to this 'gin joint.' he asked me.

"Oh, I was just going home from my parents house and I had somethings to pick up. You know how this town is one stop shopping." I said.

"Yeah, yeah." he answered.

He looked at his watch.

"Oh, great. I'm late." he said and he looked at me with concern in his eyes. "I'm so sorry to run off, but I really. This is rude."

"No, no, not at all. I should go and get my errands done before the rain comes." I say as I stand up.

"Is it raining?" he asks as he swings around to look out the window as he puts on his jacket. I think he has lost some weight. I am amazed. He is looking real good. I realize I am checking him out. I am even more amazed.

"No, it just feels like it." I say.

"Well, it was great running into you." he said.

"Pleasure was all mine." I say with an exaggerated smile and wink .

We lean forward to kiss and turn our heads the same way so as to miss each other then we both turn to correct and still cannot reach lips to cheek. So I brazenly place my hands on his face to hold him still and kiss him quickly on the lips. He looked shocked then smiled and laughed.

"Well, you are a hottie." I said.

"So, are you." he said and he touched my nose with his pointer finger. Then he said "After you, Miss."

And I walked out with him right behind me. I took a few steps and thought he went in the opposite direction. I turned quickly to say one last goodbye and turned right into him. My hands defensively went up onto his chest. He stopped short of bumping into me.

"Whoa there." he said.

"I'm so sorry I thought..." I stammered. Then our eyes met. I felt so comfortable just looking at his face. The wind was gusting around us. My hair flew like crazy and he reached up and pulled a long strand away from my face. I leaned in and kissed him. I kissed him longer then when we said goodbye inside the warm coffee shop. I was not feeling cold. He was kissing me back. He wasn't pulling back. It was the longest time. I wasn't going to stop. I hardly ever get to do this, kiss someone. He moved in closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.

What have I started?