Radio Announcer " It's going to be another sunny day in sunny California. Up next we have a request going out to Andrea from Paul 'I know you'll love this one' A million ways by Will Downing, enjoy"

Singer, "A million ways to please a woman, a million ways to please a woman…."

Annie and her three children, aged 12,15 and 16, were in a rush to get out of the house and to get to the airport on time. Annie was a middle-aged woman widowed by the war in Iraq. Her late husband Kevin had been sent to head a very small strike team in Iraq in '06 and he only lasted there for about six months, which was pretty good for his first time leading a mission, his team was seizing a warehouse where the Al Queda had been keeping several freelance American journalists hostage when one of the lesser experienced and not so intelligent members of the team made a fatal mistake, he had seen a very mysterious black box set in the middle of the room and his first instinct was to open it and before he knew, he, the rest of the crew, all of the hostages and the very hypocrites themselves were blown into pieces.

When Annie had heard of the accident she did not quite react as one would expect a woman who was madly in love to when she hears of the death of the one she loves. One would probably expect her to break down in tears and crawl into a very deep dark hole but not Annie, instead, she simply replied, 'ok'. When she had returned to her room, though, by the time she was through her husband's pillow appeared to have had been soaked by a bucketful of water.

Annie turned off the radio as the song had brought back memories of the early years of her marriage.

Annie sighed a breath off relief as she was just about ready to go; she checked all of the windows and all of the doors, as the neighbourhood was well known for burglaries. When she was sure things were in place she called for the kids, 'Allison! Marilyn! Shawn! It's time to go!'

The three children filed downstairs and headed to the car, each carrying a suitcase and a small carry-on. Annie punched in the security code; the anniversary of her and Kevin's getting together, a thing no one knew for sure. It beeped signifying that the code was right and that the house was secured. Annie sighed and then closed the door, something just did not feel right. She then proceeded to the front of the house.

Annie hit the button on the car key that had the symbol resembling an opened lock. The lights of the emperial green Chevrolet Optra L.T flickered on and off and the trunk popped open. The four threw their eight pieces of luggage in the very spacious trunk. They then proceeded to enter the car, Allison and Annie in the front and Marilyn and Shawn in the back. Allison had turned 16 well over six months ago but had not yet learned to drive, Annie thought that she did not need the distraction and had promised her that she would learn next summer.

Annie backed out of the driveway onto Flanders Drive. Flanders Drive was lined with well-manicured lawns and many trees. There were too many trees really, which often aided the many burglaries that occurred. Other than that it was a nice place to live and to raise a family, which is why Kevin and Annie had chosen to live there. The neighbourhood was also pretty wealthy, almost everyone had their little cozy cottage in the country to brag about.

Annie and Kevin did not see the need to have a cottage even though they could more than afford it. They thought that if they felt the need for some country they'd just go visit Kevin's or Annie's parents or both as they lived next door to each other.

"Mom why does that fellow whom you call your boyfriend have to come with us to Barbados", inquired Allison "This was supposed to be us fulfilling one of dad's dreams, I really do not see why that thing has to come"

Annie sighed, " His name is Dennis, as you already know Allison. I swear to you next time you talk to me like that I'll take away your laptop, mp3 and whatever else it is you got." Allison scowled, " Now as I have told you time and time before Dennis has been to Barbados many times before and he knows the island well. He is like our tour guide…"

"But mum you know how much I like exploring new territory and how much I LOVE to get my hands on a map and go places I've never been before. You also know that I hardly ever get lost and I really don't trust him, he's just got these bad vibes mummy. You know I'm hardly ever wrong about things like that" Allison interrupted

"Well if it makes you feel any better he's not staying in the same room as us furthermore the same wing of the hotel," replied Annie "the important thing is that you have fun," Annie sighed once more "Do it for your father at least, please."

Allison rolled her eyes.

Annie and Dennis had met at one of the many cocktail parties she usually went to on Friday nights. Dennis had slowly won his way into Annie's heart with sweet talk and expensive gifts. At that time Annie was coping with the loss of her life long sweetheart Kevin. Allison knew of this and this had brought about her suspicions.