Allison kept it low and went into the corridors leading to the bathroom, which was directly behind the telephone Dennis was to use. She pressed her ear to the wall:

"…ammm of course all of it is there and the damn ammo. What would a man of such high prestige as moi want with guns and drugs, besides the money associated with smuggling it?" Dennis stopped as the mysterious lady responded. "Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever. So what? I once was a druggie. I've gotten way past that and I have you to thank for it. So when do you want me to drop of the goods?" Dennis fell silent as he listened to the lady's reply, "Uh huh, eight p.m., Wednesday that's two days from now. Where?" he paused again as she named the location, " in Nelson Street??? Who the hell do you think I am??? How's about Garrison Hill?" he listened as the woman replied, 'it's a date." Dennis hung up and proceeded to return to the table.

Hmm…so I was right. He was in some illegal dealing, Allison thought to herself, I ought to tell someone about this, but who? If I tell my mum she will confront him and he will end up dead and get away. Hmmm… maybe I should, but it will be better to let him rot in jail and watch him suffer. Serves him right for using us. Hmm… the cops would probably mess it up. If only my dad was here. Uh oh! Allison had to go to the bathroom and throw up the little food she ate. She suddenly got an ill feeling about what would go down.

"My aunt is so darn inconvenient." Dennis noticed that Allison was missing from the table," umm where did Allison go?"

"She got the runs." Anne laughed, "every time she eats something, shall I say, foreign? She gets it."

"Oh, I see."

"Mum I feel very sick." Allison said returning from the bathroom, "can I go back to our hotel room?"

"Okay," Anne paused, " don't get lost on your way there."

"Don't worry mom I won't," Allison assured her, "I never do,"

"True, true." Anne said in agreement.

Allison went up the stairs leading to the fourth floor; this was Dennis' floor, however.

I have got to find out what he has got in that bag. I've gotta. Then I've gotta tell someone about my findings but who… Allison's thoughts were interrupted.

"Hey! You look familiar." Allison said to the manager. " Oh! Right! You are that guy my mum is hot for. You know you look a lot like my dad," she paused for a moment, "but he died."

"No, he didn't."

"What do you mean no he didn't??" Allison snapped. "What do you know about me?"

"Well I know you were born in Lynx City on the 15 of December in '92."

"Who the hell are you???"

"Your father"

"Nobody impersonates my father."

"But I am."

"I won't buy it"

"Well, you are stubborn…. Wait you know how cock-and-bull the story of how your father died is?"

"The story is a load of bullshit in my opinion"

"Hey watch your language!"

"Sorry, but still how do you know…"

"I mean like who the hell would go opening a black box in the middle of a room that Al Queda laid hands on?"

"How do you know how he died?"

"How do you think I know?"

"I think you are a blasted…"

"Language. So what was your father like, then?"

"Well, he was really smart. And caring and loving but he was a real ass for joining that strike team. He was a good man though. Not like the trash my mother's dating now."

"Why, what is wrong with him?" he asked with a look of concern mixed with a hint of disapproval.

"Well that ass…"


"Sorry, well that douche bag is rather strange. My mom met him at a cocktail party. She introduced him to us at a family reunion. She had dropped us off and went to get him. When she came back with him no one liked him. They didn't let her know that though."

The manager rubbed his chin as if he was planning something.

" And the guy is so darn strange. I mean like he carried a hot pink suit case with him."

"Wait you mean he is here?"

"Yep! Sadly, and the man all of a sudden has an aunt calling him in the middle of his diner. I mean like what the fuck…"


"Heck then." She sucked her teeth. Hmm... shall I tell him what I have discovered? Should I? Should I do it? Heck the guy is a manger I can get him to let me in Dennis' room. He is bound to do it he thinks he is my father…. So deranged.' she began to speak again, "Can I tell you something? Do you promise not to tell anyone else about it?"

"Anything for you munchkin."

"Hey! Don't call me that! Only my dad calls me that and even so I'm a 16 year old."

"But it's cute."

"16 year old don't do cute." Allison said in a as a matter-of-fact manner," anyways, back to the point. When we were at the L.C.I.A. Dennis was summoned by security. When he and the guard came out the guard was as pale as a ghost. But wait it doesn't start there. Not even at the hot pink suitcase part. The guy lives in one of those neighbourhood associated with drugs and gangs, the kind that creeps me out. I mean like what the hell kind of architect lives in a place like that? Oh, yeah! And he has a tattoo I'm sure is gang related but which gang I'm not sure. Anyways, just now down by the Careenage Grill, he received a phone call from his so-called aunt. I followed him…"

"Did he she you?"

"Heck no! I told my mom I had the runs."

"Ahh! That's my girl!" the manager said patting Allison's head.

"Don't do that."

"I'm sowry."

"Continuing on. I over heard him saying something about guns, ammo and drugs. I learned that he was a druggie. They are to meet two days from now in a place called Garrison Hill. Well at first it was to be Nelson Street but he was like 'who the hell do you think I am?' "



"All two of those places are known to have prostitutes."

"My goodness!" Allison grinded her teeth and practically had steam coming out of her ears, "he will pay for hurting my mum!"

"Yes, yes he sure will. He'll get it from behind."

"No! I want him dead now."

"He will get it from behind den he gine dead."

"What kind of language is that? Den he gine dead?"

"It's Bajan dialect."

"Oh! Yes, of course." Allison took note of that, "I was looking to see what exactly he had in those bags"

"That's a very dangerous job. Let me help you. I think this is the break I've been waiting for."

"So you do this kind of work?"

"Yep! Sure do." He paused for a while, "How about you help me out too? Help me win back Lizzy's heart."

"I think you did." She shook her head in disbelief for she was actually beginning to believe he was her dad, " win her heart I mean not win it back, as far as I know you never had it."

"Have it your way. Let's get going before he comes up."

"Yeah, let's." Anne said in agreement. He called mom Lizzy!

"So," Anne stuffed some flying fish in her mouth, when she was done she finished speaking, "What is there to do here in Barbados?"

" There's lots to do." Dennis began to say, "We can go on a safari, visit Harrison's Cave. Spend the evening on the beach and watch the sun set."

"Mmm, sounds nice." Anne said whilst closing her eyes and picturing the two of them on the beach at sunset, " what else is there to do?"

" We can go paintball at the sporting range."

" Yeah! Let's do that tomorrow." Marilyn blurted out.

"I forgot ya'll are here!" Anne exclaimed.

"Uh huh. I could tell, Anne." Dennis said in Agreement, "there's lots of other stuff to do, like shopping and we are here for a week and a half, so we should make the best of it."

" Sure thing."

" Anne, can you come to my room when the kids are settled in? I have something to show you."

"Okay, no problem honey brunch."

Marilyn snickered," honey brunch, not even bunch!"

"Marilyn, shut up!"

"I'm sorry mummy."

"Better be."