A/N: I wrote this over the summer, and it's only slightly based on my experiences during it. My adoring fans have been asking for more (yes, this is for you). So, here goes. R&R me, I'll R&R you. -Pammy.


I'm afraid of cigarettes because

their taste reminds me of you.

Slightly smoky with a hint of

longing to make it last

a little bit longer.

Slightly smoky with a hint of

nicotine or some other chemical

I can get addicted to.

Slightly threatening,

With the thought that

I should put it out,

pull away because

this is danger.

Slightly intriguing,

because how can something

I know is bad for me

make me feel so damn good,

so far away, provide such a great

distraction from things that hurt

a little bit more than hurting myself?

It slips in between my fingers

and it can break my heart

the way you did, except for real.

And I should say no to it, but I can't,

but it can't say no to me either.