At First Thought

At first I merely tilted my head
To look at the world from their view.
After the earth had shaken them
And all of the rubble flew.

At first I thought that I
Was trapped by my emotions.
They all seemed to burn at once.
As I watched the tragic commotion.

At first I was sad.
I thought I would cry.
Who wouldn't be moved
To see the island die?

At first I was angry
I cannot do a thing.
Except sit here, numb
To reality's sting.

At first I was relived.
That I was safe at home.
But then I truly realized
I was frozen to the bone.

I haven't felt anything-
I haven't been awake.
Since I first heard
Of the earth's shake.

It's real, it's real, it really is…
My voice keeps repeating.
As I look on in horror.
My frozen face retreating.

And I realize exactly what it is:
What it is coursing through my veins.
I feel nothing but one emotion.
I'm scared by this change.