Specifically written for:

Write My Life in Sharpies

( I challenged them to write there wonderland so I figured why not write my own?)

Welcome to wonderland

Don't you dare tell a lie

As soon as its spotted

Trust me: you will die

I don't want to hear your judgment

because this is wear I rule!

We all know I the queen is better than you, Mirrors may represent vanity

But I would not care

Buried to my knees

of everything I want and need

I may sound selfish

But this is my fairy tale

I didn't include the details if your life ended well

Welcome to my personal wonderland

Where everybody bows down

There is defiantly no pink allowed!

The world as my imagination

Can be killed in the drop of a dime!

But with me being queen, who has the time?

A:N: Just a Silly little thing I threw together in 10 minutes!