Vincent I: Meaningless Prattle

Some say that humans are weak. That they are stupid and pathetic because they destroy the world around them just because they feel like it. It is true that they destroy, and many don't care, but they survive. They can live and laugh and grow. They don't need money or fame to be happy.

I believe that humans are stronger than any other creature. Especially my kind. We can't survive without humans. We would be destroyed by our own curse. Not that we're physically weak. In that way, we're stronger than those beings called humans. But we're not, not truly. Mentally, we're weak and pathetic.

Humans' minds stay strong through the toughest of times. The Jewish who survived in the camps during the holocaust. Those that have seen murder and rape and the cold cruelty of torture. Sure, those things were created by humans, and they will be their own destruction, but so will we. At least, in their world, some survive, to learn their lesson from past mistakes.

Humans are so captivating and remarkable, to me; it's hard to believe that there's something more to even one of them. But there is. I have found her. The most astonishing human that was ever created.

I watch her, and as I do, I feel like a stalking murderer. The scent of her blood drives me crazy, and I can barely pull away to feed on something other than her. But I don't want to feed on her, it's just a escalated feeling of what I feel daily. I feel strongly, for this mortal girl and I think that what I feel for her is called love.

Love isn't part of the supernatural world. Not in the fey in the forests, not the vampires, werewolves, witches or demons; even angels. There is no life born without it being ignored and abused. Our world is full of expectancies and punishments. Hatred and rule is all we have to accommodate ourselves.

I'm watching her now, like I do most nights I'm told to feed. She's headed to her room. She sits in there and thinks, drawing, writing, reading and occasionally singing. When she does it on her own, it's somewhat magical. Like a lullaby of mystic and dynamic proportions that calms any seditious soul. It was almost divine.

She entered her bedroom, mentally cursing the woman who had told her to do so. From my hidden place I closed my eyes, listening to her thoughts and spoken words. A smile drifted to my face, as her frustration ebbed away into an imaginary world, of sorts, where unrealistic creatures roamed.

My cousin laughed behind me. "Why don't you just turn her already and get it over with? You fawn over her constantly and it's getting on my nerves. A human. She attracts more of your attention than Alicia. The hottest chick I've ever seen. And she wanted you to marry her. I mean, seriously, Vincent, what can she have that any of the women of our kind don't?" James stared at me, the pupils in his eyes narrowing, turning feral, informing me that it was the full moon.

Change Naomi? Why would I do that? It's like throwing her into a cellar, letting demons from the deepest pit of hell take care of her for a year and then tossing her into the military where she was expected to listen to every sentence down to the last syllable. I couldn't ever bring myself do that to her. It was completely immoral. To place this curse, this terrible demon's affliction, on such an unsuspecting young girl, was a sin of all sins.

Though, I knew, she'd laugh at me for thinking such a thing. She'd say, "I always wanted to be one, anyway. So, bite me, DAMN YOU!" Then she'd laugh, and tilt her head to the side, unveiling her pulsing, supple neck. And I would lean down and give her what she wanted…

Naomi would live, damn it! She deserved to live, and laugh and grow. To feel, to taste, to touch. To know that she was alive, and feel alive. She deserved heaven, not hell. She didn't need to add even more stress to her cruel world. To rid her of the love and happiness only humans felt? What could that bring her but pain?

I almost laughed at the irony that I, a hunter of such beings, would wish one a long and happy life. I'm her hunter. But I protect her. An oxymoron. She once had to fear the people around her, to protect herself. Now I was here, threatening anything that would or could hurt her. In mind or in body, I wouldn't let her be injured. She went through enough pain living a life like hers. She didn't need anyone else to fuck it up.

I felt the anger and the pride spread through my empty veins like wildfire; igniting the flame I felt whenever I saw her. She was the light in my life of darkness, as corny as it sounded. Because that's how I lived. In the night, under a coat of shadow. She was my angel, I her demon. The highlight of my life… I would be hers, I knew, if she ever met me.

As I thought about what James had said, about how it would ruin the plan I already made for her, she began singing. A quiet song that slowly raised in volume as she grew more confident. It was a song I'd heard before, one of the ones she'd written on the piano first. It was without words and she sang it on "ah"'s and "ooh"'s

She created an alternate universe of her own ideals, the main character a woman, unnamed so far, that becomes a vampire and then falls for a werewolf. I watched, amused, as this woman was confronted with a war between the two races. Vampires were enemies to werewolves; a contradiction to reality. But it was chaos in her heaven.

The war was resolved in her mind before it happened in the imagined reality. She saw the woman, cold and pale but with a smile on her face, ruling the two races with her new mate, Alex the wolf. But the war was still going on in the imaginary real world.

"Go to her, now, when she's not paying attention. I'd love to see you scare the shit out of her." James laughed again and it carried around the room as his silver eyes danced with calm mischievousness. He smiled, motioning to the mirror that connected our world to hers. The one I watched her through.

I frowned and he narrowed his eyes at me. "She would not resist you. She's a simple-minded human and you're like a god to her eyes. Let us see how much she would freak if she knew that you were a vampire. Or are you afraid of that outcome?" He smirked.

I glared at him. "That is not what I fear. That would be a… good reaction, for lack of better term. What I fear is that she would run to me, rather than away. She is not simple-minded, and do you not say so again. She is smarter than you, I must say. Though, my werewolfian brother, I don't think she would fear either of us, even in our truest natures and forms. She is naïve, not stupid." My words were sharp; I was angered that he thought of her that way without even knowing the workings of her mind. Or any humans', for that matter.

He glared at me, standing up. "Good reaction, Vincent? Well then, I shall see for myself." With a deep laugh, he entered the mirror-portal before I could speak. I wanted to chase after him but I knew it was too late to stop her from seeing or hearing him. Besides that, I knew he wouldn't hurt her. Maybe.

Part of me wished that he hadn't gone in while the other, larger portion was glad that he had finally gotten fed up with me moping around and gone in to inform the young girl who had captivated me so much. It was not that he understood me, like most friends would try to do. He just wanted me happy, like a brother would.

We, the girl, James and I, all wanted her to be one of the supernatural. I knew she could withstand all the pain she'd have to feel. Leaving her father, her family. Ridding herself of most emotions. It wouldn't break her, but I didn't want to see her in pain.

James knew all of this and seemed to think he knew more. That somehow, he had a picture of something that I didn't. He was my best friend, a brother to me. So, without bothering to think of the negative consequences, he went to go get what I wanted to shut me up and make me contented for once.

But she wasn't the only naïve one. He was in for a vast amount of surprise when he would try to frighten her. She was always calm through things that she wasn't supposed to be. If she was ever threatened, she'd stare at the weapon and say, "So, are you going to kill me now or later? 'Cause if not now, I'd really like to read or something…"

Not to mention that she would wish to hug him if she found out he was a werewolf. She'd would ask about all the details of what it was like to be one, especially the diet and hunting. That would be her main subject of conversation and curiosity. Naomi wasn't frightened of much and showed her fear of even less.

It would confuse him to no end. He was used to dealing with normal girls; normal girls that don't like snakes or blood or gore or death or other paraphernalia. In many ways, she was more male-like than most human males were. And he will be confused… or feel threatened.

And, with the most anxiety I've ever had, I watched as he approached her door and swung it open, forgetting other humans existed in the area.