Naomi II: School Just Got a Hell of a lot Better… I think I like it now…

I sighed as I walked to my school, watching as my smoky breath disappeared in milliseconds. The grass was white from freezing, the green barely visible from the ice. I slipped on a solid puddle and glared at the unresponsive ground.

My puffy black jacket hid my face well, showing no one the blank look that I could not force from my face. I arrived at school shortly, ignoring the many couples littering the halls, making a show of being cold and rubbing against each other, lips locked in a heated kiss. Stupid teenagers.

As I got into my first period class I noticed two boys in there. They looked oddly familiar. One was wearing a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a long, red jacket. A crimson scarf ornamented his face and hid most of its features and beautiful blue eyes peeked out from behind the cloth.

The other boy had a pair of torn blue jeans, a loose grey shirt and a black hoodie. Soft brown hair peeked out from the hood on his head, steel grey eyes glowing with smug amusement.

"Hey, Naomi," the teachers soft voice called. Her emerald eyes glowed as her bubbly, hyperactive attitude made itself known. Her long coat hid her shirt, blue jeans underneath and a pair of brown boots kept her feet warm. Blonde hair puffed from her aged head, showing spots of grey hair. Her lips were a rosy red, the make-up on her face blaring my own irritation at me.

I smiled at her warmly, fake as it was. "Hello Mrs. Tabbun. Who are they?"

"Oh, these two are new students here." She turned to the boys. "That's Naomi. She has the highest grade in here. There are two empty seats next to her. You should sit there."

The darker-haired one smiled kindly, sitting to the left of my desk. The other smirked, sitting in front of me. "Hello, Naomi." That voice! James!

"James?! Then… Vincent?" I looked at the two, my jaw hanging open to catch a few flies.

"You know each other? Good… you'll be able to catch up better," Tabbun muttered to herself. We ignored the elder woman.

"Yes, we're here," the vampire spoke softly as he removed his scarf. His voice was the same velvety smooth sound that even I couldn't imagine. The same blue eyes shimmered with happiness as his werewolfian brother chuckled.

"Still think you're dreaming?" he asked, leaning on his arm as he watched me.

"Maybe~." I smiled at them, sitting down in my seat and pulling out my drawing binder.

"Oh… The drawings I've heard so much about. Lemme see!" I laughed as James's eyes gained a childish glint as his steel gaze wandered over my drawings. He looked through my entire binder and then asked if I had more. "At home…"

"Well then, we'll just have to go there, now won't we?" Vincent said, a playful smirk adorning his pale face. "Would today be alright? After all we do need you to 'inform' us about the school." His blue eyes shimmered with mischief, a devious tone to his voice. There was a double meaning to his words and I just wasn't getting it.

"Hmm… I don't know. I'd have-" I was interrupted by a phone appearing in front of my face.

"Please store your number. I'd like to be able to call you. If you don't mind…" Vincent said as I took the phone. I blinked in confusion, not able to make my mind operate any more. An excited smile made its way onto the pale man's face, making his face glow with even more splendor than usual. I stared, not being able to look away. "Um… Hello? Are you going to call?"

I blinked again, nodding stupidly. I dialed my home phone, waiting for my father to pick up. I heard the click of the telephone and then his voice saying, "Hello?" I laughed at how tired he sounded, looking at the clock on the wall. 7:50.

"You're home early. Well, can I bring a couple new friends home?"

"Sure…" he droned.

"Okay. Bye!" The phone clicked. Yup, he's really tired. I redialed the number, hitting 'Save' and typing in my name. "N… A… O… M… I…" I muttered as I hit the according numbers.

Vincent chuckled, gently grabbing the phone from my fingers. He typed in my last name quickly, shut the phone and placed away in a pocket in his trench coat. "Class should be starting soon, correct? Catch me up with the class. It's been a few hundred years."

I chuckled softly. I'm in dream land. With two really hot guys. I don't know whether to cry, laugh or squeal.

Vincent raised an eyebrow. "Please do not squeal. I believe that to be annoying, from the many times I've heard it. Just laugh."

I blushed, feeling my face burn as I turned to my backpack and pulled out my math book. "Do you need this?" I returned my gaze to the two immortals.

"Well, I suppose. I've never seen it before so I haven't had a chance to memorize the book quite yet." James laughed.

I handed him my book, mentally pouting at the fact that I could never hope to remember all the heavy text had to offer. He took it and began flipping through. "Well, that's one way to do your homework, I guess."

He grinned, handing the book to James. "Well… If I do it all now, I'll have more time to spend with you." I could feel my face heat up as he leaned closer to me. I barely noticed the bell ring. He smiled at me, licked my nose and leaned away so quickly, I was barely able to process it. But that was fast for a human. Not a vampire.

I'm just out of the loop aren't I? I touched the tip of my nose, where he had licked me, and felt the faint wet spot. I tried not to blush.

More and more students filed in and soon, too soon, class had begun. The teacher seemed perturbed that Vincent was actually flipping through the book but said nothing. "Okay, class. New subject today. Dividing exponent terms." Many groans.

This crap is easy… I let the numbers, the problems and ways to solve them pass through my head. Vincent smirked.

Thank you.His voice rang out in my head. I stared at him in shock, then returned to my doodles on my 'notes'.

The class was relatively slow, the only interesting thing was when I shouted "yay" when it was announced we had a test and no homework. The rest of the class had groaned while my vampire and wolf had just laughed at me.

I am so weird…