Okay, I'm going to try this, this is a one shot and I'm nervous about it but it got in my head and I couldn't get it out so please, read and review!

'Down in Louisiana, where the black trees grow

Lives a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau.

Got a black cat's tooth and a mojo bone

and anyone who wouldn't leave her alone

She'd go ( growl ), another man done gone.

It was 1825 but it didn't matter to Jack, he just lost everything he had near about to that place! He looked back at the gambling estasblisment he just came out of. He owned a lot of money to a lot of people, he knew that for sure but he was trying to get money to get rich as people say. He was tired of being poor, he was the first baby born in Louisiana since his family came from France so he was proud, his pappy and his grandpappy still talk like they do in France but he had barely talked like that, his momma didn't want him talking like that, she said 'He was a American!'

Jack was going down the street grumbling, kicking cans and whatever got in his way and he wasn't paying attention to anything or really anyone when he bumped into a old bum, not as near refined or handsome like himself! The old bum had shocking red hair that looked like it hadn't been combed or even washed in weeks! His breath reeked of liquer and what was his name? oh yes, Old Barley, they called him that because of what he drank nearly every day of his life was made of barley and wheat.

After nearing knocking him over, I grumbled so low he could barely hear me:

"Excuse me"

Old Barley looks around in a drunken stupor then he says:

"What? what?"

I roll my eyes and say in a tiring voice:

"I'm sorry Barley, I almost knocked you over"

Barley just shrugs his shoulders and says:

"That's okay, I probably needed it"

I shake my head and start to head off but Barley asks me:

"What's wrong Jack?"

Well, he knows my name!

I just shrug my shoulders and look back at the gambling place then I tell him:

"I nearly lost my shirt in there, that's what"

Barley hiccups then asks me:

"So you have no money now have you?"

I fan the burped whiskey from his breath and I say with anger:


Barley just says:

"I think I have what can cure the ails of you"

I figure he is going to just give me a taste of his whiskey which I woulnd't have minded but that wasn't it. Old Barley pulls me into a ally, he looks around and says:

"I'm going to tell you how to get you some money"

I look at him like he's crazy and he says:

"It's true!"

I just grunt and ask:

"Marie Laveau"

My eyes go wide as the one penny in my pocket and I straight way know it's true and I ask:

"How do you know?"

Old Barley puts his thumbs under his lapels of his shirt and says:

"How do you think I got this fine outfit?"

I look at it and you can tell it was once a fine outfit, five years ago. The breeches and jacket are so sodden with dirt that the off white color looks almost grey. Then I ask him:

"She got you that?

Old Barley shakes his head yes:

"Yes, with her voodoo"

I take back at those words and I say:


Barley says:

"Yes, I asked her to give me some money for some new clothes and for this and that mind you and she did"

I think on that and I do remember that quite some time ago Barley seem to come into some good fortune and I ask:

"How do you get to this Marie?"

He looks around again then says:

"Go down to the thick swamps lad and you'll find her"

I ponder his words and I scratch my chin and I say:

"Thanks Barley"

I start to leave when Barley grabs me by the shirt and pulls me close and says:

"Mind you now boy, you got to promise her something"

I look at him and say:


He looks around and says:

"Oh, anything that might help her, please her"

I look at him and ask:

"And what did you promise?"

A mean thought comes to me:

'Like you have anything to promise"

"That I would tell people of how she can help them, that's all"

I think on his words and say:

"Hmm, okay old man, I'll do it"

He lets go of me and I walk off happier than I was before but I didn't see Barley smirk and walk off with a bottle of whiskey magically appearing in his hand.

She lives in a swamp in a hollow log

With a one eyed snake and a three legged dog.

She's got a bent, bony body with stringy hair

If she ever seen ya'll messing 'round there

She'd go (growl), another man done gone.

I go down the road to where I know the thick, black swamps begin, I am not afraid a bit because I have been around swamps my whole life. But these swamps are different, I see there is no moon tonight, I can't see anything….but all of a sudden, I see something glowing, it helps me to walk forward and I notice they are eyes, huge eyes. Then I notice what they are on, it's a HUGE snake! But I notice it only has one eye! The snake is scaly with green and red running like coils of ribbon around it's body and it hisses at me, I stop because I don't want to come closer but in the light comes a person, it's a woman. She has her hair in a long ponytail I can see but strings of it still comes out, she's slightly bent over but not by much and standing beside her is this , what is it? A dog? It only has 3 legs and it seems to be guarding this woman. This must be Marie Laveau.

And then one night when the moon was black

Into the swamp came handsome Jack

A no good man like you all know

( talking ) He was looking around for Marie Laveau.

She beckons me to come closer with her crooked finger then she asks me in a tone that sends shivers up my back.

"What is it you want man?"

I take a gulp but I straighten myself up so I look her straight in the eye and I say:

"I want a charm to make me rich"

He said Marie Laveau, you handsome witch

Gimme a little charm that'll make me rich

Gimme a million dollars and I'll tell you what I'll do

This very night I'm gonna marry you

Then it'll be ( growl ) another man done gone.

She smiles a evil smile and asks:

"You wish to have money?"

I shake my head firmly then says:

"Yes, you did it for old Barley"

She waves her hand and says:

"Barley just ask for simple things, some money, for clothes, drink…I have feeling you want more"

I shake my head again and look around this place, this dark swamp with trees all around that seem to be moaning in the wind. And I tell her:

"I want money to last for a lifetime, not just to have it gone like he did"

She still smiles and says:

"Ah but it will cost you something man, I do not make man rich for nothing"

I search in my mind what to say then I tell her:

"You make me rich with a million dollars and I'll marry you"

Her eyes widen and she says:

"You will?"

I think on those words I said and I shake my head again and say firmly:


So Marie done some magic, and she shook a little sand

Made a million dollars and she put in his hand

Then she giggled and she wiggled , and she said Hey, Hey

I'm getting ready for my weddin' day

I watch the woman bend down where she stands in the sand, she picks up a handful of golden sand and she shakes it in her fist and she raises her hands to the black sky and she says some mumbo jumbo then she walks over to me, signals for me to put my hand out and I do then she opens her hand and out falls in mine, gold coins like I have never seen! MONEY! More money than I have ever seen! I dance in the falling money from her hand! Then she backs up and she giggles and starts to back inside the huge swamp log and she says:

"I'm going to go get ready for my weddin' day!"

I remember my words but I also see all the money and I say to her:

But old handsome Jack he said Goodye Marie

You're too damed ugly for a rich man like me

Then Marie started mumblin' her fangs started gnashin'

Her body started tremblin', and her eyes started flashing'

And she went ( growl ) another man done gone.

"I'm not going to marry you, you're just too ugly for me"

All of a sudden, her eyes flashed like a strike of lightening and she mumbles some words and her teeth that were straight started growing and became fangs! My heart starts pumping fast I feel and she mumbled some more words that I couldn't understand and then Boom!

A little while I open my eyes and I'm somewhere, I don't see anything at first but as my eyes adjust, I see only wood and I feel insects crawling around. Where am I? then I see the witch, Marie Laveau coming over to me and she smiles and asks me:

"So man, how do you like it?"

I shout out at her:

"Where am I?"

She stands back and throws her arm out and I see what she is showing me. The black trees of the swamp, they are all over with spindly branches and they still groan but now as if in pain and I hear the voices of the wind telling me:

"We tried to stop you! You would not listen! Now you are with us, always!"

I realize that am now in a old tree! I start screaming and the witch says:

"Now you are rich, rich always man and you help the swamp be rich as you watch it grow!"

All I can do is scream as I watch the next fool come down to the swamps.

So if you ever git down where the black trees grow

And you meet a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau

If she asks you to make her your wife

Man, you better stay with her for the rest of your life

Or it be ( grow ) another man done gone.