This is my first story on Fiction press, and I hope you enjoy it. Also, here is the full summary:

When 16 year old Kyle Blake wakes up in a burning field, he only remembers his past from 12 years and younger. He has a different eye color, he has a weird messed up scar on his chest, and all over his body for that matter. And to make matters worse, someone is trying to have him killed. With Fastening and terrifying new powers, Kyle is on a journey to reclaim his past, and with help from the mysterious and aggravating Isabella, he may find out who is trying to kill him. But with the terrifying force of killers led by Zachariah, It will be difficult, and Kyle will find out he is a Marked man.


Where am I? My eyes flutter open, to see I'm in a blinding white room, strange men all around me.

My eyes dart around. All of them were wearing these weird, completely white outfits, complete with the mask thing. 'Either I'm a science experiment, or these guys have a weird fashion sense.' I think, smiling a little at my own joke.

One of the 'scientist', I guess that's what they are, notice I'm awake, and alerted the others. I can barely see the emerald green eyes and the flaming red hair behind the sheet of plastic separating the face. Male or female, I can't tell.

Those green eyes… they seem so familiar… But before I get the chance to dwell on it longer, the scientist suddenly crowd around me, saying things I wasn't paying attention to. I move my head around, the only movement I seem to be able to do, trying to find those eyes again. They shove my head back down, but what they don't know is that I'm an extremely stubborn little bastard, and began to fight the hand, trying to get my head up.

They shove it down again, holding it, and then I am suddenly blessed with the abilities to move my other stiff muscles. I kick and hit and everything else. Desperately wanting to see those Emerald eyes. There seems to be comfort in those eyes, a since of belonging, and familiarity in this strange, unwelcoming place. They are all pushing me down and holding me down.

I suddenly feel a prick in my neck, and I see a man, eyes piercing blue, almost pulsing through the dark plastic.

I stop struggling, vision blurring, the last thing I see is the man, pulling off the helmet/mask…

My eyes snap open. Same place, but this time, there are no people around. My eyes dart around, and when I'm sure I won't be bothered, I sit up, and rub my eyes. When all of the sudden the room is filled with a flashing red light, and a loud, blaring roar.

Through a door, the scientists burst in; planning to put me down, but again I fight them. Whenever I see the man with blue eyes and the needle, I fight against him more.

I was certain I was going to win, when all of a sudden. A man walks into the room. He was somewhere in his mid-twenties, and wearing a classic black suit. His hair short and blonde, seeming to be shinning in this white void.

I feel all my resistance stop when I look into his eyes.


Completely, no iris, no pupil or anything. Just black as night, and black as darkness. I can't stop staring at them, and I'm dimly aware of the scientist pushing me down. They began to go back to… work I guess you could call it.

All of a sudden, I feel a sharp pain in my chest, and I tear my gaze from the man, and find myself looking down, at an open chest! WHAT ARE THEY DOING! I tried to struggle, but I can't move. The scientists move away from me, and towards something else. I turn my gaze to the man to see he is gone! Eyes wide and fearful, I look around, to see him on the other side, close. He leans in, putting his lips close to my ears, causing a shiver down my spine as he whispered in my ear.

Before I can process the words, he disappeared, and the scientists are back with the thing. My eyes focus in on it and… OH MY GOD! What is that!

What… what are they doing! No! Get that thing away from me!