Magic and secrets, mysticism and life

Power is the name of the game

Enjoying the darkness and the nocturne lights

I want to access to those words that are so f*cking hard to spell


You have no idea what I'm talking about

You are just another ignorant soul

Spending my time with lesbians and goth kids

It's the best way to learn to read your mundane minds and hearts


Daddy never knew, either my mom

The suburban life is not for me

Even when they give me whatever I want

My spirit claims its right to be free


I want to tattoo my arms with ancient symbols

Icons of shadows and knowledge

But since I'm still a kid all I can do

It's be waiting until I get to college


You don't understand, you just don't understand…


NOTE: Yeah, we all make fun of Christians, of Jews, but come on! Wiccans are as idiotic as anybody else, and they have the same frikking right to be mocked! Justice for all!