"Have you seen him lately?"

"-looks depressed!"

Spring, Summer and Autumn had decided to hold a clandestine meeting about Winter.

Spring, the only man there, hushed the two women. "Why must you two keep insisting on a companion for him? He's still only 27. 28, this season. He can settle down when he's older."

Summer shook her head along with her golden locks. "No, no. He needs a companion now. Certainly one of us can spare a daughter?"

Silence fell for the first time.

Spring broke the silence, "I never supported this idea to begin with."

Autumn and Summer were left to glare at one another. "Well, how strange would it look if suddenly one of my daughters turned up? That's two seasons off," Summer reasoned. This was true. Winter would quickly realize what was going on. He had rejected the need for a companion multiple times.

Spring interjected, "we don't even know if he will take either of your girls. He'll probably realize what's going on and return her."

"She has to be very pretty! Hmmm... I wonder if he likes blonds," Summer mused.

Spring rolled his eyes. "What sort of question is that? As though it makes a difference."

Autumn interrupted their discussion. "It must be someone pretty, yes. But more importantly, it must be someone confident and mature so that he does not feel burdened. Yet also, someone clever and playful to keep him company."

"It must not appear as though we forced the girl on him. He has to be tricked into claiming her. That is the most challenging aspect of this plan."

Summer nodded, "yes, yes. But who would it be?"

"I have someone in mind."

This is my first story. I'm not much of a story writer, so I hesitated to start, but I figured "what the heck?" I'm accustomed to writing poetry so this is all very strange for me. I actually got this idea about a year ago in winter (go figure). I was putting on light pink shimmering lip gloss and I suddenly thought "what if winter was a person and he kissed someone? It would look like this!" Tada! That's how this story idea was born. So there's my…long blurb. It wasn't intended to be long. If you get a chance, please review! Tell me what you think! Even if it's two words. :D