This is really a true story, only exaggerated a bit. Okay, fine- exaggerated a lot! Hope you like it!


Chapter One: First Glance

One bright Monday morning in August, a perfect day for sleeping in, I was jerked awake by my dad, who still looked fairly sleepy himself. "Ugh," I groaned. "Can't a girl sleep in around here?"

My dad looked like he would laugh, if it wasn't seven in the morning. "It's Monday," he said.

"That's my point!" I replied, almost laughing myself. "Wait…" I said, propping myself up on one arm. "Isn't today that bible day camp thing?" I asked, remembering.

"Yeah, it is, actually. You promised Jess you would be there. You have to go." He said, trying to tug the covers off me so I would get cold, give up, and get dressed. I tightened my hold on the covers, and he couldn't get them off, so he just sighed and gave up.

"I promised no such thing." I said, my eyes narrowing and my voice heavy with accusation.

My dad just smiled. "Good point. I promised. Now," He caught me by surprise this time, and whipped the covers off before I had a chance to grab them. "Get up and get dressed."

"Ugh," I said, defeated. "Fine! But if I don't like it, I am not going tomorrow!" I called after him as he left.


When we got there, I immediately picked my best friend Jess out of the crowd of kids. We were both in the tenth grade now, and the last time we had seen each other had been a few weeks ago. She had gotten highlights that looked totally natural, and a short haircut that looked really good on her. Her skin was paler than usual, or so I thought. Maybe it was because the girl beside her was so tan. Who is that girl? I thought to myself. I have never seen her, and Jess never mentioned her. Plastering a smile onto my face with some difficulty, I registered at the pavilion and then put my stuff down and ran down the grassy hill, over to Jess. And that girl.

Hi!" I said as I got there and gave Jess a hug. "How've you been, haven't seen you in forever! I smiled wider, for real this time, and gave her another hug.

"I know. The house phone broke. Oh, sorry; I never introduced you to Erica, did I? Erica, this is Julia. Julia, this is Erica." She smiled, encouraging us to say hello.

"Hi." She said, stretching out her hand for me to shake it. There wasn't a hint of jealousy in her voice, not a hint of resentment, not a hint of bitterness. Wow.

The lack of jealousy in her voice is what kept the jealousy out of mine.

"Hi, Erica. I'm Julia. It's nice to meet you." I shook her hand. The fake smile on my face melted into a real one as I realized this was the half-sister that Jess had been talking about, not a new best friend. Erica was oblivious, but Jess noticed. I had no hopes of fooling her; she knew me too well.

Her smile widened as she saw that Erica and I would get along fine. "Hey, Julia," Jess said.

"Yeah?" I answered absently.

"I am having a girl's night with Erica and Emma this Thursday; wanna come?" Erica smiled and nodded at me.

"I will totally be there." I said the moment she was done talking. I just have to ask my dad, but I know he'll say yes."

Before class started, Jess introduced me to her friend from church, Aaron Steve. I said hi, he said hi, he asked how I knew Jess, and I told him.

Not a second later, the bell rang to go to class, back up at the pavilion. Jess, Erica, and I walked to where we started class. We sang some songs, did our lesson, walked across the park to devotions, introduced ourselves to everyone else in the class, and then went to games. We played water games for a while, like tag and races, getting each other soaking wet, then went to snack to talk and eat, and got ready to go home.

I didn't give that boy that Jess introduced me to a second thought. I couldn't even remember his name; all I was thinking about was the girl's night at Erica's house on Thursday.


Did you like it? I know it's a little vague, but I'll try to be better about that. It's meant to be that way (wink, wink). Aaron will be more active in the next chapter, so…

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