A/N: Just a short-ish, two part one-shot (two-shot?) that the song made me think of. I tend to really like most of Taylor Swift's stuff, but when I heard this one for some reason I started feeling bad for the other girl...

Lyrics aren't actually in here, but Dana's part is pretty much based off the song. So let's just say she's Taylor Swift's, and Gianna's mine.


It's 7:21. I bet you're on the phone with Gianna right now.

She's probably still going on about that comment you made this morning. I mean, really, Kirk. You had to know she'd take that the wrong way. She'll never get your weird sense of humor like I do.

While you argue with her about that, I'm sitting here in my awful, cluttered room (which you're always teasing me about, but I don't go off like a nuclear bomb about it), listening to those old country songs she'd probably rather die than listen to. And that's assuming she even knows they exist.

I know your whole life story, and what do you do? You fall for the cheer captain instead of the girl who's always laughing with you on the bleachers. You'd think you'd realize I understand you better than she ever will, but I guess all you see is the high heels and miniskirt next to my jeans, T-shirt and sneakers.

I never thought you'd be that guy. What are you doing with a girl like that?

I mean, there we were after band practice last night, walking around the long way home, after we changed into our regular clothes- for once you were wearing those old holey jeans and a concert tee instead of the button-downs and dark jeans you wear on dress-downs since you and Gianna started going out. (Suddenly I'm actually glad for our school uniforms- I'd curl up and die if you dressed like that every day.)

Anyway... It was just...normal. Well, like normal used to be. How it should be. Then when you started chasing me, and then you ended up with me practically pinned down on the park bench, and you smiled that smile that I swear is bright enough to light the town... You never smile like that around Gianna. That was the first time I've seen it since you started dating her.

But, again, I guess it's those high heels and whatever. I guess me and my sneakers just don't compare. And neither does the girl on the bleachers to the cheer captain.

I know you so much better than her.

I remember that night you drove to my house and tried to climb up the wall and in my window, just because you felt like it. And how you almost didn't realize what my dad assumed when he found out. And then how when you did realize you turned bright red and almost died.

I remember when your brother went off to college, and you were so upset but you didn't want to admit it, so I had to act goofy for awhile until you broke down and laughed.

I know even though you say your favorite song is "Me and My Gang" by Rascal Flatts your real all-time favorite song is George Strait's "Amarillo by Morning." No one knows that but you and me.

I'm the one you tell about your dreams. Not like dreams when you're asleep- actually, those too- but your dreams about the future. You know the ones I mean.

I think somewhere deep down you have to know where you belong. Why can't you see that? I'm the one who understands you... I've been there for you all along... So why can't you see you belong with me?


It's 7:21. I'd call you if I didn't know you were on the phone with Dana right now.

We need to talk. I guess maybe you were just joking when you said that at lunch. You just need to give me a break sometimes, okay? I'm still trying to figure out your sense of humor. It's not like Dana, who's known you your whole life and always tosses jokes back at you.

So, while you're talking to her- I know you are- here I am, trying to convince myself you're not. Here in my boring, practically empty room, listening to that cd you made me of your favorite music. It's not bad. I really liked this one song, "Carried Away..." Actually, now that I think of it, it's the one you told me Dana really likes.

Dana... Sometimes I think you're going to drop me and ask her out. After all, she's the one in band with you. I'm... 'the cheerleader.' Yeah, I know that's what people say.

I saw you walking home with her the other day- cheer practice got out just after band. There you were, running after her and falling on top of her on that bench and laughing so hard... Never happens with you and me. Then again, you do like having someone you can be serious with, and have meaningful discussions, instead of having a joke cracked that ruins the whole thing.

That's what you tell me, anyhow.

Is it the cheerleader thing there, too? I guess it's easier to goof around like that with a girl in sneakers than one in high heels...

I start noticing sometimes I don't know you that well at all.

You've never even been over to my house. I keep meaning to get you to, but... well, I wonder what my parents would say, for one thing. And then I start wondering if you've already got plans hanging out with Dana... Oh, and yes, I've heard that rumor about you trying to get into her bedroom at night. Don't worry, I don't believe it.

That one day at the beginning of the year when you just seemed... a little depressed, I know I should have said something. Just, by the time I was sure it wasn't just my imagination, Dana was sitting with you in Geometry, and then you were both laughing so hard you barely avoided getting written up.

I realized I don't even know your favorite song. I mean, I know you like "Me and My Gang," because that's what you always say for that question, but it just hit me it's not even on this cd. Which means something on the cd probably is...don't know what. I should ask you tomorrow...

And about that other question teenagers get asked all the time, the one you always say "I don't know..." to: what do you want to be? I always thought you legitimately didn't know- maybe you don't- but, well, Dana grew up with you. If there is an answer, she probably knows it.

I know you're going to have to be the one to decide where you belong. I just feel like... she's the one that really understands you... and she's been there your whole life... I just have to hope you decide you belong with me.