Furia: Two-Way Mirror
by P. Kristen Enos

Standard Warning: Mature Themes and Situations! All rights reserved.

(Originally written January 8, 2010.)

* * * * *

Introduction: "Furia" is an original universe of near future stories which focus women who are sexy, intelligent and dangerous. These stories could be long, dramatic epics or "day in the life" short stories. At first the characters and stories will seem independent but they will prove connected over time. And yes, I plan to collect these stories, polish them up, and publish them in books with more material.

This posting is a sneak peek of a long epic story focusing on the tale of a character as she grows up from toddler to kick-ass motorcycle cop to ?.

* * * * *

With the Southern Californian sun high overhead, seven year old Kassandra Schmidt traced lazy figure eights up and down the cul-de-sac street. She was naturally attractive, with piercing green eyes, dark-brown hair in a boyish cut and deeply tanned skin. Skinny but tall for her age, she wore a plain tan baseball cap, an oversize faded, t-shirt, equally well-worn shorts and sneakers.

Despite her solitary past-time, Kassandra knew that all she had to do was go to her house and she'd be surrounded by people. Whenever her parents held parties, it was an event that everyone was welcomed to, whether you were a relative, a neighbor or a soon to be friend.

She reached the cul-de-sac corner and spotted her one-year older brother, Chad, leading a handful of cousins and friends speeding down a nearby street on their own bikes. With a mild frown, the girl turned her bike around and continued back up her own stretch of street.

She had been gliding along the ending loop of the cul-de-sac when she screeched to a halt at the sight of a minivan leading a large moving truck down the street. She wasn't surprised to see it stop in front of the one empty house, which next to her own home.

The minivan pulled into the drive way, and a family of five came out, consisting of the parents and three daughters. The new neighbors were apparently observant and friendly since they all smiled and waved at the watching kid.

Taking in as many details about them as possible, Kassandra waved back, aiming her bike towards her own home since she now had news to deliver. Her wave faltering at the sight of the middle daughter, who seemed to be the same age, but with long strawberry blond curls and fair skin. When the new neighbor girl smiled at her, the wide-eyed Kassandra ran right into the cluster of mailboxes before taking a spill over the curb, much to everyone's horror.

* * * * *

Trying not to be distracted by the burn of her newly bandaged cuts, Casey stood off to the side as the two families faced each other. With her baseball cap pulled low over her eyes, she snuck peeks at the Warren family, especially the middle daughter Melissa, who shyly smiled back. The attempt to make each other feel at ease made Kassandra momentarily forget the normal dread she had during introduction.

Meanwhile, Chad was barely containing his boredom, aching to get back to hanging out with the other boys. He let out an impatient snort, only to get a cuff against the back of his head by their father.

"-- I'm Yuko," her mother introduced. "This is my husband Alfred. And these are our two children, Chad and Kassandra."

Casey happened to be looking right at the other girl at that moment of the introduction. Melissa's face completely fell with shock as she blurted out loud, "You're a GIRL?!"

Brother Chad blurted out in laughter, only to be cuffed by his dad again, only harder this time.

The familiar dread of social awkwardness came flooding back, causing Kassandra to turn bright red and look down at her shoes.

Smiling proudly, her mother lifted up the visor of the girl's baseball cap a bit so everyone can see her face more clearly. "She's our little tomboy. But she's a good kid."

Encouraged to look up again, Kassandra to meet the friendly eyes of the new neighbors, the parents, ten year old oldest daughter and four year old youngest daughter.

The seven year old daughter Melissa, however, was staring down at her own shoes, her cheeks flushed with red.

Kassandra felt her stomach drop down to her feet but she tightened her jaw and swallowed a sigh.

* * * * *

Kassandra was once again tracing figure eights, but this time on the cul-de-sac on the next block over. She wanted to avoid the activities of her parent's party and the moving activity of the new neighbors.

Seeing that the sun was starting to set, she realized it was time to go home. At least the day couldn't get any worse.

Now with a goal, Kassandra aimed her bike and started peddling faster. As she passed by the moving activity, she flashed a brief, weak smile at everyone who acknowledged her.

As she came to her own driveway, she slowed to a halt, her stomach knotting at the sight of her brother and his crowd also coming home at the curfew.

"Hey, Guys," Kassandra greeted them with a polite smile.

Despite their equally pleasant responses, she could tell by their smirks that they were told about what had happened earlier.

Chad leaned against his own bike and stated loudly, "It's your own fault, you know. This wouldn't keep happening to you if you weren't such a fake boy."

Ignoring the sound of laughter, Kassandra got off her bike and then gave her brother a full body tackle. Everyone in the front of the houses were distracted to a halt by the sight and sound of the siblings brutally slugging and kicking each other on the pavement.

* * * * *

Sitting at the kitchen table, Chad winced at the dab of a medicinal swab at the bloody scrape on his temple. Despite the swell of at the corner of his mouth, Chad declared loudly, "She's freak!"

His angry father tossed the bloody swab aside and cuffed him against the ear, one of the few places he wasn't wounded. "That's not for you to judge! And you don't hit women!"

"I'd remember she was one if she actually looked like -"

Another sharp cuff ended his rant. He sulked and glared at his equally bloodied and bruised sister, who sat at the other end of the table, being tended to by their frowning mother.

Kassandra had her attention focused on her dirty and scraped knees as she gritted herself against the contact of cleansing alcohol.

Chad frowned and muttered, "Can I go now? I can take care of the rest myself."

His father Alfred sighed and said, "Sure. We'll be barbecuing dinner pretty soon."

"'Kay," the boy said as he stiffly stood. He paused and gritted his teeth against the pain of the affectionate pat of the large hand on his head. When the three of them were left alone, Alfred exchanged a look with his wife Yuko, who nodded for him to go. "Guess I'll go back to our guests then."

He headed for the door to the backyard, but being sure to give his remaining child an affectionate pat on the head as well.

The mother and daughter sat in silence as the cuts and bruises were tended to. Yuko sighed and muttered, "I hope these cuts don't scar. And I can tell you've got a black eye forming, but that'll go away. You're a really pretty girl even if you don't give much attention to your appearance."

Not knowing what else to say, her daughter mumbled, "Thank you."

Yuko frowned and gently lifted up the girl's chin so she can meet her gaze. "Kassandra, I'm not going to lie. I do wish you weren't such a tomboy if just for the reason that things would be so much easier for you. I know you'll become comfortable with your femininity eventually... But people who resort to their fists to make their point aren't very impressive to anyone but themselves. Understand?"

The girl studied her mother's firm gaze and then nodded.

* * * * *

Kassandra stared at the bathroom mirror, looking at the teeth under her swollen lower lip. Satisfied that her teeth really weren't loose, she gently rinsed her mouth with warm water against the taste of blood since she couldn't brush her teeth.

A pounding at the bathroom door distracted her attention.

"Hey! You almost done?!" Chad bellowed through the wood. "Give it up! You definitely ain't a beauty queen!"

The girl sighed and wiped her hands on the towel before exiting.

Passing each other in the doorway, the siblings glared and shoulder bumped each other in silent contempt.

Kassandra went into her bedroom and firmly closed the door behind her. She looked out at window with its second story view at the house next door. She suddenly realized she was looking right into the bedroom of new neighbor, Melissa, who was also preparing for bed.

The girls met gazes in surprise and awkwardness. Kassandra's over-sized T-shirt compared to the other girl's pink nightgown in the same striking contrast of their physical attributes.

Melissa gave her a polite but clearly uncomfortable smile as she reached over and drew the curtains close.

After closing her own curtains, Kassandra sat down on the edge of her bed. She glanced over at her baseball cap on the nightstand. She picked it up and stared at it, letting out a deep, painful sigh.

~ The End (for now!) ~

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