Wireless Mayhem

"Bring me cookies, woman!"
a sexy crack emerged,
phone plated to my head,
weaved smile on my lips.

"But you're at work,"
own voice bounce, phase into
circuits, navigate through towers,
wireless mayhem.
connect to his phone,
plated to his head.

"Bring them to work."
"At the fire station?"
wireless mayhem.

hang up. the mayhems dead.
cookies to be made.
shove the dough in the oven.
heated circuits curl red.
hot enough for a fire?

answer mayhem's tone.
"you here yet?"
swirls of dark and hard lick my ear.
"outside. see me yet?"

blue fire soldier emerges from brick station.
strides flex shoulders, chest
through shirt, arm veins pump to surface.
badge #43 in sight.

cookies disappear beyond cupboard mouth
for later consumption.
now sit on fire truck bumper. surprised by isolation.
suddenly –
subtle kiss skims my cheek.
"Thank you for the cookies."

garnet cheeks warm to his touch
continue to flare as lips of a firefighter
smolder mine.

Hehe...this poem is based on true events that happened to me...*blush* My firefighter boyfriend and I had our first kiss there at the fire staion after I brought him cookies...well he wasn't my boyfriend at the time that, that happened...but soon enough he did become my boyfriend :P

Hope you enjoyed! n.n