Ninja Weapon #48

Keen edges; distraught.
Flat surface; inflict quick lashes.
Numbered ridges; cleave.

Petite size; conceal.
Wooden; crack in half; dual wield.
Thin; rectangular.

Ninja shrouded in
murky robes. Wind clanks the rosary
on her breasts.

She unsheathes – breath held.
Rosary crackles with force.
Robes shift and shadow.

Prey – uniformed boy
Our Lady of Refuge – cries,
"I'm sorry, sister!"

Firework dropped, lit.
Explodes dirt to kiss the air.
Twine. Grace ninja robe.

Eyes narrowed, lips poised.
Ninja retreats to extract
Ninja Weapon #49 –

The yardstick.

This one was inspired from my dad's childhood! XD

Yup, he was the one causing all the trouble in the Catholic school he went to...nuns always smacking him...

Anyways, thanks for reading!