Cigarette Scales

veins blistered out
extended, Limp Arm
awaits ember's
frigid kiss.

singed flesh drapes nostrils
as cheap laughter
floats, pauses,
echoes and melts.

coal ring flakes,
reveals withered skin,
scrunched tight.
coiled pain.

the laughter mummers,
dead before heard,
graced into the wall,

second ignition of smoke tickles tear ducts
flame salutes white-bonded
Nicotine, never graced
by touch of lips.

nestled between
two Bone Bulged Fingers.
direct Nicotine
towards Limp Arm.

reek of boiled flesh
intensifies, gaudy
amusement arises

used nicotine pipe,
smoke cascaded,

Oh herro to you! n.n

Hope you enjoyed...and thank for reading! :D