I lay nervous with you on top

I Know ill be begging for you to stop

Not that I want you too

But baby pain is a given

But Its all forgiven with that overwhelming feeling

You slowly penetrate as I start to hesitate

But you kiss me in the lips and hold on

Hoping all pain is gone

I try to be brave and let you go on

I wrap my arms and legs around you and dig my nails

deep into your back as you let it all in

I gasp in pain mixed with pleasure

Oh boy what twist, who ever knew

You Moan and groan with pleasure as you move onto me

Going deeper and deeper without pressure

I enjoy every movement savor it as that last moment

I push you into me as you push back i get closer to climax

I let my last moan out and you your last groan

What an amazing feeling this night has brought at last.

AN: Another 'TLM' poem

Credits: To 'TLM' my best friend