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Previously (Recap of chapter 23):

Addison gets in a fight with her dad after her dad walks in on her kissing Nathan. They say some pretty harsh stuff to each other, and her dad kicks her out of the house. Addison goes roaming around and Tyler (her ex) finds her. He apologizes for everything he's done and agrees that he'll never hurt her again. He then kisses Addison, and Addison says not to do it again. Nathan sees, and gets mad, but gets over it because he knows Addison really likes him. AND YES. CARRY ON. :)



Chapter 24; We Never Change



Addison slung the weight of her duffel bag across her right shoulder. She had gone to her house to collect all her belongings, using Candace as her sort of guard in case her father showed up.

"I can still talk to him," Candace pleaded. "You don't have to leave."

Addison frowned and stepped towards her cousin to give her a comforting hug.

"It will probably only be until we both just cool off. I just can't stand being around him right now."

"Then I'm not staying either," Candace concluded. "I'll stay somewhere else or go back home until you come back."

"Candace, no," Addison replied. "Don't do that. It's just going to mess with your class and job schedule. Stay here. You're probably the only person who can convince him of anything. And he's not going to do anything to you, he loves you. That's something he's never had for me."

Candace frowned at the last sentence. "I just don't feel right though, knowing that you're not going to be there."

Addison gave her a small smile. "I'll come back when he cools off. In the meantime, you can help calm him down."

"While Nathan helps cool you off?"

Addison let out an airy laugh. "Funny. You know, he…feels like it's his fault."

"It's not though. It's old Uncle George's. I wish you didn't have to go through this. It just kills me."

"Don't you worry about me, Candy," Addison said. "I'll be fine."

"I don't doubt that," Candace replied, full blown smile gracing her lips. "After all, you'll have Nathan taking care of you."

Addison laughed and hit Candace lightly. She scooped up a few more of her belongings, shoving them in the bag and following Candace outside to where Nathan waited in his car.

Candace gave Addison a hug and whispered, "Have fun, I'll see you soon. I should come by pretty much every day."

Addison agreed and then made her way to Nathan's car.

Nathan smiled as she approached. "Did you get everything you need?"

"I did."

"Are you okay?" Nathan reached for her hand, his gentle skin upon hers almost causing her to shiver.

"Yes," Addison said with a small smile. "It's not like I'm going to be missing anything back home."

Nathan gave her that deep chuckle that made her insides churn with excitement.

Addison had to persuade Nathan an incredible amount not to go to her house and take care of matters with her father on his own. Seeing Addison with that mark on her face had pushed him to the edge; he couldn't stand the sight of seeing her hurt. But Addison had begged and pleaded, knowing that Nathan going over and confronting her father would only make matters so much worse.

"I'm excited that you're coming to my house," Nathan said with a certain playful tone. "I've made my bed but only to see how much we can mess it up again."

Addison felt her cheeks grow hot, but she tried to convince herself that it had nothing to do with her sudden image of her and Nathan rolling around in bed.

"Aw, you're blushing," Nathan teased, leaning closer so his mouth was right next to her ear. "Don't worry; I'm having very inappropriate thoughts of you right now, too."

Addison unwillingly shoved him away. "Keep your eyes on the road."

"How could I, with you right next to me?"

Addison fought off the second blush. She didn't know what was happening to her, it's like she was turning into one of those crazy, love-struck girls. But, it was Nathan after all, and it was hard not to turn into one around him. But she didn't plan on mentioning that to him; it would merely make his ego expand.

"We're here," Nathan said, turning off the engine and leading her in. "Welcome."

Addison stepped into his house, looking around. It was apparent that someone took a liking to cleaning because it was so incredibly clean that Addison felt like she needed to take her shoes off at the very outside of his house.

"Are your parents around?"

"They're at work," Nathan replied. "They're really excited to meet you."

Addison couldn't help her wide smile. "Why?"

"Because I've told them about you, and they know how much you mean to me."

But, gosh, his house was beautiful. She could tell his parents were pretty well off because the house was large, with incredible artwork displayed on many walls, and expensive looking furniture and decorations. Addison didn't spend too long looking at each wall and admiring his abode because she had a new idea.

Addison grabbed Nathan and pulled him down to a long kiss. Nathan was surprised at first, but he sighed contentedly and deepened the kiss, pulling her down onto the couch beside them. He pulled back to see her underneath him and stare at those striking eyes, the pout of her lips, the vibrant hair framing her face. It was so much to take in.


"You're so goddamn beautiful, Addison," he whispered, moving her lips down her neck. "I can't believe I get to have you here with me."

Addison's heart skipped a beat. So that's what he was thinking of. She had this worry in the back of her mind that he was rethinking things, having second thoughts about her. But she needed to stop thinking that way. She needed to get over the fact that Tyler hurt her. Nathan was nothing at all like Tyler. Nathan was amazing, he was sweet, he did anything to protect her. And most of all, Nathan was real. Nathan was everything she could ever ask for, and more.

"What are you thinking about, Addie?" Nathan breathed. He took strands of hair beneath his fingertips and brushed them back slowly behind her ear.

"Nothing," she replied, not wanting to tell him.

Nathan pulled her into another breathtaking kiss, then without her realising it, he got a hold of her from beneath and lifted her into his arms and began running upstairs. She laughed and tried to get him to put her down, but her chuckles overpowered her ability to speak.

He finally reached a room, perceivably his own, and dropped her down onto his bed. Then he jumped on and kissed her again, this time, so intensely that she let out an audible sigh to which she felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips.

She spent the day in bed with Nathan, but not in the way that one would think. They just lay down, talking, kissing, hugging and falling asleep. Or rather, only Addison falling asleep because she just felt exhausted from previous occurrences.

She hadn't slept all night, but neither had Nathan, so she hoped he would fall asleep too.

When she woke up, Nathan was gone from her arms. She looked around his room only to find that it was empty, including his washroom.

Addison stepped inside, looked at her reflection and splashed water on her face to freshen herself up. She then walked back towards his bed and sat down awkwardly, waiting for him to come back. She didn't want to go wandering around his house, especially since the view of his driveway suggested that his parents had come home already.

She checked her phone for the time. 6:23 pm. Boy, had she slept for long.

She was getting a little too bored when suddenly the door flung open and Nathan appeared with only a towel wrapped around his bottom half. Addison's eyes widened, but she forced them back to normal and didn't hide her admiration for his toned muscles. She wanted to reach over, and feel –

"Addison," Nathan said. She snapped her eyes to his face to see a grand smirk taking its place. "My eyes are up here."

Addison cleared her throat. "Uh – um…" She didn't have a comeback. "Where did you go?"

Nathan moved closer to her, every muscle showing further definition with each step. "Well, as you've probably noticed, I took a shower. I used the other bathroom so I wouldn't wake you up."

"Oh." All she could think about was him, with his damp black hair that she wanted to run her hands through and his amazing body.

"I'm okay with you jumping me right now, you know," Nathan said cockily. "I know it's hard to refrain yourself."

"You're an ass," Addison replied, laughing. She trailed her hand down his chest. "But I might have to take you up on that."

This time, Nathan sucked in on impact of Addison's fingers moving across his body, going dangerously lower and lower.

He grabbed her fingertips just as she reached below his belly button, grazing the skin just under the towel. "Don't do that."

"Oh, why?" Addison asked innocently.

Nathan shook his head, laughing deeply. "You very well know why."

Of course she did. He was a guy, and a teenage guy at that, with raging hormones. He didn't want to do something only for Addison to regret it. Nathan couldn't help but think to himself, of course, he wanted her, so badly, but who wouldn't? But it wouldn't be the right time, and he knew she wasn't ready for it.

Nathan walked away and rummaged through his drawers for clean clothes.

"Are your parents home?" Addison asked to get confirmation.

"Yeah, they're downstairs," Nathan said, smiling. "They want me to bring you down to them."

Addison was pretty nervous. She wondered if they would like her, or if they'd just be disappointed with an expectation of something better. She really, really hoped they would like her.

But every little thought flew out of Addison's mind as soon as she looked over as Nathan was in the process of dropping his towel down to the floor nonchalantly.

"Nathan!" Addison yelped, bringing her hands over her eyes.

Addison could practically hear the smirk in his voice. "What? I'm just trying to dress up. You wouldn't want me walking around in this towel all day."

"You could have warned me," she said, her voice getting squeaky.

"And deny you of the show that you've wanted to see for so long? How cruel do you think I am?"

"Ugh, Nathan!"

Addison had to admit….she wanted to peak, but only a little bit. The other side of her just knew that it was too much for her to take in.

"Are you…decent now?" Addison asked meekly.


Addison uncovered her eyes, only to find that Nathan had only put on a pair of boxers. She shifted her eyes somewhere else in the room.

"You said you were decent now…"

Nathan walked towards her, smiling. "I am. I've got all my non-decent areas covered right up."

"You really are something." Addison laughed breathlessly.

"Mhm." He walked slowly towards her, knowing she was fully aware of every movement of his body. "But you enjoy it."

"Actually, I find you a little bit repulsive to be honest," Addison replied after seemingly in deep thought. "You're really egotistical and a little weird. It bugs me."

Nathan let out an amazing laugh then. His body shook, his deep voice rumbling. "You're really fucking cute, you know that?"

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not!"

Nathan laughed again, pulling her into a hug. She could feel all of his bare body against her, and honestly, it was little too much to handle. But she knew she enjoyed the further closeness it brought between them.

"Put some damn clothes on," she murmured, reaching up on her tiptoes to his ear.

"Make me," he replied.

Addison took that as a challenge. Nathan watched in amusement as she stomped across the room and rummaged through his drawers, finally finding a shirt and a pair of jeans. She took them both and walked over to him. She stepped up on the bed to gain height over him, and began looping the shirt over his head and grabbing his hands to find the arm holes.

Nathan was laughing so hard, and Addison was fighting back her own giggles as she pushed him onto the bed so she would be able to pull his pants over his legs as well.

"You're a feisty one," Nathan said, breathing into her neck. She kissed him to the right of his mouth, teasing him.

However, he didn't allow this and pulled her in for a real kiss. He then stood up from his position on the bed and finally pulled up his pants completely.

"Well that took longer than it should have," Addison mentioned.

"I was hoping it would."

It was then that Addison noticed the pack of cigarettes on his dresser. She remembered that he smoked, but only when he was stressed out. She was glad he wasn't a chain smoker, because in all honesty, she was incredibly concerned about his health.

Nathan caught her eye, fixated on the cigarettes. "I haven't…smoked in a while. Well, since I started talking to you again after, you know..."

Addison breathed out a sigh of relief. "Why do you have those then?"

"They were from before, I found them in my pocket," he replied. "Look, Addie, I'm not going to lie to you and say that I've quit for good. Because trust me, when I get fucked up I'll be smoking those again like crazy. They really help me, and I know you don't agree with it."

Addison chewed down on her bottom lip. "I really wish you wouldn't."

Nathan sighed. "I know."

They sat there for a while in silence, Addison unconsciously playing with her curls, Nathan just looking at her.

"Well, then," Addison said with a small smile. "I guess I'll just have to keep you from getting fucked up."

"It won't be so hard with you around." He laughed. "And sweetheart, don't swear."

Well. Addie realized with a smile that some things would just never change.

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