Previously: After Addison's fight with her dad, she leaves and stays at Nathan's house for a while. They hang out and make out in his room and such. Nathan's parents come home and they would like to meet Addison.

Chapter 25; You Really Hurt Me

Addison straightened her back almost painfully and placed her hands on her lap as Nathan's parents grinned wildly at her.

"I just can't put it together how Nathan managed to snag you," his mother said, shaking her head in glee.

Addison's initial reaction to seeing Nathan's mother had been utter shock. Nathan was without a doubt, the exact male replica of her. She sat there with her pitch black tresses, long and flowing. She blinked with those wide, doe-like black eyes and breathtaking smile. She was so incredibly beautiful that it was intimidating. Addison had no doubts whatsoever that the woman sitting in front of her had given birth to the gorgeous male sitting next to Addison.

"Nathan's finally getting himself together," his dad jested. Nathan's dad, on the other hand, was everything physically opposite from Nathan. Blue eyes and blonde hair set them apart, but looking intently at his face could tell Addison that they did have similar features. It was fascinating.

Addison laughed shyly at Nathan's parents' comments. They made her feel warm and bubbly. She had been so worried that they wouldn't like her.

"I just got lucky," Nathan commented. "Although I did have to chase her with a sledgehammer and tie her up until she admitted that she liked me."

Addison laughed again, nudging Nathan. "Yeah, well, I only lied and said I liked you. I didn't want to die."

His mother's smile widened. She pushed a plate of cookies closer towards Addison and nodded for her to take one. Addison picked one up politely.

"So Addison," his father started, "what brings you to stay in our humble abode?"

Addison felt her whole body tense in reply to the question. Sensing this, Nathan grabbed her hand to place it on his lap. He intertwined his fingers and rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb. She instantly felt herself loosening up.

She opted for telling the truth. "I'm just having…erm, issues with my dad at the moment."

They just gave her an understanding smile, which allowed Addison to release the breath of air she had been holding in. She was amazed at how calm and understanding they were because she never had that at her own home. Nathan was truly blessed to have them.

"Thank you, so much Mr and Mrs. Thornton, for letting me stay here. You have no idea how grateful I am."

His mother reached forward in a warm hug. "Oh, sweetie, don't even mention it. You're welcome anytime."

His dad had an equally wide grin. "And it's Dave and Kim to you."

"Well thank you, Dave and Kim," Addison tested.

Nathan jumped up. "Well, you wanted to meet her. Now you have."

He took Addison by the hand and smiled boyishly to his parents who were frowning at him, wanting to chat with Addison some more. Nathan ignored them and pulled her by his side until he reached his room where he pushed her down gently onto his bed and locked his door.

"Guess what time it is…" Nathan teased, walking slowly towards Addison.

He reached her and brushed her fiery curls to hang behind her, all the while staring into her emerald orbs enticingly. He dropped his head down, moving his nose into her neck, breathing in her scent. He kissed her gently, starting from her collarbone, up into her neck, behind her ear. She sat still with her eyes shut, breathing wistfully, heart racing. When she couldn't take it any longer, she pushed him back with a great force. He looked up with questioning eyes, but she took his moment of confusion to jump on him, wrapping her legs around his hips and kissing him the hardest she could muster.

She could have sworn that she heard him let out a small moan as he recovered and kissed her back just as intensely. His teeth grazed her bottom lip and she parted her lips in surprise. He reacted quickly and his tongue explored all areas of her mouth. She practically shuddered in joy, pressing her body closer to his, wanting to be as close as she possibly could be. She reached her hands into his thick hair pulling him closer, attempting to bring the kiss even more intensity and closeness. He walked backwards and leaned over, dropping Addison onto the bed and pulling back with the final kiss.

They sat side by side, panting heavily, trying to recover from their intense make out session.

Nathan's eyes sparkled. "Wow."

"Wow," Addison agreed, nodding her head.

"You can't leave me like that," Nathan mumbled. "We have to have to take this further now."

Addison laughed airily and hit him on the chest. She gave him a slow smile and inched closer to him. "Okay."

Nathan jutted out his lower lip cutely. "Such a tease."

Addison grinned and caught that bottom lip in her mouth to which Nathan gave a pleasant hiss. He pressed his lips onto hers and grabbing her thighs to wrap around his body, they fell back onto the bed.

Addison pulled away after a few more minutes and sauntered over to the mirror where she fixed her hair and patted the wrinkles out of her clothes. She turned to see Nathan, with one hand propped under his chin looking interestedly at her.

"You're so cute," Addison cooed.

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "I'm not cute."

"Indeed, you are." She reached over and pinched his cheek to rile him up.

"No, I'm a sexy man you can't keep your hands off of," he said in his husky, alluring voice.

"You're right!" Addison joked, "You're like a fuzzy little puppy that I can't stop petting. So cute!"

Nathan huffed something about being manly under his breath and stalked out of the room. Addison laughed manically to herself for a few seconds, loving the fact that insulting his masculinity in the least riled him up so much.

When Nathan came back, he had another plate of cookies and two glasses of milk. He had the hugest smile on his face. It was contagious, and Addison found herself grinning back.

"You're so happy today," Addison noted. "I like it when you're happy."

Nathan looked at her with those amazing eyes. "I like you."

Addison's stomach gave a summersault. Nevertheless, she replied with, "I don't."

Nathan frowned. "But I brought you milk and chocolate chip cookies."

"Oh well…" Addison jokingly replied, "I guess I like you a little bit then."

"You like me a lot," Nathan persisted, taking the glass of milk and cookies that Addison was staring longingly at behind his body.

"I…like…." Addison attempted, "cookies."

Nathan's eyes boomed with humour. "Repeat after me. I like you a lot."

"I…" Addison really wanted those cookies. "Like you…a….lot."

Nathan ran up to Addison and spun her around in mock proudness. "There we go, sweetheart."

She laughed and reached out to wrap her arms around his neck to hug him because she actually did think he was adorable, in all his large, manly, taller-than-a-mountain glory.

Just as she let him go and he gave her an amazing, adorable cute smile, his phone rang and he gave a long, audible groan as a name flashed up on his screen. He pressed ignore, but ten seconds later, it began ringing again.

Nathan pulled away from Addison and angrily answered his phone, slamming it to his ear. "What?"

Addison frowned, totally confused at his sudden anger.

"No. What? What the fuck, when will you leave me alone?" Nathan ran a hand through his hair, pacing. "When? Listen Mariah, I'm with someone. I'm not interested."

There was a long pause, Nathan's face morphed from angry to just purely shock.

"Wait, what? Mariah, I hope you aren't fucking with me right now. Okay." He lowered his voice. "We'll talk later, ok?"

He hung up his phone, only successful at leaving a very, very confused Addison sitting there. Nathan was only silent for a while, seeming to be silently contemplating something, slowly chewing on his bottom lip. He looked alarmed, confused, disbelieving.

"Nathan," Addison tested. He blinked, snapping out of it to gaze at her.


"What's wrong?"


"Who was on the phone?"

Nathan sighed. "Some bitch named Mariah. She won't leave me alone."

He wasn't telling her something. He was keeping something about that phone call from her. She could tell.

"Oh. How do you know her?"


Addison frowned at his hesitance. "What?"

"Well, she's just a girl I knew from Idaho," Nathan said, contemplating whether or not to tell her the whole truth. "We kinda…we had a thing for one night and…well she won't leave me alone."

"Oh." Addison's stomach dropped. Just….thinking about Nathan with another girl made her feel like complete and utter crap. She didn't want to imagine his lips on another girl's, him touching her in every little place, him going all the way with her…

"Hey," Nathan murmured, leaning closer and tucking her hair behind her ear. "She doesn't mean anything to me. She never did."

"Really?" Addison asked, knowing that she sounded over-possessive. "Why did you have a thing with her then?"

Nathan sighed. "You know what I was like before. Addison, I was kind of a man-whore. This was more than a year ago."

"Kind of a man-whore now too, if you ask me," Addison mumbled under her breath.

"What was that?"

Addison just smiled, willing to let the whole Mariah thing go for the moment. She wasn't going to be over possessive. And besides, he was all hers now and just thinking about him with another girl was like committing suicide.

Nathan stepped closer and pulled Addison into a warm hug, knowing she was still worried about it.

"Nathan it's okay. I'm over it," Addison said, trying to convince herself more than him. She hung her hands down at her sides even though Nathan's was wrapped around her.

"No you're not," he replied. "And I get it. I mean, when I saw you with Tyler I almost had a heart attack. You're mine, you know?"

"Am I?" Addison smiled shyly at him.

"I'll destroy anyone who says otherwise."

Addison laughed. "You're still really cute."



Addison heard Nathan's hushed voice from outside his bedroom. She sat up, blinking the sleep away. She felt the crumpled bed sheets underneath her body, realizing that she had taken over Nathan's bed for the night and the pillows sprawled across the floor hinted that he had slept on the floor. She frowned slightly, feeling guilty.

She tiptoed across the room, following Nathan's voice to see what the commotion was about. She could hear his voice rising and softening. She opened the door and saw his back turned towards her, set on a phone call he seemed to be having with – from what she could depict – a female.

"Okay, fine. You'll be here at eight? Just dinner at Suzy Steakhouse?" he asked. "Okay. I'll meet you there."

Before Nathan could spin around and realise she was there listening, Addison turned back around, walked quietly back to the bed and pulled herself under the covers. She shut her eyes tightly, a thousand questions floating around in her mind. Who could he be having dinner with? Was he going to tell her about it?

She heard his footsteps nearing and fluttered her eyes open. An alarmed look flashed across his face for a millisecond when he realised she had been awake, but it morphed into a grin just as quickly.

"Morning sweetheart," he mumbled, voice deep as coffee. He walked over and sat next to her, running a hand slowly through her hair. She forced a grin, still nerved about what she had overheard. But she wasn't going to bring it up, not until he decided to.

"You slept on the ground?"

His dark eyes flickered to the pillows for a second, then back towards her. He gave her a heart wrenching boyish smile.

"You fell asleep on my bed. Then I didn't know what to do because I didn't want you to wake up and be pissed that I shared the bed with you, so I slept on the ground."

Addison hit him lightly. "I wouldn't have been mad. It's your bed!"

"I didn't mind."

Addison shook her head. Well, he hadn't brought up the phone call. But she trusted him. He never gave her reason not to.

"You're sexy," Nathan mentioned, bringing her hand to brush slowly against his lips. The dark look he sent her brought shivers down her spine.

She was scared and amazed because she knew she could really lose herself with this boy.

"Oh really?"

"Mhm," he mumbled between kisses down her neck. "You're my sexy, beautiful Addison. You're all mine."

Addison laughed airily, moving her body to sculpt into him, melting at his touch.

"Well you're revolting," she breathed in his ear. "But I guess I'll keep you."

He chuckled, that deep, consuming laugh that sent Addison's mind in a spiral. She could think of nothing else but him.

"You're really mean," Nathan jested. "I mean, I think I'm pretty attractive. I dunno why you can't see it."

"You're going to have to get your mirrors fixed then, lovely," Addison continued, a huge smile adorning her lips. "Because you're seeing things that are non-existent. Or maybe you're just delusional. Or have bad judgement. I mean, you did say I was pretty."

Nathan emitted some sort of low sounding growl and pushed Addison down onto the bed, moving his strong legs so she was in between them. He lowered himself down to her chest, his breathing laboured. Addison unconsciously hitched herself up closer, mindlessly needing to have more of him. She needed as much as she could have of him. He lowered his mouth down to the nape of her neck, nibbling and sucking, moving up towards the corners of her mouth and then directly on it, leaving sweet kisses that left tension in the air. She felt her hands moving up and down his back at their own accord, pushing herself closer and closer to him.

Then he pulled up and away. "You sure you're not attracted to me?"

She couldn't even wittily respond. She was so out of breath, so high off of him. She longed for his body to be near hers again.

"Not in the slightest," she lied, voice trembling.

Nathan sat up, a sad look passing across his features again. The same look he had when he was talking to the Mariah girl on the phone. He tried wiping it away, but Addison caught it and sat up as well.

"What's wrong Nathan?"

"It's nothing."

"Look," Addison said, twisting her hands a little. "I was just joking. I am very attracted to you. I mean, you have that whole thing going for you. That tall, dark and handsome shit. You know, the stuff that gets all the girls."

Nathan laughed. "Wow, I don't want you to stop but it's not that Addison. I know you're attracted to me. I mean, who wouldn't be?" He sent her a wink.

Addison hit him. "You're such a jackass. Seriously, what's eating you?"

"Really. It's nothing important. I'm just happy I have you here with me."

Addison felt her heart do a little summersault and she snuggled up to him, astounded that those words could make her forget about the phone call and Nathan's dejected face.

Their day was spent inside together, being lazy and happy. Addison felt relieved that she was there with him, away from her home and surrounded with such a peaceful atmosphere.

At least that was how she felt until he opened the topic.

"Addie, I'm going to be gone for the night," Nathan said. He cleared his throat, hesitating. "With my dad. He wants me to run some errands with him."

Addison frowned, thinking back to his conversation on the phone. Agreeing with the female that they would go to dinner together. Why was he making up something? Did he think she would get mad if he told her the truth? Or was he really going to dinner with some girl? Was Addison not good enough?

"Okay," Addison replied, her voice small. "Have fun."

He leaned in with a smile. "Not without you, I won't."

Addison tried to force a smile back at this, but it wasn't working.

"What's wrong, Addie?"

"Nothing, Nathan. Go. Have a good bonding session with your dad."

She shouldn't be suspicious, she kept repeating to herself over and over. Maybe he really did have to run errands with his dad. Maybe he cancelled that dinner plan he had made earlier. She should trust him. She should trust him.

"You sure, beautiful?"

"Yes," she replied. "I'll miss you."

Nathan's eyes crinkled at those simple words, overjoyed. "I'll miss you too."

He pulled her closer, putting his face in the crook of her neck to breathe in her intoxicating scent. With a lingering kiss to her mouth, he was gone.

Addison found herself pacing. She knew, she knew, she knew she should trust him, but all the signs were pushing her to be weary of what he was really doing. She did hear that sketchy phone call, and he did say that he was doing something with his dad. Those two didn't match up.

Nevertheless, she stayed in his room, watching T.V, listening to music and waiting for him to come home. She just wanted him to be with her. And she didn't want to be suspicious of him.

But it all came crumbling down when she went downstairs to have a snack. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest at the sight of Nathan's father sitting and having a cup of tea.

So he had lied to her.

He wasn't running errands with his dad. And the thought that he didn't even try a bit harder to hide the fact that his father had nothing to do with his plans infuriated her even more. He could have made up some other excuse not involving someone she would see around his very own house!

She grabbed her phone, her jacket, and stormed out of the house towards Suzy Steakhouse. She was aware of the fact that it would take a good forty minutes to reach by foot, but that didn't stop her. Each step cooled her down until she was no longer angry, just hurt. So hurt and betrayed that he would lie to her like that.

When she reached, she walked in and someone tried to help her with a table. She politely declined, telling them shakily that she was with someone. She scanned the room but she couldn't find Nathan anywhere. She let the breath she had been holding in go, beginning to feel terrible that she had tried to follow him, thinking he would go on a date with another girl. But of course he wouldn't. He wasn't even there. Sure, he wasn't with his dad but there was probably a reasonable explanation for that. She felt a small smile meeting her lips and she was turning on her heels to go back home.

"Addison?" A shocked voice sounded from behind her.

She spun around, and Nathan was standing there in all his handsome glory. Beside him was an equally gorgeous girl hanging onto his arm like she was his girlfriend. He was trying to shake her away.

Addison wasn't the jealous type. She really didn't want to have to go there. So she didn't.

"Hey," Addison said. She gave them a smile that was clearly forced. "I was just leaving."

Nathan looked alarmed. "Addie, wait. Addie!"

But it was too late, she was already gone. Running, and leaving him in the dust.

Because every boy was the same.



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