The rose fades into brown

Brilliant scarlet dies

Death takes over, colored brown and gray

The thorns never leave,

The scars will never fade.

The blinding colored snow arrives

Whipping the skeleton of the rose,

But the thorns are still there,

Thought the beauty has left,

The scars will never die away.

The wind makes snow-demons

Rise up and dance,

And yet the rose never falls,

And the thorns are waiting,

But the scars will never disappear.

The sun makes the rose into something of beauty again,

The rose is outlined in gold and silver,

Blinding beauty,

Yet the thorns are waiting for a victim,

And the scars are reminders of pain.

Green finally comes to the stem of the rose,

The flower unfolds,

The vermilion stark against the white,

Now the thorns are vibrant and waiting,

But the scars will never fade.