Just the Girl

I stared out into the tip-tapping sounding rain. I was so used to seeing rain and hearing it even smelling it after the sky had a down pour. When you're in Seattle, Washington where it rains every other day you have no choice but to get used to the depressing rain. I was one of the few that found it depressing though.

But now it goodbye Seattle hello snowy Denver Colorado. Why were my Dad and I leaving my favorite place? I have no idea. Something about getting out of there and being a ghost that haunts him. He needed to get out. Of course I hated my dad and have no choice but to follow with what ever it is he is going with.

I watched outside from the old Buick that my dad was driving pine trees going past my vision and then the slowly went away. Then the green grass that I would miss everything in Washington was green. I was quite I knew that if I said anything it would probably be stupid to my dad and he'll try to smack me right across my face. Sometime if I'm lucky he misses. I never quite new why my dad was like that I guess he always was. Some days though he thinks he's Criss Angel but trying to do weird illusions and tying himself up with a rope then try to get out of it in thirty seconds.

I on the other hand am not fond with the idea of moving to a new place. I had friends in Seattle and now I have to completely forget about them to come here.

But this world isn't really all that normal you see people have super powers. Unreal right? I wish we didn't have them but we do. Anyways some people have super powers all in genetics. I'm pretty lucky my dad does not have a power. I do and I got it from my mom. My mom is diseased though and I know nothing about her. My power is pyrokinetic. Now if you're as dumb as I am you probably have no idea what that means. It means to have flames burst from anywhere on you're body.

Here are some things about me. Number one if you haven't noticed I'm not really bright (the nice way of saying I'm idiot) Number two nobody really likes me. I mean I have friends just not anymore. I mean I have no idea why. I have black eyes, long brown hair and I have fire spitting out of all ends of my body. What's wrong with that? And sometimes I have a hot temper and am mean spirited. But it's the inside that counts.

My dad looks over at me. "Johnathan, remember this time don't do anything stupid." He looks at me with his dark brown eyes, and his with black, red and blonde highlights on his hair you would never know that he's my father.

I didn't say anything. I knew better. All the talking I do is in my head.

Then we passed the Washington border I really wanted to knock my dad out cold first then, get in the drivers seat and turn around. Of course I could do that. I am old enough to drive. I do know how to drive. Actually I'm a better then my dad. I aced that test the first time. In fact it was the only test I ever aced. But don't ask me what the capital of Canada is cause I don't know.

So how many days is my dad going to keep this up with his eyes glued blood shot to the road and not stop in Vancouver and hop on a plane? Seriously old man I don't want to stay in this stupid car all fric'n day. The seats are terribly uncomfortable. This car smells like moldy cheese. Of course my dad has not heard of spring cleaning. So when we did get to Idaho Falls my dad does stop, and gets coffee at 9:40 at night and chucks a water bottle at me.

Oh, joy dinner. I would say out loud there was something that stopped me.

At about ten I fell asleep and obviously my dad didn't. But what I did fine annoying was that right when I fell asleep he started playing some heavy metal on the stereo. Well thanks. I would say sarcastically but then again something stopped me. Something made me just ignore it and fall asleep anyways.

When I woke up at seven in the morning he was still driving and we were going through Rawlins Wyoming to be precise. We were at a grocery store and I was still in the car. He most have gone to get more coffee and probably a doughnut for himself.

I don't know why but I'm used to going a long time with out any food. And obviously my dad knows. But I was surprised to see my dad coming back with two bottles of water, a bag that probably had a doughnut and corn nuts. He comes to my side of the car. And he signals me to get out of the car.

I get out worried that he's probably going to punch me or something. He hands me the corn nuts and the bottle of water. "Here, you're driving."

Scared to say anything I just take it and the keys. I walk over to the drivers seat and open the door and sit down. I put the corn nuts down and chug half of the bottle of water down. I then put my seat belt on then I turned on the car. I put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking lot. Then I continued driving.

"Follow the highway to Cheyenne, we're not going threw the national park. Then turn south to Denver. Wake me up when we just inter Denver." He says taking a bite out of his doughnut then drinking out of his water bottle.

I'm here thinking in my head does he seriously trust me? So while I drive I start to think about the new school that I will get to go to. Well it's not really a school its more of an academy for people who have powers. But we still do have to learn things that we would learn in a normal high school; only the important stuff. HERO is what it's called and they separate the soldiers into three different groups. The Elite is the strongest group there is. And they do the toughest work outs there I would know, I'm one of them. Only because my dad made kicked my butt until I got myself up to the highest rank. My dad has high expectations for that, not school though. He could careless about my grades. Then there's the inferior. They don't do as much and don't get as much credit as an elite but at least they're not like the scum of school. The Low class. The Low class basically sucks at combating and don't really have the brains to fight.

What HERO does is they teach kids how to use their powers correctly and at the most time is at war with WARRIOR. They don't have powers but they are America's armed forces. Well, at least some of them, they can chose. But one thing about the new HERO academy that I'm going to is that there is one of the greatest heroes there. Mac, he is said to be the best and I want to prove to my dad that I can be the best and I'm not a complete loser.

I think another one of the reasons why my dad doesn't like me is because when I was little I got my powers early. Which usually leads to not being able to control them, which is basically me in a nut shell. My dad had put a lot of money into getting me a mentor that can help me control my power. Well, when you have one of the great heroes do it, it's not really the same from a HERO drill instructor. Ansel the third greatest hero and he also became my best friend. But after I actually became good at using my power he had no point in helping me anymore. So, I dad quit paying him by the hour and Ansel left.

The second greatest hero Miles, I don't really like him. He has a cool power and everything it's juts I don't know why he's there. I don't even know why he's the second greatest hero. His power though is telepathy he doesn't quite use it to read minds. He uses it to go into your head and make an illusion of your worst nightmares.

There was a fourth and it was a girl it's just she like disappeared of the face of the planet in like 2000, and nobody had cared since then.

But Mac's powers is to steal other people's power. Power Absorption specifically, he doesn't steal other peoples power that are like in HERO only people that he meets that don't want it or thinks it's a curse.

Ansel's power I'm not quite sure if there's a specific name for his it's just like an energy blast only it's more wind then anything.

I looked over to my dad snoring away. Do you think he will notice if I turn around and drive back to Seattle? Nah I think that's why he sleeps with one eye open. I looked back at the road. Welcome to Cheyenne. The sign says. Okay so here at the interstate I turn down to Denver. When I got there that's what I did. After a while of driving like 15 minutes there was another sign it said. Now Entering Colorado.

HERO really actually was as strict as I thought it would be. I mean during our work out they give us an actual uniform for like gym though. But like half of the day we have five subjects of normal classes, which you can probably guess is Science, Math, Language Arts and my most least favorite Social Studies. Then we have lunch, so half of the day is normal. Then for about the length of 2 periods we have our daily workout. Then we have another class that will give us the smarts about fighting. And then goof off class what I like to call it. We can work on any home work or just goof off. (like me) and then the last period of the day is called run. We try and see how much we can run in about 45 minutes. Most I have gotten is 3. I am not a very good runner but it sucks to be the guys that get punished for only running two miles. They have to stay after and run basically until they puke. Then we go home. Sounds like a fun day to me.

So after like a half an hour we enter Denver. "Dad," I mutter.

He woke quickly. "Alright, now go to exit 58 we'll switch places when you pull into that Shell Station."

So I did what he told me, and that what's we did. I sunk into my seat thinking about the new house that I'm going to have to live in. Then again I'll probably have to get a new job. Dang I hate job hunting. I mean they ask me what my talents are or my specialties are and I say. "Burning stuff." See before I had a job at the morgue. Then they ask me if I had any other talents. I'm like. "Killing, things." Before that I had a job as an exterminator. I didn't kill bugs though, I killed raccoons, big rats and some times wild ferrets. So now what am I going to be here, they'll probably take one look at my form and be like "Get out of here," I didn't do anything wrong I mean jeez.

When my dad pulled into our new house it didn't feel like our house at all, it felt like we were staying at this house for the rest of our lives but it didn't feel anything.

The reason why I had to get a job is because, if I didn't my dad didn't give me anything to live with. "I mean thanks for the roof and everything dad," So I had to provide for myself and I have to live for myself, I can't really care about anyone else or else I don't know. There's this fear that's inside me that says something like I'm afraid but I'm not. How could I be afraid of something? I laughed through out the Grudge and The Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2.

I grabbed my bag from the car and then another one. My dad unlocked the front door and then gave me one of the keys that was one his key chain. The outside wasn't so bad, I mean there weren't any flowers, and the grass wasn't green like I liked it. The outside of the house was a tanish color and there wasn't many trees in the front yard. And the house didn't look very big. Not as big as my old house. The inside wasn't as dirty looking as the outside though. I walk to what was my room and it was about 9ft by 10 almost and it had my old twin sized bed and its black bed comforter. Then I had to put up the posters of some of my favorite bands. And fill my tall dresser with my clothes and then fill the one bath room with my razor, tooth brush, soap, body wash, and shampoo. When I was done with that I really had nothing to do. I don't have a TV, any type of Nintendo DS, PSP, not even an iPod; I'm one of those losers that still uses a CD player.

Then eventually I fell asleep setting my alarm clock to 7 o'clock to get up for school. I woke up the next morning and I actually did not want to go to school. And I can't even do that whole play sick thing because my dad is so magic that he actually knows when I'm doing this. So I take a shower got dressed then, I made my bed, then at about 7:30 I walk to school.

When I got to the huge tall sky scrapper building, I felt like a bug compared to that thing and I'm like 6' 4". I slowly walk to the building, and then looked quickly at everybody that was staring at me. Are you guys not used to seeing a guy seriously. I go the lady in the front office and she looks so happy go lucky. Well here's something for you lady not everybody can be like you. She hands me my schedule and just smiles politely. I look at it. Why do I have social studies first? Then language arts I don't really care much for words on a paper, then math I hate numbers! They're so confusing. And then science don't really care much for science either. Then I have lunch. Yay I can't wait to sit by myself, then I have goof off class. I love goof off class. Then our daily work out and lastly my second favorite part of the day run.

Then the lady hands me my locker number and locker combo. I have a good idea where my locker is. They separate the lockers by class then last name alphabetically. I go the right where the lady told me the elite lockers were. But right then as I turned I saw Mac. The great hero doesn't quite look as strong as you'd he does. I mean he's not really fat he just looks squishy, and boy does he have a big nose. I could probably take him on right now. But I'm not going to. He is taller then me. That would be a first. But he did glare at me. Why would he glare at me he doesn't even know who I am? But there was this girl behind him, following him. Well, you would think a lot of girls would follow him because he's like top dog here.

The girl though had long flowy brown hair with correctly colored highlights, and big beautiful blue eyes. Her smile when she did was just gorgeous, and her voice made her sound so sweet.

"Mac, come on." She says grabbing his hand.

Mac looks at me not her, at me, and then he slowly looks back at that girl. "Analighe, I really don't know what to say I don't think you should follow with what you're mind is giving you pictures of what you think is the future. I think you should go to the doctor and come back to me when you know that you really do love me."

Oh, so that's what they're talking about. I say in my head.

Then instantly Mac looks back at me.

I quickly find my locker and make a dead rush to open it. I look slightly out of the corner of my eye to see Mac coming towards me. This can't be good quickly my locker opens.

"The low class lockers are on the third floor." Mac says behind me.

"Thanks," I say turning around. "But I don't really care about the low class lockers."

"Then why are you here?" he asks as I shove my stuff in my locker.

"Isn't obvious that I'm an elite just like you?" I ask grabbing my social studies book and a pencil.

"No, you look like freshmen meat." He says.

The girl that was with him walks towards him. "Mac, leave him alone."

"No, I don't need you to stick up for me." I snap towards her, "I'm a senior, moved here from Seattle, if you want a fight then I'll happily give one to you. I aint afraid of you. I aint afraid of anybody."

"Ha," he looks down laughing. "You think you're so tough when you don't even know what it is that you're talking about."

I slam my locker. "Look I don't want to start a fight now, but in work out today I'll gladly take you on."

"fine." He shakes his head, then leaves.

The girl that was with him was still right behind him. "I'm sorry about Mac, he's been really mad since I broke up with him."

"I don't see why you would go out with him." I walk up stairs.

"Yeah, well Mac also has his days. I don't know why he doesn't like you though." She smiles.

"Don't worry not a lot of people like me." I say as I walk up the next flight of stairs.

"Well, why not?" she asks still following me.

"Why don't you get out of my face!" I yell. Then I paused. "That's why."

"Well, you're not like that all the time." She says.

"You really think so?" I ask optimistically. "You don't even know me." I look back at her.

"I know but everybody deserves a good first impression." She says still smiling.

"Not me." I grunt.

I stepped on the last step and then turned left down the Social Studies hall way. Then I went towards Mr. Harrin's room.

"Wait how do you know where you're going?" she asks still following me.

"This isn't my first time being in a HERO building, don't you know that they'll built the same?" I ask her. Then after a long time with out any noise I say. "You haven't been in another HERO building have you?"

"No," she shakes her head.

"Your school must not have their students go on deployment." I guess.

"No, they do but I'm an inferior and they don't go on deployment." She says following me into the class.

"Do you even have the same class with me." I say making sure I was in the right room.

"Yeah, they judge the classes from grades and ranks." She says.

"You know you have been following me this whole time and you don't even know my name." o say then I stopped myself from saying 'and I could care less about yours'.

"O, yeah that's right. I'm Analighe." She says.

"Oh," I say timidly. "Names' Johnathan."

She looks at my schedule. "Wow, it's spelled different."

"Nothing to really wow about." I say taking it back. "All you gotta do is add an H in between o and the n."

"But why is it different?"

"I don't really care about my name or which one of my parents named it." I breathe out.

"My mom spelled my name differently too. Instead of A-n-a-l-e-i-g-h it's A-n-a-l-i-g-h-e."

"That's nice but I really don't care." I say still making sure I was in the right class but sadly I was.

"Well, who peed in your cheerios this morning?" she asks happily.

"You did." I murmured.

"Well," she says setting somewhere else. "I guess I'll see ya later."

"I hope not." I say flipping nonchalantly threw my book.

Well, this class is super boring. But what I did to entertain myself so I tried to unnoticingly fall asleep. But as I know it the teacher called on me. "Mister Collins," he shouted right next to me.

"Yes." I say whipping the spit off of my mouth.

"Did you not get enough sleep last night or something?" the teacher asks dramatically.

"No I got plenty of sleep." I say sitting up.


"Because you're classroom is incredibly boring." I say looking at what was going on.

"I see." He looks down. "Then Mister Collins can you answer this question?"

"Probably not." I say looking at the clock. Almost time to go. YES!

"What do you think will happen on December 21st 2012?" he asks.

"Is this a tuff question?" I ask.

"Quite cliché." He says under his breath. "No Johnathan it's an opinion."

" Well, if the world does some how come to an end I will probably be happy that I don't have to go to Social Studies anymore." I laugh to myself. "But if it doesn't I'm going to be pretty sad, that It won't have to go to social studies anymore."

"So you want to the world to end?"

"In a sense yes." I say looking at my nails.

"All because you don't want to go to social studies anymore?" the teacher asks.

"Yes," I say then looking back up at him. Then the bell rang just in time. "Well, what do you know? I gotta go and rot my brain in Language Arts." I say getting up grabbing my things then heading out the door. But the thing was I made it out that door alive.

Then as I look back Analighe comes running after me. "Johnathan you can't just talk to a teacher that way." She says.

"Well, I just did." I say as I keep on walking.

"Don't you worry that you're going to get in trouble?"

"Do I really look like I care about getting into trouble?" I ask.

"Well, um no." she looks down.

"That's what I want to hear." I say as I go back down stairs.

"But wait," she says.

I turned around really, really annoyed though. "What?"

"About fighting with Mac are you really sure you know what you're doing?" she questions deeply at me still following me.

"Yes, I am very sure now can you stop following me, It's driving me insane." I say setting down the stairs.

"I'm not following you," she says then pauses. "I'm worrying about you."

"What a difference, well, could you go and worry about me some where else?" I ask going over to my locker.

"Yeah, I gotta get my Language Arts notebook anyways." She says turning down a different hallway.

"Yes," I say as I open my locker then grabbing the stuff that I need, then I go back up stairs to the third floor then instead of taking a left I took a right and then I see Mac in the hallway with some blonde haired girl.

"That's the guy," he says thinking that I can't hear him.

"Woah talk about a creepier." She says laughing.

"What kind of creepier do you think he is?" Mac asks looking at me but he was talking to her.

"Um, probably a number 3 looks and acts." She says smiling.

But then I see Analighe walk over to them. "Whatchya looking at Jackie," she looks over towards Mac. "Mac?"

"The new kid." The blonde chick that most be Jackie says.

"Hey, you guys be nice to Johnathan." Analighe says.

Mac stops looking at me for a second then he looks at Analighe disgustfully. "Analighe don't tell me that you have named the kid have you?"

Then Analighe kinda punches Mac on the side. "You know what you need to get some friends your gender."

"I do," Mac says walking into a classroom.

I look over to the side still trying to be unnoticed. Then I walked over to the classroom that I would have Mrs. Sprague for a Language Arts teacher. But as I know it Analighe soon follows me into the class room.

"Don't tell me you're here with me too." I say sitting down at any random desk.

"Why is it a bad thing?" she asks sitting down next to me. Then I looked over towards who I was sitting by on the other side. "Hey Lilly." She says talking to the girl that was next to me.

"You have got to be kidding me." I complain out loud.

"Hey, did you hear about the new kid." The girl next to me that most be Lilly asks. I look over towards her. She had her long blonde hair in a pony tale and bright blue eyes. The name on her paper with perfect penmanship said "Lilly K. Hale." Man I wished I had the neat of penmanship some days I can't even read what I have written.

"Um, Lilly you're sitting right next to him." Analighe looks over my shoulder to talk to her.

"O, I was wondering what that black blob was next to you," she says looking at me closer,

"Yeah, that's what that is." Analighe says, "Meet, Johnathan."

"Hi Johnathan!" Lilly says cheerfully.

"hi." I say very, very quietly.

"He's not a people person." Analighe says shaking her head.

"I can tell." Lilly smiles.

"don't worry he'll have friends as soon as he knows it. This school is such a friendly place." Analighe says smiling.

"Ya right," I cough looking at the board.

So going through that class having to listen to them talk about the next Orlando Bloom or some boy band that they like I finally say. "do you need me to like switch places with you or something."

"No, it's fine you don't have to move." Analighe says like moving is going to bother me.

"No. I insist, it's not a problem," I say getting up.

"Okay," Analighe says switching places with me. Then I look down directly at the wooden desks that have three places for somebody to sit then there would be another desk. There were about three rows of desks then there would be another row behind us there was about 5 aisles. And now I wish that I sat in the back so that the teacher wouldn't notice if I fell asleep.

So after that train wreck, class finally did start and it wasn't as bad as I thought it did. Turns out everybody had to read this short story and right now they were debating about what happened with the characters so I had to go out in the hall and read it while everybody was having a debate about it.

I sat down at the nearest desk there was and looked at all the papers. There was about nine pages full of words I don't know. Like derogatory, dromedary, eccentricity, comatose, and asphyxiate. Doesn't anybody know that I don't know big words, and did you know that the biggest word is the fear of big words, I think I have that. I also I have trypanophobia, fear of needles.

But I remember that to get into HERO that you're reading level had to be above middle school level. That's one of the reasons I got held back in eighth grade. I had before in the eighth grade a seventh grade level I had to read a whole bunch of books and I have to be able to understand what was happening in the book. I had to read all of the Harry Potty series (those were frick`n long books, I was wondering when were they going to be over) then the Twilight series (those were so stupid James was my favorite character because his point in the story was to kill Bella and he died but the point was that his ambition was to kill Bella and he was one of the Characters that died). Then I read the Vampire Dairies series wasn't as stupid as Twilight but still stupid. Then I read The Outsiders that was one of a couple hundred books that I read that I actually wanted to read. Then I read IRobot that was a good book for once.

But one thing that I can do is spell. I can spell any word, anytime I can spell Pterodactyl any day. But I don't know some of the words that I spell.

After reading the short story I went back inside the class room. As soon as I sat down the bell rang. Boy am I lucky. But as I headed out of the class room I saw Mac and he pushes me up towards one of the Low Classes lockers.

"Can't you wait until work out on Friday during a duel you're probably the undefeated champion," I ask, grabbing his hand trying to make him let go. I look over and I see Analighe rushing towards Mac.

"You, you better put him down, or else you'll have to fight me," she shouts trying to make him let go of me.

Then he lets go of me for a split second and looks over towards Analighe he punches her and she slid across the floor. "Don't think I'm afraid to hit you."

This made me angry even though I hate Analighe with a streaming passion that doesn't mean that I can hit her. But for some reason I was so angry that all of that anger gave me power to do something I wouldn't be able to do without it. I was able to pin him on one of the lockers and punch him across the face. Strangely I was not sure if it was him and he just didn't want to use his strength for some reason or it was me and I'm just so awesome and was strong for that moment.

"Do you, do you feel like a man!" I screamed at him. "When you hit her?"

"You can't yet the opposite gender get in the way of your combating skills," Mac says.

"Still that doesn't mean that you can hit her right now!" I yell.

Just as soon as my luck ended Mrs. Sprague come over and pulls us apart. "Stop it both of you." She says and grabs me my the hood of my hoodie and Mac by the collar of his polo.

"Well, I'm sorry Mrs. Sprague but it was Johnathan's fault." Mac lies.

"You didn't see him hit me first did you?" I asked timidly.

"Excuse me?" she asks me.

"Nothing." I murmured.

She took us down to the director's office. The director in HERO is kind of like the principal in a normal High School or a vice principal. She sat us down in his office and he turns around in his spinney chair and stares us down. Quite personally to me he was quite creepy and strange. He was bald on the top of his head, and he had thick framed glasses that covered up most of his face. He reminded me of the Head Minister in She's The Man.

"Mac," he squeals," I'm quite surprised to see you here."

"Well, Johnathan here," Mac looks over towards me. "Got caught up with something and attacking me."

"That is not what happened," I denied.

"I think you should check him for drugs," Mac says.

"I am not on anything, my dad might be but that's just my dad." I say.

The Director looks at my file. "What happened to your mother?"

"I truly don't know," I say slumping down in my chair crossing my arms.

"And your father signed this Criss Angel, your fathers Criss Angel?" the director asks me.

"He did?" I asked standing up and looking at the file. "Maybe he is on something," I say slightly to myself. "He likes to think he's Criss Angel."

"So Mac your free to go." The Director says, "As for you Mr. Collins or should I say Mr. Angel,"

"Well, actually that's not Criss' real name he got it changed because it was Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos isn't that a mouthful." I add.

Mac quickly leaves and I say. "You're just going to let him leave? He started the fight, he pinned me to a locker and punched me across the face, I only punched him back because he hit some girl that was trying to stick up for me." I say as my voice is getting louder.

"Yeah, I'm going to give you a drug check." He says signing a paper.

"You can't treat me different because I look different. I mean it's not my fault if my dad never told me to get a haircut." I say almost shouting.

"Johnathan we do not allow prejudice in this Academy," he says.

"You have gotta open your eyes," I shout.

"I'm going to let you go," he says, "But, if I hear of any suspicious action, or you get in another fight again, O-S-S,"

"Come on what is this Middle School?" I pout walking out the door. I walk back over to my locker. I bashed it open then I grabbed my Science book, I grabbed my science notebook, and then I slammed my locker. Analighe was right next to me for some reason. She most have been standing there for a long time.

"Are you in trouble?" she asks sweetly.

I noticing that it was in the middle of the period and she was out of class. "No are you happy?" I asked.

She turned her head slightly. "Yes,"

"What are you doing out of class anyways?" I ask following her up stairs.

"Mac gave me bloody nose," she says.

I stopped for a second. "How could you let him treat you like that?"

"Mac usually gets what he wants," she says whipping something from her eyes.

I stood there thinking and then I finally said, "Not, anymore,"

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"you know truly I don't know quite technically I can't do anything, for two reasons number one you probably still have feelings for him, number two my dad will kill me if I get kicked out" I say.

"well, I do have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, but it's the weirdest thing ever," she looks up me.

"You'll figure it out." I say. "Why are you still here? Do you like being with me or something?"

"Kinda, you see you're different-

I laugh a little, "and you think that's a bad thing?"

"No, you didn't let me finish. I like different," she says.

I stopped for a moment, "Are you tired of having a cookie cutter boyfriend or something?"

"Some what, but more of him hitting me,"

"I see, but just to let you know that people don't really impress me like the way that you're thinking," I get up to the fourth floor.

"But, anyways thank you for helping me," she says.

"Yeah," I swallowed hard. I walked back to my science class. Analighe wasn't in this class with me.