i'm just sick & tired of everything going wrong,

it's like a downhill ride,

and everything is crashing,

i'm waiting for the impact,


why can't everything work out,

just for once?

it's one thing,

after another,


can somebody come along,

and prove me wrong?

i want someone to finally mend this broken heart,

that has been repeatingly stabbed,


and everytime i believe it will work out,

i beat myself up,

such a foolish girl,

and i want to think that it'll change someday,


everytime i tell myself that this time is different,

but it ends up the same,

the top of the ride only lasts so long,

and the decline is like a wound in the soul,


when i reach the bottom,

i promise myself that i won't cry,

but truth is,

i just don't like this feeling anymore,


when i'm reaching the hill,

i want to just scream in ecstasy,

because it just feels so good,

and i never want it to end,


but in the back of my mind,

i don't want to let go of what's happened before,

but eventually i let you in,

and that's when you break me,


you try to make it up,

and i forgive you,

over and over,

until i break,


and then i lose it,

forcing myself to run away,

descending into the ending pit by myself,

and i know what's coming,


i feel my heart drop,

like the dip in the decline,

and then it rises,

starting again,


sometimes i just wish it would be a straight line,

but the world is against me,

and i'm still ignorant to what's in store for me,

my heart is being played,


the levels are consistent each time,

and i let it happen,

trusting everyone completely

why can't i see it coming?


this rollercoaster ride from down under.