The Void

From your palm I drink my wine,
sweet delight straight from the vine,
praying to God to pass the time,
wishing you would say, "She's mine."

((It's a far-fetched dream,
meaning the world to me.
What's the earth but spinning dirt
in the void that is the universe?))

You're my song; I hit replay.
You're my heartbeat for today.
It's all wrong and I'm crazy,
and just not good enough, eh?


Pondering you day and night,
praying my heart would think right,
setting myself up to fall:
I'm a stupid, stupid gal.


O, the void is me waiting.
O, the void is me praying.
Whoa, the void is me hating
the perfect girl
(I wish I were).

My vision distorted
with rose-colored glasses,
I know rejection will rip me to shreds.

Failure at my door,
I've been here before,
but I don't want to get you out of my head.