Day One

Goo laid her wavy long hair on David's chest and breathed in his scent; David settled one arm on her shoulder and the other on her waist, playing with her dark curls. "That…that was beautiful," he whispered softly, raking back his medium-length silver hair.

"Thanks for the compliment," she purred.

The green-eyed vampiress and the lavender-eyed Dhamphir talked more, giving the other more compliments that others might find disturbing…until she sat up, clutching her red satin sheets to her chest. "David," she began quietly, "get dressed—Dad's coming fast!" David cursed and jumped up, slipping on his garments and footwear. Before he jumped out her window, he gave her a kiss that she wished would last forever, then slipped away silently into the night.

She turned and jumped back on her bed, splaying herself as if she was just getting up; her father came through the door, wearing his green scarf and red and black cloak-coat, his shinobi mask on as always. His green eyes sparkled as he walked up to her bed. "Goo! You're up? Good! Come; let's do some father-daughter Hunting!"

She shook her head and whined, "Dad! I don't want to! Can't I just go and hang out with my friends?"

Her father sighed and mumbled, "Look at that, Koichi; no father-daughter time today. This is gonna drive you to your grave…" He walked away slowly and pitifully, playing the guilt-trip.

Goo frowned, rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Fine, I'll go."

Koichi pounced on his daughter and pulled her into a bear hug. "Yay! You do luff me …I'm so happy…"

"Dad…you're scarin' me," she whispered, prying herself away and quickly slipping on a robe.

"I'm telling you, Goo: Dhamphirs are no good." Goo froze and turned to her father, who smiled knowingly and continued. "Yes; I know that that Dhamphir, David, was here. And I'm gonna say it again—I don't trust him."

Goo sighed and finished tying her robe. "You never trust the guys I date," she complained.

"I only trust the ones that aren't Dhamphirs," he explained, leaving her to fix herself and her room.

Baka chichi desu, she thought haughtily, he never gives them a chance! I don't understand why he hates Dhamphirs… sigh

She fixed up what was supposed to be fixed, including herself, and then took out her Hunting outfit. It consisted of a blood colored v-tube dress. She made her lips luscious with her favorite red lip-stuff, then slipped on her matching strapped heels. On the ground floor of the mansouse her father helped her with her black trench coat and told her where he found their targets for the night.

"I scryed and found a couple near Lake Shypht; that should be enough for the moment," he explained, popping his collar. Goo stared at her father, who no longer had on his shinobi mask and nearly had to smack herself for what she said next.

"OMG…I would so fuck you right now…"

Koichi smirked and showed his daughter a single, gleaming fang. "I must be doing a helluva job, then." Together they walked out into the dark night where the sky shown no stars, all the way to Lake Shypht. The father and daughter slowed as they caught sight of their prey; they had just finished arguing and were going their separate ways.

Koichi nodded to Goo, who returned the notion and apparated few feet in front of the guy, keeping to the shadows; her father stayed near the girl.

As if all on cue, both predators simultaneously walked slowly towards their targets, seducing. Goo sauntered slowly, her hands gently at her sides. She did an eye trick that she learned in a movie as she passed the man; he stopped in his tracks and called out to her with a flirtatious smile. She stopped and let him catch up to her.

"Yo…excuse me, miss; I was noticin' that you was walkin' by yo-self. Lemme walk you where you need to go, ma," the guy sweet-talked her. Goo tried not to vomit and smiled sweetly, loosening up her trench just a bit to reveal some cleavage.

"Well, first off," she began, "I'd like to sit down over there." She pointed to the bench where the guy had just left. The guy agreed and walked her to the bench, his hands on her waist.

The guy was cute, but not her type: he was the sleazy kind of guy—the kind she despised. She lifted her leg over the other and smoothed out her dress, her slit revealing her thigh. The guy automatically caressed it, bringing his lips close to hers. Goo scooted closer to the guy, letting him kiss her as her fangs carefully slid out; she caught her father staring at her out the corner of her eye—he was done.

She nodded lightly and exposed the guy's neck to her; the guy thought it was somethin' kinky, so he let her kiss his neck. Then, she bit down hard on his pulsing vein, drinking his blood as the realization of his life draining away finally hit him.

Goo finished her meal, discarded the body, and linked arms with her father. "That Hunt was pretty decent, Dad," she purred, hugging him tight as they reentered their mansouse. Koichi laughed and hugged his daughter back. "Oi, you got some blood on your cheek. C'mere." Koichi licked her the blood off her cheek, then noticed that there was more on her lips. He licked those, too, and ended up kissing and sucking her lips.

Goo absentmindedly sucked her father's tongue—there were traces of blood on it. Koichi pressed her to the bottom stairs and deepened the kiss, forgetting who she was. He slid his hand up her thigh, gently putting his weight on her. Goo rubbed her leg against Koichi's, kissing back fiercely. Koichi had begun to remove her Hunting dress when a thought flashed through both their minds:

After you've made a kill, never stay with the person whom you made the kill with, be it family or friend.

Goo stared at her father, paralyzed at what just happened between them; Koichi felt the same way. They backed away from each and went to their rooms in silence, still shocked.

Locking her door, she put her back to it and slid to her black carpet, clutching her knees to her chest. "OMG…I can't believe that…omg. I nearly did it with my dad…OhMyFuckingGod," she whispered, her eyes wide. She rose slowly to her feet after taking off her heels and walked to her bed, laying down with her face in the pillow and trying to forget how she close came to passing the make-out stage with her father.

The ringtone of her cell phone brought her out of her misery; she rolled over and answered it. "Haro?"

"Goo? You okay? Youn't sound okay. Anywho, can I spend the night?" Chanel bubbled through the phone. Goo smiled weakly.

"Hey, Chuchi; I'm fine. Yeah, you can sleep over," she responded, clearing a space near her left.

"Mkay; open ya window." Goo hung up and let Chanel come through her window; her light purple hair was out.

Chanel was a Hispanic vampiress; Goo was a Blackanese vampiress. "What's wrong? Your hair's not up." Goo asked, closing the window back as Chanel put her stuff down in the space Goo made for her. Chuchi plopped down on the large beanbag near the closet and sighed,

"Mami and Papi wanted the night to themselves." Goo laughed and felt better instantaneously.

"Why you laughin' at me, Guchi? It ain't funny!" Chuchi protested, but laughed along with her. "So, how come you was all sad and shyt when I called?" Chuchi asked after their laughter had died down.

Goo made up a quick true/lie [half-truth, half-lie]. "I was sad because David had to leave so soon; Dad woke up extremely fast." Chanel nodded and Goo laid on her lap on her stomach. Goo poked Chuchi's boobs and said in a Cheese voice, "You have big boobies." Chanel laughed and began tickling her best friend.

They play-tackled and horseplayed until about midnight; they'd gotten hungry. Goo's stomach growled. "Uh, Guchi? Ya stomach is talkin' to me--"

"Yeah, I know; it's sayin' 'let's get some chicken, lady!'" They bust out laughin' again, and left her room to go to her kitchen room (she and her father each had a whole floor to themselves). Chuchi opened the fridge and took out a variety of foods, along with a large pitcher of blood.

"Ay, chica, I'm so hungry! Take out some plates for us," she instructed as if it were her kitchen.

Goo took out plates and cups; she filled up the cups with some Tru Blood from the pitcher and took them to her room as Chuchi piled and warmed their midnight snacks. Ten seconds later Chanel went back to Goo's room, closing and locking the door behind her.

Placing the blood-filled cups on her light side table by her bed, Goo took her plate from Chanel and plopped down in the middle of her queen bed; Chuchi sat next to her, already tearing into her chicken. They ate in silence, each teen focused both on their food and their day's events; when they were half-way through their plates of food, a knock sounded from her door.

"Nani o?" Goo mumbled, a drumstick-chicken leg in her mouth. Koichi opened the door after picking the lock swiftly.

"Nena, come here; I need to speak with you…" he said, casting a suspicious glance at Chanel, then back at his daughter; he hadn't known she was there. Goo nodded and followed her father out of the room, closing the door behind her and tearing the last piece of chicken off her chicken leg bone.

"Did you tell her?" her father asked after they got to his floor of the mansouse. Goo sucked in her breath.

"Are you serious with that statement? Dad, why would I tell her about something that we weren't even sure why we did?"

He scratched his head, shifting from foot to foot and replying, "I don't know, nena! You usually tell her everything!"

Goo leaned back and crossed her arms across her chest. "Well, gee, Dad! Thanks for assuming the oh-so-incorrect!"

"Why do you have to act like your mother?" Koichi snapped without meaning to.

Goo stood rigid in surprise; Koichi had never mentioned a thing about her mother, let alone make any references or similarities between the two. Koichi sucked in air and walked slowly to his daughter, hugging her apologetically.

"I'm sorry, nena; I didn't mean to say that. It's just…you remind me so much of her, and I really don't want you to become like her…" he whispered, petting her back. Goo quivered each time his hand went down her back; that was one of her 'spots'—and her father didn't know it.

She grabbed a fistful of his shirt and tightly gritted her teeth; her father was picking up on what was happening.

"Lemme find out you got spots like a wolf," he teased, scratching her behind her ear and watching the reaction: a shake.

"Dad!" she whined, "don't do that! That ain't kewel, ka, cuz I cain't fuck you!" Koichi chuckled and continued, rubbing her back and scratching behind her ears. Somehow, she got twisted around and had her back to Koichi. He took advantage by holding her to him by her waist and continued rubbing her back gently; then he moved his hand from her back to across her chest [see pic]. Goo growled in content as he nibbled on her neck, kissing her punishingly.

Goo felt her body grow hot and leaned back, letting him kiss closer to her neckbone. "Daddie…"she whispered, almost pleading. Koichi bit her neck gently, leaving hickie marks; he took her to his room and sealed the door shut (in case Chanel tried to sneak). Koichi continued what he was doing for a hot minute, then turned her around and went for her lips. He and Goo made-out big-time as they went to the floor. Goo got flipped around again, and her back was being pressed up against Koichi, who was tugging her nightshirt straps off with his teeth. He licked her neck and squeezed her breasts, the licking gradually turning into sucking. Goo was, by now, burning up and her panties were soaked.

Koichi took the remainder of her nightshirt off and slipped two fingers into her mouth, nibbling on her ear as she twirled her tongue around his fingers. Then he removed them from her mouth and slipped them into her vag. He turned her chin to him with his thumb and pressed his mouth to hers, sucking her tongue. Goo shivered in both shock and delight, leaning forward so that his fingers went deeper. She moaned softly as her father played with her, teasing her.

"You want it?" he purred, his finger movements quick and on target.

Goo moaned, "Ay," with a Spanish accent, frenching Koichi. Her turned her around once more and sat her on his lap, not missing a beat. He laid her on her back and removed her useless panties without stopping. Spreading her legs wide, Koichi slid himself in slowly, seeing as he was a bit too much for her. She gripped his biceps tight, then moved them to his back, his gold chain swinging forward to meet her own. She gasped as he let himself in almost all the way, trying not to dig her claws into his back.

Koichi sucked on her neck while moving in and out, enjoying the thrill of being in her. Goo clung to him like a leech, wrapping her legs around his waist to feel more of him. Koichi picked up the pace, moving his mouth to her breasts. Goo squeaked at his sudden changes, but it turned into short moans of pleasure. She meant to curse, but it came out as a long moan as his thrusts became harder.

"Ay, Papi!" she began yelling an hour and a half later, gripping the sheets in front of her cuz Koichi was behind. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, drilling into her like a jackhammer. She clenched her teeth and dug her claws into her palms as he kept going faster and faster; she was sure she could be heard throughout all levels of their mansouse. Soon, as another half-hour passed by, his thrusts became sharp and direct. He pulled out just before he came; they collapsed on the bed, breathing hard. Koichi lay on her, his head comfortably on her chest. Goo ran her fingers through his salt-white hair, drifting to sleep as the sun peeked over its first horizon.