Day Four

A whole twenty-four hours had passed since that night, and Nana was waking up to the morning of the full moon, Friday the thirteenth. She stretched out her limbs and yawned a great wolfish yawn, stepping over the sleeping bodies of the Trinity and Avril, Michelle and Chanel; her scarlet lace-up dress clinging to her curves, a gift from the Trinity on her last birthday. Leaving the room quietly for a wider selection of food on the ground floor, Nana made her way down the many stairs and to the grand living room. She stopped halfway through, partly asleep and fully alert; Gabriel looked up from the recliner he was relaxing in, eyeing her body with his playful frost-colored eyes. "What are you doing here?" she asked, frowning. "Who let you in?" He smiled.

"Your father let me in; we had to talk about some things, he and I," Gabriel answered simply, rising to his feet. Nana rolled her eyes and went to the kitchen. Gabriel followed her.

"I told you he wasn't any good for you, Nana," Gabriel sighed, knowing he'd hit home when the China plate dropped from her hands. Nana turned to him, seeing the crescent and the fang for the first time.

"Keep your probing little nose out of things where it doesn't belong," she warned softly. Gabriel backed her to the counter, pressing his body to hers and holding her chin in his claws.

"But it does belong, now that you're officially part of the Pack," he whispered, his lips nearly touching Nana's. She mushed Gabriel's mouth and glared at him.

"You don't even know me!"

"I know you enough to want you."

"No you don't."

"Yes I do…"

"No—you don't."

"Yes—I do. Besides, I wonder what happened after that kiss between you and your father…after you came home from the Hunt," Gabriel casually wondered out loud, defiantly invading her four boxes.

Nana growled outright, waiting for an explanation; so he gave her one. "It was my shift that night to watch you…I must say you looked satisfyingly sexy in that red dress, though. Anyway, I saw how you looked at Koichi that night—and how he looked at you; the both of you wanted each other. And, if I remember correctly," he hovered closer, her body molding into his, "you kissed and touched with passion…something along the lines of this, maybe?"

Gabriel mimicked Koichi's moves perfectly from that night they came home from the Hunt. His rough tongue went around a few circles on Nana's lips, going in for a kiss and rubbing one of her 'spots' tentatively. Nana arched her back and moaned softly into Gabriel's sly advances, cursing him mentally for knowing so much about her without her knowledge. Gabriel smirked and began leaving a trail of kisses down to her neck, still caressing her back. Nana struggled to hold her own as she moaned again, this time because of how much passion he was putting in to it. She wanted to jump his bones so bad…