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There is going to be slash, yaoi, boys love, m/m whatever you want to call it occurring. If you are at all homophobic I suggest that you leave. Like right now. There is not going to be actual slash for a couple of chapters yet, sorry to the folks who like slash, but there will be some coming.

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Chapter One

"Eww ewww ewww gross."

"I know is it not disgusting?"

"It hurts to look at"

"Can we not throw it out?"

"We can not. It belongs to the lady."

"The lady? What would she want with that thing?"

"It is one of her body guards" Han rolls his eyes at the three maids who are standing at the end of the hall. If the lady was here they would not be saying those things. They better hope that she never hears about this. One comment would be considered a huge disgrace upon their house hold yet these women said over a dozen already. The wrath of the lady can be quite deadly when she wants it to be.

"Eh? Really? It is supposed to protect her? How is it supposed to protect her? It looks like a girl for Anlas sake. I could do a better job." Hans inwardly starts with shock at these words. He looks like a girl? He is used to being called ugly, Hans has been called such all his life, but 'girly.' No, no way that can be true. He does not at all look like a girl. Sure he is smaller than most men on the planet. And sure his frame is quite slim. But he is not at all girly. Right? He is trained in all forms of combat, he has killed before, he is no slacker and he is responsible for the safety of one of the most treasured things in the country. Can that be considered girly?

Hans tries to ignore the maids and just glare at the wall ahead of him but it was not easy. The women were not only loud, they were loud on purpose.

Just as he had told himself for the millionth that the woman of this small village have no shame therefore no morals the door swung open and a large man entered the room. The sunlight shined in behind him making him glow. The maids all sighed in unison and started to drool at the sight. Well of course they would, the man was tall, well muscled, very blond and blue eyed. 'The perfect man' or so they all say. Hans just rolls his eyes. They would not be as enraptured with Jeff if they were stuck with him in a stuffy carriage for three weeks or more.

Jeff surveyed the room and once he decided that it was safe he stepped away and a young beautiful woman came in. The maids all clumped together and squealed in delight. This is the moment they all were waiting for. Also this is the moment that Hans was dreading the most. It is like this everywhere they go. Well almost everywhere. Some places are just too stuck up...

"You look divine today lady era." One maid sighed.

"Yes quite fine." Another agreed.

"I love your hair." Another shouted out.

"So pretty. Will you marry my brother and have beautiful babies!" screeched another.

They all tried to vie for the lady's attention but it was all for naught, she ignored them as she scanned the room. Once her dark blue eyes landed upon Hans she gave her head an elegant jerk. "Hans stop dawdling. Let's go." Her soft voice orders and she turns and leaves.

The maids all squeal once in unison and wave like lunatics hoping to get the attention of the lady. Probably hoping that if they did that they can successfully raise their status is what Hans believes. But he keeps this all to himself. Long ago he learned the hard way that it is better to keep silent in situations like this.

While the castle's help were getting their carriage ready and they were believed to be out of hearing range of any servants the lady turns to Hans and asks "were those girls giving you any trouble?"

"No milady. They were just twiddling away their time. There was no hurt done." Hans tries to reassure the lady.

"Yet they were insulting my household by insulting you." She tries to point out.

Hans lets out a deep sigh and looks over. "I know that it may seem that way, my lady, but I believe that was not their intention. Even so we cannot make a big deal out of this. If we did we would lose a very powerful ally."

The lady rolls her eyes at this. "We may lose them anyway. The lord here is a creep."

"Did he try anything?" Hans asks in concern. If he did he will find the bastard and teach him a lesson.

"Don't worry about it. Jeff dealt with it already. We will just have to move on to a new village tomorrow morning."

Hans shook his head at the comment. He was getting tired of the traveling around Alsee. It is too bad that tradition stipulates that they had to stay within its borders. The tales he has heard from some of the outlanders was quite fantastic and he would love to see the outside world at least once in his life time.

"To bad we have to come back here before we can leave. That man was really creepy Hans. You were lucky that you did not have to come along." She grumbles to herself. The air that surrounded the party was quite dark after that was said.

"How about we go to He'eyal next? I have heard great things about the lord there." Jeff said trying to get the atmosphere to change to a more cheerful one.

"You mean the one by the ocean? I don't know" the lady sounded unsure but after a moment of consideration continued, "Ok let's go. I have been craving versberry's lately." The lady agreed.