My question to the world is: what is "nothing"? It seems to me that if nothing is nothing, then it is something. For example, in order for something to be nothing, it has to be something first. It has to be physically given a presence of nothing, and this presence is indeed something.

My first example is simply this philosophical essay. It's made of nothing. I mean, literally, I'm talking all about the word "nothing". Therefore, it must be about nothing since I don't have something to say. But wait a second… I am actually saying written words even if they are based off the point of nothing. Therefore, as I pile more and more nothings into my text, it becomes something. So my second question is: Is nothing really nothing, or is it something?

It's kind of like when you are doing something wrong and your parent asks you "What are you doing?"

And you respond with the word, "Nothing."

Often parents will interpret the word "nothing" as an excuse from their children for causing trouble. Even if that is not the case, it is impossible to do nothing.

Now this word "nothing" is an invalid statement. It is impossible to do nothing, because in order to do nothing, you have to be doing something since you are something to begin with. You are a human or living thing (I hope so anyway) and therefore you are something. So to say you are doing "nothing" would be lying to yourself. You are alive, reading this essay, and probably stationary or moving about. All these things are doing something, even if you don't realize it.

In fact, when someone says "nothing," it usually stands for the definition of "some thing; a certain undetermined or unspecified thing" which is actually the true definition of "something." Yet, nothing means "no thing, not anything, naught, or something that is nonexistent." This definition is basically an oxymoron in itself because if you are deeming "something" nonexistent, then it must be existent or else you would not be able to deem it anything if you did not know about it.

It is impossible to do nothing, as I stated before. The term itself is nonexistent. People breathe all the time, and that is doing something. People think, people see and use their five senses and do all of these things require the use of the word "something." Nothing means nothing, although we can't interpret what nothing is, so theoretically it is something if it is imaginable.

Another example I have is just close your eyes. Close them hard until you see a black screen of nothing. Yet, is it nothing? No, I am lying to you again. That black screen is something. If it were nothing, it would be nonexistent. But since the black screen of your eyes closed exists, it is something.

This proves the point that it is impossible to have nothing in this universe. Nothing means something unimaginable, and anything left unimaginable is unimaginable and cannot be thought of or interpreted by a human mind. If it cannot be thought of, then it isn't even a thing, so it could not be called "something" or "nothing." However, the thought of something unimaginable exists, and something unimaginable contains the keyword "something." Therefore, the term "nothing" itself is an oxymoron, and a white lie in our English language.

Therefore, I can come to the conclusion that the definition of something is also the definition of nothing and vice versa. They are mutually exclusive terms. To say something is nothing is to say that nothing is something. While many think they are opposites, they are wrong. The term "nothing" is something in itself.

So, how did I do for writing a paper about nothing?

By thatcrazyrainbowguy

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