I need attention by a bunch of geeks

Because obviously I wasn't loved enough when I was a little kid

I love to type words like "fag" or show my racist side

And make people angry with pointless shit that nobody cares about


I have a stay-in-home job and I don't need to get out

That gives me all the time in the world to write

Mocking and laughing of all those hopeless losers and nerds

Who are still living with their mommies (well…At least I pay rent)


Making stupid jokes out of nothing

At least nothing that could be considered funny

And reviewing bad fiction from certain website

Writing idiotic stuff like "dude, that was so fucking bad"


Grammar mistakes are part of my creed

Part of my essence that makes me live

Because the question of my existence is easy to understand

A normal guy with anonymity plus audience will be always say shity stuff in the Web