Everyone Changes Underwater / Suddenly Like A Stranger

Today, I accidentally stepped into our forbidden territory
And when my heart glanced back at the infuriated expression on your face,
The urge to flee this pallid situation overwhelmed my contemplation,
But when I reached for your trembling hand, I stumbled over your clandestine rope
And amalgamated with mud while you slipped further away from grasp
And ignored my declaration that I wasn't hurt but rather just felt dirty.

And I remember those winter nights when I let you touch me all over
To arouse warmth that evaporated doubt and made us annex
In the name of love, therefore to me, your reaction to this incident
Is a draconian and flagitious enigma that has more holes than
A wheel of swiss cheese in the context of all our relationship has offered
And I think this hostility should be infinitesimal so it must cease right now.

But I sense that you've changed dramatically since entering that
Cerulean galaxy of anguish everyone is familiar with when underwater
And until you find inner strength to swim up to the surface yourself,
I can't attempt to extricate our relationship further because I'm ready to be
Forgiven but obviously you want to avoid me at this time, thus I'm dependent on
Your actions as to whether we will live for each other anymore and so here I repose.