The Eldest of Able Men
is a tattered owner of souls
...found underfoot
–Far below his means to access struggle,
...beyond even those who wish to kill themselves without desire,..
to sit in nicotine highs with requests that should be made.

But how quickly when unleashed
he releases,
withdraws to vacate,
running securely,
...escaping the curious, accepting eyes
of outcast secrets.

Those who descend
maintain to exploit his province...
by hearing of where he goes.
...So they enter
while he leaves
to what I'll call
"Drowned tunnels of riddle,
...through three fortress doors
–each with a depth of five dimensions;"...
as he lives for the sounds of sails on wooden ships
with their submarine masts,
...and stories
of and for these lonely souls.

This decrepit man,
with even his mouth an enigma of fiction,
goes to live on Hour's other side
through conflict bending waters
of physical mystery
and movement in words.

He brings their addiction
as I chase to seize
with brilliant works of fire
in the depths of these cobblestone burrows;
...secrets are content,
as I seek to destroy
then calmly take his place.
...For how is it to feel
this life of worlds of fate
and return having lived
with stories of travels to tell?

But I sense where he's been,
having failed when the presence of signs made me lost in their clues.
...It is where none but he can wish to be.

And so the needy nominate to forgive
time for travel,
since he has brought them what they need:

"I like to bring my love to suffer...
Failure,.. as it disperses,
...Blows around, a spirit in the breeze.

...With two under covers,
This divine girl;
Thus, I must wash
The orange from my hands."

It was repeated twice,
and still I did not understand
until it was explained
by one of the addicted

–My father.