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"Hey, dont I know you?" A girl said, stopping me right in front of the science building. I shook my head quickly, letting my hair fall in front of my eyes.

"No, sorry." I said quickly, stepping around her and heading into the building. You would think after four years, people would forget about my childhood stardom, but I got asked that question so often, it seemed as if I would never live it down.

Shelby, my best friend, followed me closely, chuckling the entire way. "You know, it wouldn't kill you to let them know who you are."

I rolled my eyes at her, "In case you haven't noticed, class starts in about two minutes, and I really dont want to be late."

Shelby shook her head. "Alicia, you're a junior in college. I really dont think it will kill you to be a little late."

I ignored her jibe, heading into the classroom and sliding into a seat at the lab table. Shelby sat beside me, the smirk still on her face.

She was right, it wouldnt kill me to just let people know who I was. But that was another life, something that I hadn't done for four years.

When I was twelve years old, my mother brought me to an audition for a new show on the CW. It was about a woman and her two kids, about their life right after their father died. How the mother was struggling to survive, how the kids were making it through. The show lasted five years, until I was seventeen, and then it was cancelled.

I was cast as Morgan Graves, the best friend of Hilary Adams. On the show, Hilary was the one that dealt with things by being the typical spoiled brat that got whatever she wanted. Morgan, her best friend, was the quiet one that no one really noticed. Up until season three, my character pretty much just followed Hilary around, doing whatever she said.

In season three, Morgan got into a relationship with Cole Adams, Hilary's older brother. It was a big deal in season three, and it actually was a constant on-again, off-again thing up until the show ended. At the end of season five, Morgan got onto a plane to go away to college, and Cole told her that he would always love her and that they would somehow find a way to be together. Just a way to give the audience hope, I guess.

The funny thing was, from the moment I met the other cast members when I was twelve, I had the biggest teen girl crush on the actor that played Cole Adams. When season three came along- I used to pretend that it wasnt Cole and Morgan going through all of these passionate things, it was Alicia and Connor. Not that Connor ever thought of me like that. At the beginning of the show, I was twelve and Connor was sixteen. Four years is a big difference for teenagers. Even though Connor played a character that was two years younger than he.

That last day of the show, when everyone was crying and saying how they would stay in touch, was the last time I talked to Connor. Or Drake. Drake McReynolds, who had played Ethan Farber on the show, was Cole/Connor's best friend. On stage, and off.

I still was in regular contact with Samantha Ferrel, the girl that played Hilary Adams, as well as Emily Rodson. Emily had been the woman that played Kristen Adams, the mother of Cole and Hilary.

After the show ended, I decided to go back home and finish my senior year in a regular high school. Samantha had automatically joined another sitcom, which was still running. Emily had regular tv and movie appearances, but nothing really steady.

But Connor and Drake had made names for themselves. Even before the show had ended, both of them had been in more than one teen drama movie. Now, they were big name celebrities.

Now, I was in my junior year in a college in Missouri, and I hadn't been on any set, for any show, since our last taping. My mother always pushed me every time we spoke, said I had to start acting again. I was actually a literature major, nothing to do with theater or drama. Which is why I barely let people know who I was. My freshman year, the drama department had banged on my door daily, trying to get me to try out for play after play.

I never did.

"Pay attention." Shelby whispered, sliding my notebook toward me. I broke out of my thoughts, sending her a thank you look and picking up my pen. This was one class that I couldnt afford to not pay attention in.

"So, what were you spacing about in there?" Shelby asked as we made our way toward the parking lot. Shelby and I had been roommates in the dorms our freshman year, which is how we met, and we got an apartment off campus this past summer. Luckily, we scheduled our classes around the same time, so we usually car pooled.

"Nothing." I muttered, unlocking my car and climbing into the drivers seat. Shelby got in the passenger side, her eyebrows raised.

"Why do I not believe you?" She said, shaking her head and smiling. I ignored her, driving to our apartment. Shelby just chuckled, turning on the radio and singing along.

Later that night, I was in my room trying to come up with a topic for my latest paper, when Shelby yelled for me. "Hey, Alicia! You're on t.v.!"

I rolled my eyes, "Really? I didnt have a clue!" I called back sarcastically.

"No, I mean there is a special on, one of those Where are they now things! This episode is about Making it Through."

I stood up, making my way to the front room and sliding beside Shelby on the couch. On the t.v. was a picture of the five of us, me, Emily, Connor, Drake, and Samantha. "Making it Through was one of those show's that showed us exactly what could happen." The woman on t.v. said. "It dealt with the drama, the angst, and the romance of the teen years, while the mother had to deal with being a single mother."

"The oldest child was Cole Adams." The woman said, showing a close up of Connor at eighteen. His dark hair fell into his hazel eyes. He was leaning against the school building, a smile on his face as he looked at the person in front of him. "Cole, who was played by Connor Gilford, was the typical troubled teen. He was a jerk, arrogant, and could have any girl he wanted. But, in the third season, he hooked up with his sisters best friend. That was the main relationship of the show those last years. Everyone loved it."

"In my head, Cole and Morgan found their way back to each other and are living happily." Another woman said, laughing as she looked at the camera.

"I loved Connor Gilford on that show." A woman said, chuckling. "He was the type of guy I would have gone for in high school."

The show continued on, talking about each character and actor. Then they came to me.

"Morgan Graves." A woman said, shaking her head with a smile on her face. "The first two seasons, I just wanted to shake that girl. She did whatever Hilary told her to do, it was like she didnt have a mind of her own."

They showed a picture of me as Morgan when I was about thirteen. Her blond hair was curled lightly, her head down, as Hilary stood beside her, tall.

"But then third season happened." The woman continued. "The Cole started standing up for her, told her that she had to have a backbone. And that was the start of everything."

They continued on, talking about Morgan, then they started in with me. "Alicia Coldridge, the actress that played Morgan Graves, went to finish her senior year of high school after the end of the show." The woman said, "From what I've heard, she is now a junior in college. No one has really heard or seen her since."

They cut to commercial. "Well, that was entertaining." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Dont leave." Shelby said, grabbing my arm and her eyes still hooked onto the t.v. "There's a reason they are showing this."

I raised my eyebrows. "And why is that?"

"I guess they're going to interview the writer and director."

I sat back down quickly. "Carter and Jared?" I questioned, my own eyes back on the t.v. I didnt have to wait for an answer as the main woman came back on, sitting next to Carter and Jared.

"So, I hear there is some good news for Making it Through." She said, her eyebrows raised quizzically. "What is it?"

"Well," Jared, the director started with a smile on his face. "We were contacted my the station about a month ago, and it seems that they have had numerous requests for - I guess you could say a sequel. Fans want to know what happened years later."

"So, Carter and I got together and talked about it, and we are hoping to do a two hour special."

The woman smiled broadly. "Thats great! Is there any way that the special wont go through?"

"Jared and I talked about it." Carter told her, glancing at the man sitting next to him, "And we agreed that we wouldnt do it without the five main actors. If Emily, Samantha, Connor, Drake, and Alicia agree to come back for one more show, then we will do it."

"So, is there any reason to believe one of them wont agree?"

Carter and Jared exchanged that look once again. "We have yet to talk to them officially, but we hope they'll all be up for it."

I sat there, staring at the television in shock. "So, what do you say?" Shelby asked me after a moment, breaking the silence. "You going to do it?"


"its a little more difficult than that, mom." I told her later that week. Carter and Jared did contact me, and I told them that I would have to get back to them. Mom wasnt thrilled. "I have classes, and I cant just leave Shelby without a roommate for a month."

"Alicia, this is a great opportunity!" Mom said, ignoring what I had just said. "You could get back into acting-"

"I have to go mom." I said, as my call waiting started beeping. "I have another call."

"Just tell them you'll do it, Alicia." Mom said, before hanging up. I let out a deep sigh, then switched over.

"Hello?" I questioned, not bothering to look at the caller I.d.

"Alicia Coldridge, what the hell is this I hear about you 'having to think' about doing another show?!" Samantha demanded, making me wince.

"Hey, Sam. How are you?" I asked her sarcastically. "How did you even know about-"

"Emily told me." Sam cut me off, answering my question. "And then, guess who I got a call from? Connor! I mean, I haven't talked to Connor since that last day of filming, and I have absolutely no idea where he got my number-"

"Get to the point Sam." I said, a smile growing on my face.

"Anyway, he asked me if I had talked to you, and what you meant my 'think.' I mean, it isn't a hard decision-"

"I have class, Sam. Plus I'd have to leave my roommate alone for a month or two-"

"So? Just pay your half and the room will be waiting for you when you get back." Sam said, her voice impatient. "And as for classes, isn't Christmas break coming up? We can wait until next semester, just take off the second semester and start again in the fall."

"But then-"

"Come on, Ally! I miss working with everyone, and I know you haven't acted in like four years! Dont you think it will be fun?"

I let out a deep breath, closing my eyes. "Fine." I heard her squeal once, then I hung up the phone. I quickly scrolled through my contacts, then dialed Jared's number.

"Alicia?" Jared asked, instead of saying hello.

"I'll do it."