It's like peeling back the curtains

It's like dusting off an old trophy

It's like opening a sealed trunk

You're pulling at the very fabric of my existence

And I like being discovered

Especially by you

And then I wonder if it is meant to be

If you'll like me when that's all there is

The curtains drawn

No mystery

No suspense





All my secrets told

Nothing else to see

Plain Old Me

And I can't allow that

So I shut up

Like slamming close a book

Like a rubber band snapping in place

To back before

When you didn't know me

When you didn't care to know me

When I couldn't get hurt

Safe in dull ignorance

A door- less enclosed space

And windows to taunt

Force me to see what could have been

Trapped in my own security

Willingly enchained

And yet longing for what I gave up

Trapped in an internal circle

of misery

Is that what love is?

A choice between two awful extremes

Forced to pick my poison

And somehow through all the heartbreaks and heartaches

I choose love every time