By: Payton


When you woke up this morning

What was your first thought?

Probably the same thought you have every morning

"Nothing is different so, what's the point?"

But you are wrong…

Everyday is it's own

It might be the same routine

But it's a day you've never known

Every time you wake up

Is a new moment

Every day that you live

Has a purpose

Every breath you take in

Is a new bit of air

Every beat of your heart

Has a new reason to live

I know what you're thinking

If everything is "new" then why does it feel so old?

That all depends on how you look at it.

When you first wake up in the morning

And shut off the alarm clock

Take a look at the time

Then stop.

Notice the date

The month. The day. The year.

Now, put them together…

…This day has never happened before!

It's a new day!

It's a new chance.

A new chance to change…

You can change anything you want

But first… Ask God

He is the one with YOUR plan

Think of it this way…

He has a calendar

He made this calendar specifically for YOU

It has everything

You are meant to do

For every day you live till the day you die.

So, ask God like you would ask your mother

"What do I have to do today?"

He may not answer right then

But as the day goes on

He will tell you in some way

You may change your clothes

You could change your hair

You might even change your friends

If you think that is fair

You can rearrange your whole life to follow God

But only God

Can change your heart

So tomorrow morning

When you wake up

Ask God what to do today

And Pray

Look at the date

The Month. The day. The year.

Ask, "What should I do today?"

For a NEW day is here…