He told me to forgive

By: Payton


God woke me up this morning

I didn't know why

And I really didn't want to get up

It's Sunday morning

After a huge dance last night

I just wanted to sleep

Close my eyes tight

But I had to go to church

He almost had to force me

I was so sore and stiff

And in so much pain!

But… God didn't care

He made me go anyway

Slowly walking across my room

With a pinching pain in my back

He told what to wear

And changed my act

I was suddenly happy!

I was wide-awake

I walked into church with a smile

That wasn't even fake!

I stood in the 3rd row

And started to sing along

When we sang, " We stand and lift up our hands"

I found my palm praising God

I closed my eyes

During a song I didn't even know

And sang right in sync

He made the words flow

We prayed to Him

As Pastor Chuck walked up

He talked about a battle within us

And the first "key"

Is forgiveness

He told us to forgive others

Because God forgives us!

He read a verse from the Bible

"There was a lady…" he told us

She had sinned by adultery

And was to be condemned

Jesus spoke to the people and said

The first stone thrown had to be by one who had not sinned.

The people began to leave

Realizing what Jesus told them

He explained to the lady

She would not be condemned

She just had to go

And leave her life of sin

As soon as our Pastor

Spoke of forgiveness

A single name came to my mind

And I knew that was my business

God told me to forgive her

For all the pain she had caused

I had to be strong

I had to leave the judgment to God

He judges our hearts

For he knows them better than ourselves

I had to release her from my judgment

And let God fix the rest…

I forgave her today

I don't know how it will go

I guess I will learn later

If God touched her soul