Title: All I wanted (Why does this make sound like a girl?)
Summary:Tom, Light board operator at his high school, is in love with Luke, the assistant stage manager. The problem? Luke's girlfriend, who loves to cheat. A lot.
Warnings: Yaoi. stage crew. lack of writing skills.
Note: It took me a year. Yep, a year. I was on stage crew at my high school for a year and all stage stuff is correct and all the positions mentioned are real. I hope you like it because I do.


You know those stories about of forbidden and unrequited love?

I do.

I think I might be in one of those stories, those stories of pain and broken hearts and star-crossed lovers? It's my life at the moment except…….. Without the girl. My name is Tom and I am gay. The love I'm talking about? His name is Luke. But here's where there are a few problems (hence the: "I'm in a story" part):

1) He has no clue that I love him
2) His girlfriend, Samantha …. I will tell you more on her later.
3) He is VERY into the female half of our race.

…. So as you see I will not be getting him ever.

"Tom!" a voice yells from above.

No, it's not God.

It's my best friend John up on Rail. We work on the Stage Crew (The people who run the assemblies) at our high school. Rail is the place where the guy moving all the backdrops and curtains is. Today he is helping me work on the lights. "What lights set do you want?"

I'm the light board operator and I need the some of the lights to be ready for the rehearsal tonight. "John, I need the third electric!"

Electric is what we call the lights. Why? I think it has something to do with all the wires in the lights but I'm not too sure. I just fix and run them I don't make up the names. The lights where lowered down in front of me. "Thanks, John," I call up. I turn to Cathy, a Grip (someone who moves sets and other stuff around backstage), who was assigned to help me. "Can you hand me that wench?"

The rehearsal tonight is for the fall play. It's a French Farce. It's about sex, it's not really said, but it is. Opening night is tomorrow night and at least my job is very easy and I hope I can just dose off during most of it or do my homework but we will see. The actors are beginning to arrive and the one person I really don't want to hear or see just walked in the door.

"Oh Luke!" a horrid voice (or at least to me) called out. Samantha, Luke's girlfriend, just entered the building.

I hate her.

Not just because she's Luke's girlfriend, (Oh no, he has had several of those since I met him and I have not hated one until her …actually, one was a close friend and she was very nice …It's just Samantha that I hate.) it's because Samantha cheats on Luke at every opportunity possible.

She loves men and wants to have … in her words "fun". The main problem with this entire situation is Luke is unaware! And as much as I want Luke to find out and dump Samantha, I also don't want to see him hurt.

Luke comes out of the workshop behind the stage back wall carrying a drill. He looks up as Samantha calls. "Hello, Sammie", he says, "You're here already?"

"Yes!" she squeals annoyingly, out of the corner of my eye I see Cathy flinch at the sound. "It's almost time for rehearsal and I need to get ready, but I wanted to see you!" after that she kissed him and ran off to our dressing rooms under the stage. I glare but don't do anything else.

Cathy looks at me in question but I wave her off and say "Let's finish this. We have an hour until run time."


The first half last rehearsal ran rather smoothly and was boring for me. I have a small amount of cues in this show. Dinner break was the most eventful part of the night.

John and I were on food-pick-up duty as I am the only one with a car. John was filling me in as to what the girls of stage crew were saying. He was a huge gossip when he was bored (surprisingly) and during the show he was more bored than I was, as the Rail only one part. So I get an earful right now.

"So Sara and the other girls turned a corner and saw Samantha, you know Luke's girl, making out with the actor who does all the funny voices. Rob was right behind them and Samantha started to do some fast talking. Saying things like she was just rehearsing their parts and things like that. She had Sara and Tara convinced but Melissa and Cathy and Rob where not."

It makes sense that Sara and Tara (stage manger and grip, respectively) would believe almost anything as they are naïve and freshman. It makes more sense that Melissa, Cathy and Rob (all three are grips) would not be fooled the girls where smart and level-headed, while Rob was Luke's best friend.

"Has anyone told Luke?" I ask. I hope someone has told him of his girlfriend's infidelity.

"Before we left? No, not that I know of, but knowing Tara…. He will know by the time we get back. Now what do you want?"

We had pulled up to the fast food place.


Oh boy does Luke know…. He's angry, very angry. John and I walked back stage and he was sitting, glowering at the wall. (He's hot when he's angry) John took one look at Luke's face and asked, already knowing the answer, "Hey man, you ok?"

I put the food down as Luke answered. "No."

(He is also blunt. But I like that in him.)

John and I exchanged a look. I continued on a different topic. "Where are the others? The food is here."

As I say that the rest of stage crew walked out of the back shop. We split the food and started to eat but Samantha came up and wanted to talk to Luke.

I glared. (I want them to break up but…. I don't want him hurt…) I was not the only one who glared as she dragged Luke off. The rest of stage crew was glaring with me. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who does not like her. I know they won't break up. She has been caught before and Luke had been angry, confused, hurt and sad. Samantha had told some pretty lies and Luke had forgiven her. But with a warning: if she cheated on him again then he would not be so forgiving.

"… Tom!"

"What?!" Sara surprised me. I turn and give her a glare for startling me.

"I've been calling you for five minutes! Where have you been? Did you get lost in the unfamiliar territory of your thoughts?" She said, giving me a hard look for spacing out. "We're starting soon."

"Ha, ha, truly funny, that was not!" I leave with the last (lame) snipe. We snipe at each other when there is nothing going on, but it's all for fun. I walk back to the light board and passed Samantha coming from the front of the auditorium. (No, you can't trip her.) But no Luke. That must mean he is still out in the foyer.

He was. Luke stood looking out the glass doors of the auditorium and he sighed.

"Are you ok, Luke?" My voice startled him. Luke turned around and sighed again.

"No, I'm not. I love her but she keeps pulling shit like this. I don't… no I won't forgive her again. I can't. I want to but I can't."

I want to tell him to break up with her now and save us all some time and pain; that she is not just worth it but instead I put my hand on his shoulder. I give him a smile that he returns weakly.

"Come on. You need to get to stage left to we can continue the show." The distraction is taken gratefully. (Luke is ASM – assistant stage manager) The almost heartbroken look in his blue eyes makes me want to pull him into a kiss and then go make Samantha pay. "We have to get to places. Come on." I say again. (His eyes are his best feature and that sounds cliché but it's true. And ….looking into them makes it hard to think.)

"Yah…." He says and looks at me and smiles in thanks. Then he is off to Stage Left.

I take my place at the light board. It's time for the last half of the rehearsal.


We finished the rehearsal and all of us were leaving the stage when Cathy and Melissa hugged Luke. He looked faintly surprised but did not fight it. When we asked why later, they said that he needed it after what his girlfriend did. Samantha showed up after that, much to the annoyance of Stage Crew.

"Oh Lukey!" (I hate her shrill voice.) "We have to go! Like, now!"

Luke just nodded followed her and we watch them go. As soon as they got out of ear shot, Melissa said, "I don't like her. She keeps hurting him. I wish they would break up!"

"I'm glad I am not the only one!" Cathy said actually sounding relived. "She thinks she can get away with anything!"

Most of stage crew nods and agrees. I also nod and pick up my keys and backpack. I turn to John, "Am I giving you a ride?"

John nods and gets up from the floor, where he had been sitting. We walked toward the door. Melissa's voice stopped us or at least me.

"Hey, Luke left his binder!" I walk over to her and grabbed it from her hand.

"I will give it to him. He might still be in the parking lot. Come on, John." And we left.

Sure enough Luke was in the parking lot, waiting, but he was with Samantha. Kissing Samantha. (Can he kiss me like that…?) I felt my heart thump painfully and I looked away.

John called out to them, "Hey, Luke! Stop sucking face and come get your binder!"

Luke broke the kiss and crossed the parking lot toward us. I faked a smile and handed over his binder. He smiled in thanks, "I thought I had that in my backpack. Thanks for giving it to me."

"Well, you were rushed out of there by your girlfriend. Your parents coming? Or is it your brother?" John asked.

Luke smiled again, "It's my dad. I ha-"

The shrill voice of Samantha interrupted him, "Luke, your dad's here!"

"I've got to go. See you guys tomorrow." (And he was gone.)


Once we were in the car and driving to John's house, John decided that now was a good time to scare me.

"You know… that longing look of yours has gotten really old!" John said that far too happily for me, "I mean I know you like Luke but still! This is getting stupid and old, Tom."


I almost slammed on the breaks when John spoke. What? How did he know? I kept my feelings for Luke a secret! My questions must have been written on my face as John just smiled and answered them.

"Tom, I'm your best friend. I know you and I know you like Luke. It's obvious to me. The way you look at him is enough for me to know! I mean come on, you stare at him any chance you can. It's almost creepy but it's not." He smiled at me and looked out the window of my car. I turned onto his street.

I had to ask. I had not told him of this because, although John would be my best friend no matter what, I had not wanted to deal with the strangeness that might happen anyway. "Is this ok with you?"

"Yah, I'm good. You should tell him. You would be far better that Samantha." I pulled up to his house and stopped the car. John got out and turned around. "Go after him, Tom, as soon as you can."

He closed my car door and went into his home. I sighed, turning my attention back on the road.

(I wish I could, John. I really do.)


There was a knock at my bed room door. It woke me up. I got up to see who it was. Probably my mom wanting me to do a chore or my big brother needing 20 bucks or something like that. I was wrong.

I opened the door to see Luke.

He looked angry again but not at me. Thank god. Why was he here? This is not his home so…

"Tom." Luke's voice was low and seductive; it sent shivers down my spine.

"Yes?" I breathed back. Breathy is not how I want to sound at the moment. (Maybe sexy or masculine but not breathy) Damn.

"Can I come in?"

I nod as I really don't trust my voice at the moment. (Damn Breathiness)

He walked into my room and shut the door. He came really close to me, almost face to face, and said, "Samantha and I just broke up. I have had enough of her cheating."

"Really? I'm sorry." I wrap my arms around him and hugged him.

"Oh? You are? I'm not. She is not worth my time but she did make realize something." Luke's voice somehow got lower and sexier. I gasped. He pulled out of the hug and smiled.

"She did?" I asked. "What was it, Luke?" I was trying to keep my voice steady but it was hard. The desire to kiss him nearly won over my self-restraint.

"This." And he pressed his lips to mine. I did not hold back, I kissed back. He opened his mouth and-


And I woke up. Damn that stupid alarm. I hate it. But really, what teenager doesn't?

Today at stage crew we are doing the final set-ups for tonight. Cathy, Melissa, and Sara had to move the sets around to their spots on stage. John and I were moving the electrics to the right heights. Luke, Rob, James and Wilber (James was a grip and Wilber was an asshole spotlight guy….. no one likes him.) were cleaning and prepping the stage for the show tonight. (They were mopping and painting the stage. Hmm… I wonder what they did to piss Bill –the teacher for Stage Crew- off.)

I just about finished the lights when Melissa asked me to help her and Luke fix several doors that did not work.

"Please we really need three people to make this work. Everyone else is busy! Can you please help?"

I sigh and agree because the doors do need three people and I am not going to pass up an opportunity to work with Luke. All of the doors on the act II set had to be fixed. They all had been put up at an angle; who ever put them in had done a bad job of it.

By the time the bell rang for the end of class, we had finished all of them. (Thank god, stage doors suck.) And Bill called us over to talk to us once before the show started.

"Our call time is 5:30. Be here by then. Is everything done?" Bill asked. Stage Crew all nodded and answered in some form. "Good. I will see you then."

Call time came really quickly. The start time of the show came even quicker. I was at the back of the House to run lights. I was bored. Very, very bored. The show was going well; no one had screwed up yet at least. (Yay. Another four nights of a play I have partially memorized. How very fun. .... I love sarcasm. ) but my Nintendo DS (I'M BORED!) was getting low on batteries. Damn.

At least the conversation over headset was getting interesting.

"John, can you stop singing? We would like to be able to hear by the end of tonight!" Sara said.

"What's wrong with my singing? It's awesome!" John responds. I sigh. John always had delusions about his singing.

"It's annoying! And we are during a show; please find a quieter form of entertainment!" That came from James on Stage right. Sara was back at the Sound/Light booth for this show. "Besides it's time for intermission!"


It is well know that cleaning something up is less fun that putting it together. This is also true for the take down of a show.

The sets had to taken down and put back into their place in the shop, all the props had to go back to the drama room and Wilber was almost threw a fit at being stuck on the 'remove the spike tape' job again. (Spike tape- the fun and most helpful marks on the stage.)

"Oi, Woman! You only get to use the drill because your Bill's kid." Wilber sneered at Sara as she passed with Melissa. Sara just ignored him; he had been rude all class period. He then turned his attention to me. "I could run the light board better than you, fag."

I just looked at him blankly. Was he really that stupid? Wilber would crash the Light board if he even touched it. In response I said, "So what if I am? And never touch the light board."

I left him stuttering on the floor. I don't care if people know my sexuality, but if Wilber the homophobe left me alone, then it was worth it.

(He's still stuttering…)


The Christmas show is the second most annoying show of the school year. (The talent show is worse. I hate the talent show. But that's another story.) The choir, the Dance teams and the orch-a-band all have a part in this show. Planning is a nightmare.

At least there was the Christmas tree to put up. It's the only fun thing about the whole show. Luke, his best friend Rob, Cathy, Melissa, and Tara were the lucky ones putting up the fake tree. (Fighting to put the tree up more like it; the tree was winning by a long shot.)

"Cathy, move that section higher!" Rob ordered trying to place the second part of the tree up.

"I would, if Luke would help me!" Cathy stood on a ladder with the top of the second part of the tree.

"I'm trying!" Luke was on another ladder trying to get this monster of a tree into place.

Eventually the tree was all ready save for the ornaments but that was easily done by the small group. Just in time too. The choir was coming in to rehearse then the dancers were arriving to run the dances with the lights. Seth, our sound board operator was already looking frazzled; The Dance teacher was very demanding. She had been yelling at me to get the lights done for the past week. The dancers and choir were ok this year but Samantha was in both, Cathy (she's in choir) and Sara (she's in dance) said she was really bratty in both.

(Damn, I need to deal with the dance teacher now…)

Today is the last rehearsal for the Christmas show. Tomorrow is the assembly and tomorrow night is the performance. I just hope it all goes well.


In the morning, Stage Crew was doing their duties. I was busy running the lights to warm them up and to check if nothing broke in the night; the Grips were mopping the stage before the show, while Seth was finishing mic checks. We were almost ready to go.

As I was walking up to the stage from the light booth, I saw Luke walk offstage. It was almost ten minutes later when I saw him again and he looked pissed off. What had happened? I was about to go up and ask him when Seth walked back to the sound board and announced that the assemblies were going to start soon. (Ah I'll find out later, its show time now.)

"Two minutes until the class starts and we get students. Everyone in places? And everything ready?" Sara asked. The chores of agreement over headset allowed her not to begin to panic. (She has before and it was not pretty; Melissa, who is the best at those things, had to calm her down. It took a good 45 minutes before she was ok. However the show was ok and ran fine that night.) "Ok, tell me when house is filled. Then we will get started!"

"Fine, looks to be about five minutes."

Sure enough in five minutes the show started. The orchestra was first, because of all of their chairs; they need to go first. (It would be a pain in the ass and just plain stupid to move the chairs on and off in the middle of a show.) Then a few dances by the Advance and Intermediate dance teams, including Sara's dance. Then the choir, and then we had to do it all over again for the next assembly.

The first assembly went perfectly. (Thank god….) The only drama in the seconded was that the choir was almost late. (The choir director is incompetent with things like that.) Then the shows were over and prep for that night started. The mics needed to be fixed, the lights needed to be readjusted, all sorts of stuff needed to happen.

Once the stage was prepped for tonight, we were all just talking by the cage. (That's where the stage manager is during a show.) Tara started teasing Luke about Samantha. "You should find your girlfriend and congratulate her on a good performance!"

Luke's response made my heart jump into my throat. "She's not my girlfriend anymore."

Silence. Stage crew just looked at him in shock. Then: "What? Is that what she wanted this morning?" asked Sara.

Luke just nodded and left the circle we were standing in. I fell into my thoughts. (Luke isn't dating Samantha? At least she won't hurt him anymore than she has already but he's heartbroken and that's easy to see….Damn her. And when I get what I want, it still hurts him…)

Bill dismissed us to class after that. I really didn't want to go to AP English but I suffered through it. Then stage crew, the class, which was very subdued. I had to fix the lights on one of the dances as the strobe was messing up. But I finished quickly.

James waved me over to the stage. He talked to me about the show order. Luke and Sara walked up to us to just finish up the details. Some of the dancers entered and crossed stage, Samantha was with them. Loudly (annoyingly), one of the other girls cried out, "You broke up with him, Samantha?!"

Luke, who had been ignoring the dancers, sapped his head up. While another dancer asked why. Samantha smirked evilly at Luke, she knew he was watching. "Well he was always a good boyfriend but I felt he was hiding something…." She leaned in and whispered something to the dancers as they walked away. The girls gasped and looked back at Luke, whispering rather loudly.

I hate Samantha even more if that is possible. She is spearing rumors around about Luke. As I glare at her, I hear Sara ask Luke if he was alright. I turned my attention back to my crush as he responded.

"No, I'm not alright. I'm pissed off!" He began to rant. He had gotten over the shock of the breakup and now all that was left was anger. "She breaks up with me and then goes around saying it's something I did? I have no idea what she said to them but really this is not my fault! She's the one who broke up with me for no good reason at all! Damn it!"

After that Luke tuned on his heel and stormed off. I knew he was going somewhere to cool off and be alone so I did not follow him.


After today's events I felt the Christmas show was boring. Sara's dance was cute but not too difficult. Cathy's choir songs were good but it was a choir and choirs are boring. Being on headset was quiet compared to most shows we do. Luke was still a little angry and talked only when addressed and Sara was had her dance to worry about.

After the show we had to clean up the stage. The risers had to be put away and the dancer's props had to be returned to the dance room. The House had to be cleaned by the freshman (I'm glad I'm a senior). Cathy and I had to put the some of the Christmas tree props in to a storage room under the stage.

Some of the dancers had not left yet but we ignored them. Cathy and I entered the storage room and started to put some of the props away when the door closed. I tried to open the door but it was locked. (Shit.)

"Hey, you! Don't close door when people are still in it!" Melissa's voice was muffled because of the door. There was a faint reply but I couldn't make out the words or the voice. "Hey, Tom? Cathy? Can you guys get out?"

Cathy answered for us, "Nope, the door is locked can you get the spare keys from Bill?"

"Yah, I will be right back!" We heard her put down what sounded like a box of ornaments on the ground and run up the stairs.

I sighed and sat down on one of the various tables in the small room. (This sucks. If I was going to be in a locked room can't I be locked in with Luke? And why does this door not open from the inside? Who thinks of that in a high school?) Cathy sat on the edge of a couch that had several very suspicious stains on it. We sat in silence for a few moments then Cathy spoke up sounding as if she might change her mind about asking.

"Do you like Luke?"

I almost fell off of the table at the question. I gave her a long look (Really?! You have to ask that?) and decided that she wouldn't tell. "Yes, I do." As an afterthought I added, "Why do ask?"

She smiled. "You are kind of obvious. I had a feeling but today whenever Samantha was around you glared at her and then hearing from Sara what had happened, that made sense. And when Luke looks at you, you blush."

(Note to self: stop blushing like you're a school girl. Where is your male pride?) I heard footsteps outside the door. "Don't tell Luke." I said briskly.

She nodded and promised she wouldn't as the door opened reviling a smiling Melissa.


The musical. How fun. I mean, who would not want to be at school for 16 or 17 hours for a month? But I'm in stage crew and this is what we do. Sara, Tara and Cathy are all in the musical. So we are shorter on help than normal. This is a two act musical but there are so many scene changes and sets it's not really fun. It's a complicated build. We are almost done with the sets then the drama department will be decorating it.

Luke and I (and before the bell rings, Sara and Cathy) were working on the bedroom set. It's a large set in two pieces. The bed and wall (which was over 20 feet, WHY BILL WHY?) need to have molding installed before Drama could make it look real.

I have been a part of a crew for this show one too many times. This is the third time in a two year period and over all I have worked this show seven times. I hate this over done and cliché musical. At least Luke is stage manager as Sara is in the cast (as a minor role). Luke is also still single. We've been spending more time together recently. (Which is good for me but I think something is changing…..in a good way.)

The biggest downside to the musical this year is her. Samantha. She also has minor part and still highly annoying. She keeps trying to bother Sara and Tara in rehearsal. The Girls keep complaining and that's getting really old really quickly.

We had almost finished before the bell rang when Cathy and Sara had to leave.

"Hey since we have only a few pieces 'till we are done, want to just finish it?" Luke asked looking over at me and then to the small pile of molding on the floor. We had already completed the molding on the lower levels and just had the ceiling molding to finish.

"Sure, I like to be done with this as soon as possible." I agreed. I might hate molding but I do get to work with Luke more and that's a good thing. We continued to work on the wall. We worked quietly, just talking when we needed to. The near silence was comfortable. But this was taking longer than it should of. The fact we had two people instead of four was the reason for the delay but Luke and I wanted to finish so finish we will. (Even if it is past Five PM and we should have been done at four….)

Then I noticed something strange. Every once in a while when l would turn to give Luke something he would be looking at me very intensely. Most of the time he would notice and blush, and then we would continue to work. I wish I knew why he was staring but I love the fact he was.

Then I fell. I was getting down from the latter with the staple gun (which we used to put the damn molding into place), when I stepped on the cord to the gun which was against the second to last step of the latter.

And I fell.

Right onto Luke.


Now it was not a high fall, I was low on the latter. So neither of us were hurt (nothing was hurt other than my pride), but we still ended up sprawled out on the floor. He was on his back and my back was against his chest.

"Are you ok, Tom?" Luke asked slightly breathless (I did fall on him and I'm not the lightest man in the world). I looked at his face as I got up and saw he was blushing. That's ok, I was blushing too.

"I should be asking you that. I fell on you. I'm fine anyway." I leant down and offered him a hand in getting up.

As Luke got up, he laughed and smiled (…. If I was a hopeless romantic like my mother, I would say my brain just stopped but.... I'm not, so I won't). "It's ok; I know I'm easy to fall for!"

I added dryly, "Or fall on." He just smirked. I dusted myself off. Our conversation continued as we were cleaning up. We flirted back and forth as we moved around the back of stage. I'm sure I have a stupid grin on my face because of the fact we are flirting but I was not going to even try to remove it. (Or do anything to stop this conversation)

"So we have cast in here tomorrow." Luke says as he put the last of the tools away in the (apply named) Tool room. He made that simple statement sound like a death sentence.

"Great, that's all we need at the moment, noisy people who have never been on stage before!" I said sighing. (The actors, and the people who stayed out of the way were just fine but the idiots who had never been on stage before, were a real problem.)

"I know. At least we are almost done with the frame of the sets!" He smiled at me and I smiled back. We then went looking for Bill.

Bill said it was time to go home. It was a rarity that we got let out early so we all left soon after. Rob and Luke had a ride. So I was giving John a ride home, when John asked, "So why are you so happy?"

I glanced over at him as I pulled out of the school's parking lot. "What makes you think I am happy?"

John just smirked, "Did you actually make a move or something? You two were working in the back shop alone for an awfully long time…."

"No we just talked." Or flirted, I added on to myself but John had to guess. "That's all."

He gave me this look that said: 'you expect me to believe that?', "You flirted." Then he smiled, "Congrats."

I kept driving until I got to John's house. He got out of the car and closed the door. Leaning through the open window he said, "Just ask him out already! It's getting rather sad to see both of you like this." With that he turned around and went into his house.

I nodded even though he did not see me. ("Both of us?" What the hell did he mean with that?)

And I resolved to ask Luke out before the end of the musical. I hope.


The next day was … interesting as the actors were moving in from the Drama room and were being annoying to all of stage crew by standing in the way. Seth and I had to build the bed for the bedroom; the bed was going to be attached to the wall during the blackout. The rest of stage crew had gone off to finish the small things, like painting the set and stage and cleaning house.

It was at dinner break when Sara and Tara brought the news that Samantha was starting rumors to James, Rob, Luke and I. Having finished the bed and the small tasks, we were just standing around.

"She keeps harassing us or at least trying too. Ms. Nora (the Drama teacher) has caught her almost every time." said Tara sighing. Her frustration was written all over her face.

"What does this have to do with rumors? Because harassment is something for a teacher to deal with, not us." Rob asked.

"I'm getting there." Tara said with an annoyed look for getting interrupted. "When taking our stuff and trying to get us in trouble failed she started to spread rumors. No one in the cast has believed her, only her dancer friends. And before it was just about me and Sara and Cathy, which we just ignored, but now they involve the rest of stage crew and we are done with it."

James did not look surprised. "So she moved onto us?" He said gesturing to Rob, Luke and I. "That makes sense, all things considering."

"What makes sense?" Seth asked as he came up, looking like he wanted to kill something, with Cathy following behind timidly. In the background I hear Ms. Nora yelling. (What pissed her off? She is usually very calm….)

Sara answered, "Luke's ex-girlfriend starting rumors about stage crew."

Cathy said, "Really? I thought she would just stick to me, you and Tara and Luke."

(...…. Rumors about Luke? Why is this a question? She is his ex. She has been doing that since the break up. Really, why am I surprised?)

"What is she saying?" Luke's voice sounded like he was forcing himself to ask. I turn to look at him; he looks like he rather not know but was asking because he had to.

"Well, we've told to about the rumors about us, how we all paid our ways to our roles and things like that but the Stage Crew ones are a bit more inventive..." Sara filled us in with the details. (One of the rumors is that none the seniors in stage crew will be graduating. What the hell? I know for a fact I'm graduating and Cathy and James will be too.)

"Oh! I forgot there is one more! You all remember what Samantha said just after she broke up at Luke?" Sara exclaimed.

Luke did not look happy at the reminder. (Of the break up, I hope not the rumor.) "Yes, Sara I do. Why bring up that damn day?"

Sara just ignored Luke's dry statement. "She has added on to it. She now says that you, Luke are dating one of the guys in Crew but Samantha changes the guy every time she tells the story. But she says that it's Tom, mainly."

I looked at the floor and turned bright red. And I glanced at Luke out of the corner of my eyes (Good God, I AM a schoolgirl!), his eyes had gotten really wide and he had also turned a light shade of red.

John came into the conversation from out of nowhere. "Tom, can you get food now? I'm hungry!"

"Sure, where too?" I asked to the large group, thankful for the distraction.

Someone said a fast food place nearby and I turned back to John to see him head up to rail.

"Aren't you coming?" I asked walking up to him at the foot of the stairs.

"Nope, I have to work on rail with Bill." He smirked, "Take Luke! You might get somewhere."

I looked at him with my jaw hanging open. "You're blushing. It's cute. I'm sure Luke would want to see that look!" John just continued his teasing.

Pulling myself together, "I will take Luke. And I won't get any food for you."

John made a sad face then smiled as he knew I was just joking. I walked up to where Luke was standing with Melissa and Rob, talking.

"Luke, want to get dinner?" I smile at him.

"Only if you're paying!" Luke retuned the smile and we began to walk to the door. I hear Rob in the background say something but I could not make out what he said to Melissa but Luke could and he turned and glared at them. (I wonder what Rob said...)

As we left the auditorium, I saw Samantha for the first time since the Christmas show, two months ago. (Just because I heard about her did not mean I see her on a regular basis. Thank god.) She looked at Luke and me, smirked cruelly and made a rude gesture about us to one of her friends who were walking with her. Luke who saw this also just shook his head, grabbed one of my arms and pulled me towards the parking lot, where my car sat.

We got into the car before he said anything, "I can't believe I dated her for such a long time; she is so unbelievable."

I looked at him and just nodded. Luke wanted to rant about Samantha so I let him. ".... and those rumors she has been starting. God damn they are just childish and annoying. I know that all of the seniors in Stage will be graduating! And no one believes her so why does she continue? And I don't know why she is being this vindictive. It's not like I broke up with her! The rumor that I'm dating you is not too bad. Actually, I like it because I've liked you for awhile now but it's not like you would want to date me anyway.... "

(... What? Please tell me I heard right!)

He trailed off as his brain caught up with his mouth. It took me a lot effort not to stop the car, just ignore the food run and just kiss him. Somehow I kept driving and turned into the parking lot of the fast food place; I parked and turned off the car. Slowly, in a calm voice, I said, "What makes you think I do not want to date you?"

Luke stumbled over his words before falling into silence, "I just thought...."

I turned to the door and said "I've wanted you for a long time now." With that I got out of the car. I heard Luke leave the car too. Inside the fast food place the tension could be cut with a knife. (I just confessed to him. Shit!)

When we got the food and returned to the car, Luke put the bags of food on the floor of the passenger seat. He turned to me and pulled my collar and kissed me.

(.... This Is WAY better in reality then in dreams.)

I kissed back.

He pulled away and smiled at me. I retuned the smile and started up the car. The drive back to school was quite but not awkward. (Thank god. We both wanted this. Now I can stop sounding like a school girl with a crush.) We got to school and walked up to the doors of the stage.

Just before Luke opened the door, I kissed him again. This kiss, a much slower one then our first, still felt amazing. I felt him smile into the kiss. When I broke it, Luke had a dazed look on his face. "Just returning the favor" I smiled at him and opened the door.

As we walked in John came down from rail. He took one look at me and the grin on my face and smirked. The rest of the rehearsal went by very quickly for me. I was only paying minor attention; thankfully I was not working on something too hard. (I kissed him. He kissed me. YES!) And soon it was time to go. I walked up to stage to meet with Luke. I still had to take John home. But John had to talk to James and Bill so I told him I would be by the car.

Luke and I walked out to the car. "Is it me or the last half of the rehearsal go really quickly?" Luke asked.

"It did." I agreed. The parking lot was empty and still as the actors where still inside and the rest of Stage Crew had left ready or were about to.

So I took full advantage and kissed Luke again. (I love 'again'. it's such a good word. And I love him, that too.) He returned the kiss and we stayed like that for several moments. A chough interrupted our kiss. We pull apart and looked toward the sound.

John was standing there with Rob and Cathy. The boys are smirking at us. "Is there something you want to share with us? I mean other than the fact you two are sucking face in public?" (Thank you John, for you wonderfully put speech. Truly awe-inspiring.)

Luke and I exchanged glances. He grabbed my hand and announced "Tom and I are going out. That make you happy?" he said that to Rob, who just smirked.

John and Cathy chorused "Finally!", and then looked at each other oddly.

So I still feel I'm in a story but it's a story with a happy ending because I have Luke as my lover and that is all I want right now.