Castle In the Sky

I can't explain what sits at the bottom of my heart

Knights cheer and dames sip wine while chewing apple tart

Such decadence is rare and the serfs wonder why

The Lord is Nimbus with his court and castle in the sky

Battle-cats of fearsome rage march across the walls

Scary Monsters all around seeming 12 feet tall

Such power seems to be rare and the creatures wonder why

Battle-cats police the kingdom and look towards the castle in the sky

Tik-tok machines take their time to march upon the sky

Machinery belching dark imagery to battle, so let them try

Battle cats cut down the bots, killing all their foes

A hero of the feline type a human now would never know

On a rocky aerie the sky kingdom is at peace

But a vassal of the Robots on a 1000 year long lease

Though a cat is cunning, it's a slave to think and cry

Whatever happened to the castle floating in the sky?